How do we fix anime, r/banter?

How do we fix anime, r/banter?

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Like this.

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more clubbing loli seals to death

seal unironically taste great

make this guy the mc of every harem show

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what does it tastes like


damn it carlos

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would make it easier to self-insert

less anime

extermination of the jewish 'people'

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*more loli ntr

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I concur

damn that tummy animation is hot

Daily reminder that i still dont have enough jojo!

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every j*j* deserves to have their eyess torn out with a spoon

Is the spoon a「Stand」?

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Less DBZ, Naruto, and My Hero Fagademia

And here we have an example of shit taste. They are mediocre but not bad.

Inuyasha x JoJo crossover

And here we have the horny American teenager trying to defend his shit tastes. Literally all 3 of these animes are all copies of each other.

she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes toot toot
she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes toot toot
she'll be coming around the mountain
she'll be coming around the mountain
she'll be coming around the mountain when she comes TOOT TOOTHHNNNNNNNNNGGGGFFFFFFFFFFTHTHTHTH PFT PFT PFT

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bruh, what the fuck

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megumin's ass

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More Mahou Shoujo

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my penis inside senko

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gaping loli butthole

good night r/banter

Bad nightmare-filled night.

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haha what are they exploring

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exploring you are mom lol

more wife ntr

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brip brap

I like Ogu, he only draws nurses putting catheters inside peeholes

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He draws good buttholes



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This song is now stuck in your head and running on loop, OP.

more of this

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cAD id

second season

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no but gundam 0079's opening is.

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Never heard of it. Prolly not as epic as jojo.

Fuck, I had to close the video halfway through. Definately not epic!

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clone ikuhara multiple times so we can get ikuni """masterpieces""" every season

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dont forget my wife user

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good night r/banter

good night me

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goodnight pls notice

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