God I hate this board

God I hate this board.

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hahaha nig ID get

I thought it said "MIGTOW"

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There is no god.
>I-I... I h-hate this board!
Rude. Why do you hate on things that you don't even know, Andy?

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¥God isn't real
lole he is.
This board is stinky and dumb.

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hahaha illiterate nig gahahaha

¥has no response
¥acting like he's hot shit

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okay, if there is a god... then i'm the god.
also use the
quote function

Go to bed child.
¥Who are quoting.

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don't call me a fucking child when i am obviously a grown man

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Fancy typing for a nig


Go to bed.

Go to jail nig

Imagine sperging out because of an ID.

Imagine being a nig

kys mutt

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cuckmark lole

>andy says lole now
wtf word stealing fag

>Name and tripcode
You don't understand anonymity, do you?

I only understand them if they're nice and actually readable


He's an underage child.

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