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an unholy abomination

Incredible cursed image

thanks for finding the reply fagmania

Gross. Unbased.

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lole i kinda like the look to be honest

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dammit that pic. stop haunting me

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lmaoooo why did you even post a pic of yourself on such a bad day. From what i've seen, you're a good looking boi but in that photo you look like you got nuked into another dimension.

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i was so DUMB I HATE IT. i was like 1 hour of sleep that day and idk i just posted im stupid stupid!

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i wont post moar pics on 4chin hopefully im not stupid enough to do it again

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we already know what you look like mongrel

i swear i have gotten better then before. i was in bad times before.

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The N*rwegian attention whore is trying to make the thread about him

you don't look like you're better than before at all mutt

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dude like two pics of me is already being posted... why are you people like this

im trying my best to look better and i have made improvement.

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whatever makes you feel better hapa chink twink

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i dont have much to live for. im still here to make some people happy and im trying my best at achieving things. if im worthless then fine. idc anymore

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Its very easy. Apply some makeup and take the photo with a good camera with good lighting.

you're literally from africa

I bet lots of people would be happy if you jumped off a tall building R*tsu

Become obnoxiously naively happy like me.

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i dont have makeup. also yes i try to do that but i never get satisfied. he probably is right... for some reason hapa (half asian half white) girls are much more goodlooking while hapa males are gross and mentally ill. i hate it
the same could be said about you

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you really think your discord erp cunt pals could give 2 shits about you or anyone else? they don't, everything you tell them is temporary, they'll be back wherever they were, nothing you say affects them at all, they'll forget about you in the years to come when the gook overlord runs out of money to spend on cheap booze and whores, those ERPists couldn't give a damn about you, and i doubt you do as well

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it doesnt matter anymore. im still gonna become something great
your a unhappy twat on the internet infecting your shitty life to others. pls consider therapy literally nobody cares about your life. there are people who care for me who arent just discord erpers

Poor Ritsu! You need a positive group of friends that can lend you some joy! Laughter and smiles are the best medicine. Do you have any friends irl?

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i have friends irl but im not as close with them as i am with some i used to have on discord. at this point i have no real friends. but people are nothing but shitty meatsacks who only care for themselves. one day i will be better then everyone else. atleast the majority

ooga booga

why do you care so much about people caring about you anyway? you said you think you're worthless, and have no self respect at all anymore, right in this thread, and around this board, remember? why care so much about that if you yourself don't care? you know all these internet pals of yours couldn't give a damn about you, and will be lost as time goes on and websites shut down, you'll loose them in a couple of years time, and they'll forget about you just as quickly as you will forget about them

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>hapa males are gross and mentally ill
One of my business partners is hapa and he is one of the most beautiful men I have ever seen in my life, and a great friend.

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its better to have someone to talk to who forgets you the next day then nobody. i care about the people here.
that doesnt imply to me. both my parents doomed me for failure and mental illness. now im like this. first i fall in love with the wrong person. now school is biting harder then its ever have done. im becoming more lonely for everyday. what a fucking joke this is

FUCK I HATE SEEING PEOPLE SAD. As an autistic who ascended I know exactly how atrocious and wretched loneliness and failure is. I would help you, if i only knew how. Are you in videregående? Universitetet? I'm also barely passing my last year of videregående because I only want to study my own interests at home.

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is that what these internet "friends" are to you? just a couple of soft words here and there all to be forgotten the next day, to be disposed of, to not care of, these people don't care about you, and deep down, neither do you, as time goes on, all those people on discord you care so much about? gone. and you? forgotten about, and this will happen to you as well, you'll forget about them, and they'll just be another faint memory where you performed a couple of degenerate acts on some site to cope with a big failure in your life

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i am vg1 elektro lmao. its not that bad but its getting hectic and my personal life is ruining my want to do anything productive.
you dont know anything! some of these people. i talk to everyday who i love dearly.

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yes, you talk to them dearly, today, maybe tomorrow, maybe next month, hell, maybe even next year, but after some time has passed? gone, forgotten, null, nothing, zero, goes both ways too, and this is just a way to cope with something big and bad that's happened in your life, isn't it?

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it really doesnt matter friends leave all the time no matter how much you love them. as long as you can fill the void from the previous friend u had with a new one

Daily reminder that R*tsu got molested by his step dad

i wasnt thats a stupid lie

Good luck my man. You bring wholesomeness to a lot of people on this board; we really like you, no matter what the trolls think.

maybe you just haven't found the right friends, have you thought about that? sometimes friends can be for a lifetime, but these discord pals of yours most definitely won't be, if friends to you are just some rags to throw around and speak sweet nothings to for a couple of months, then that's quite something, i must say

you know you'll forget about each other as time passes and sites go down, yes?

autists dont forget anything

those trolls arent just saying lies. some of it makes sense to me. maybe my brain is just fucked and insecure but i really cant get the thoughts away.
ÿou dont understand. there is no true friends. i have lived in many places and i have talked with many people. i dont just throw them like rags i treat them like they are dear to me. but peoples nature cant change. there is no true friend

You havent seen a n y t h i n g yet

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>there is no true friends
Maybe in the fuckery-filled corners of internet that you hang out in. I find the notion that there are no true friends offensive to the human spirit.

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Have you told your boyfriend that your step dad raped you? It's very important to talk those kinda things over with someone

you'll see later on in life how you won't remember a thing about this guy
why seek friends out then? you most likely can't get them in real life, and on the internet, they're forgotten, quickly disposed of, nothing remembered of them, but then again..... why trust my word? i am just an anonymous person like all those discord pals, aren't i?

there is no real friend irl or on the internet.
the human spirit is fucked.
humans are selfish jeolus fucks who satisfies on others suffering.

i havent been raped.
i seeked friends for years. i dont dispose them i talk with them for months! i never ignore someone without a good reason.

are you sure about that? humans are opportunistic, not cruel and sadistic, there's a big difference here

Yes you have. Did he ever hit you? Make your dress up for him? Forced you to sit on his lap?

is it oppurtunistic to laugh and mock others just for the fun of it?
no i barely knew him well. we were like strangers. are you projecting?

in discord or in real life? i don't think in real life, but if it was on the internet, what i meant by disposed was, they are forgotten about, and maybe you aren't the one who disposes of them, but they certainly will, and you forget about each other after some time

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that what happened to you in real life? i see, you know not all people are like that, yes? a majority of them can be like that, but not all of them

what i learned is that everyone is trash no matter how sweet they seem.
humans in general are fucking cunts.

two zoe ids in one thread
what are the chances


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if that is what you think, why even seek out these internet friends, to tell you sweet nothings and sexually roleplay with you, if from your perspective, it's all a big lie? from what you've said, this "forest that weeps" guy is a fucking cunt in disguise, correct? and as time passes, you'll forget about each other, as it always happens with "internet friends"

Goddamn, we're two completely different personalities; i'm a naive optimist and you're a chronic pessimist. I just can't fathom how someone can have such a negative outlook on people. Are you completely sure that you just don't, for whatever reason, gravitate towards brainlet losers?

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having literally nobody to talk to is worse. do you understand true loneliness? and i dont mean the petty one im feeling now. i mean actually being mute for fucking days and everyday being complete silence?

the "good" people i know only cause me harm as much as the "bad" one do. im a different person then you i have gone trough other things u get a different outlook from how you were raised.

I'll fuck you.

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and having a sadistic and cruel fucking cunt in disguise is better to talk to than with no one? what do you think about the "forest that weeps" guy? is he a fucking cunt? does he want to see you cry and continuously mock and laugh at you in your worst moments? if humans are the brutes and psychopathic beasts that you describe them to be, why not stop talking to them? you say loneliness makes you feel bad, but why? why talk to fucking cunts in disguise? everyone around is a sadistic and cruel monsters around you, aren't they?

get away
yes it is better then utter silence. i dont think he is a asshole. but he probably is. u cant trust anyone so easily from someone you have just met.

21 years together, 1998, the early Internet.
It’s not impossible. Just improbable.

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thing is people throw me around and make me out to be the laughingstock. irl and on the internet. people are people. they will be disapointed in you no matter what. your feelings will be discarded if your low worth

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Would you say you're a cunt in disguise?

Prepare your b hole

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i am

he probably is, and you can't trust anyone so easily from some you have just met..... what about your parents? your neighbors? your real life friends, if you have any? any other family members, brothers, sisters, uncles, cousins, that sort? do you trust them? you've known them for a long time haven't you, yes? why trust them anyway, you said earlier than all humans are fucking sadistic cunts that should not be trusted, and now you imply that those you've know for a long time can be trusted. why would you trust a fucking cunt you've known for a long time? and if you don't think he is an asshole, perhaps you aren't really the pessimist you make yourself to be?

you speak from experience, don't you?

I think I know this guy irl

my dad threw me away and my mom is so stressfull it makes me go crazy. my sister is a lazy hikikimori who commonly insults my looks and me as a person. the only good person is a dead one lmao
those things happen to me. but its not the worst. people can slave you away with your pathetic feelings. u can trust someone and fall in love with that person to only have that person utterly disgusting you in secret.

Oof. Anyways, have a good night. I unironically hope you find health and happiness in the near future *hugs*.

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i rather hope i die in my sleep and never wake up to this nightmare again

nite nite faker

and what about outside your family? know any people? should the forest that weeps be a dead person? the only good person is a dead person after all, and why do you continue to seek discord pals out to sexually roleplay with you if you somehow "know" that they are creatures of evil that have it out for you? why do you do that? loneliness? why get so attached to them? and why let it affect you? your entire beliefs are a paradox that you refuse to look upon and combine them, thinking about them and what they really mean

You can make cyanide from apple pips. Eat more apples and start saving?

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im done with all of you. i hope i die in my sleep

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have more faith in the humanity that exists beyond the internets.

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Why do you say so? You don't think actual happy people exist on Jow Forums?


Schizophrenic bastard why would you create such an abomination?



la creatura…

that was a deleted reply

fucking gorgeous

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What's this guy's deal?



That's Doug 'The Nostalgia Critic' Walker.