I love myself just the way I am and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

I love myself just the way I am and there's nothing you can do to stop me!

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Yes, indeed

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considering how nacist you you really don t. You hate yourself in reality you have no real self esteem

Retard mentality

No unbased Austria.
Nah best mentality. I'd rather be happy with what I can't change than let it hold me back.
You stay posted though fampai you'll hit the rope soon enough.

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If you love yourself the way you are you must be unwilling to improve
If you are unwilling to improve your life stagnates into a repetitive mess
You do you but to me it sounds boring

That's the best mentality to have, good on ya.

that's me when i enjoy life

Flapjack was an underrated masterpiece

Nah waffle I'm more than willing to improve. I'm just not worried about being self conscious about my looks or flaws anymore. I'm just as nature/god/satan made me and I've got a long way to go to improve myself but it will be a little easier with a healthy self image. I've got no reason to let anything stand in my way anymore and no more excuses.
Time to really start living.
Plz leave tank you

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I see. Well the brain is a bitch to maintain, so anything you can tell it to make it feel better is good enough to keep moving forward I guess


you post in this shithole which it means you don't have any love for you

Indeed it is waffle. We all need something to keep is going. At least I'm relying on myself instead of God or anyone else.
I'll keep pushing everyday until I have enough money to give to poor anons.
I prefer to be the change I wish to see. Love yourself above all else Mexico.

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I don't really understand the difference between relying on yourself or on God or anyone else

>imagine needing an imaginary friend or another person to make you awesome instead of doing it yourself

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>imagine thinking god is an imaginary friend implying its a real bearded dude on the sky.

atheism is for edgy teenagers user, you gotta be 18+ to be on this board

Jpt should be the last one to talk.

>all people who don't subscribe to the Christian God are atheists
Sorry bro but I've got some Sikh retorts for you.

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literally who are you

nah not a christian try again ;) but my bad dude i tought you were implying that is bad having a spiritual belief sorry, also i fucking loved flapjack what happend to that show?

will you rope me, normie-chan?

k faggot

Literally love you Denmark.
Nah man spiritualism is just fine. I was more referencing people who rely on God for everything. It's all well and good that you believe in one creator god but he's not a fucking vending machine that runs on prayer.
I guess it didn't appeal to children of the age. I've heard a lot of adults enjoyed flapjack.
Only if you want it. Pleasure demons aim to please.

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sauce of pic?