3 page essay due in 6 hours

3 page essay due in 6 hours
Just finished intro,
Time to post akari on bant

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Ok ill be back when I finish page 1

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No, one more Akari. one of my favorite akaris

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2 sections lefg!! I hope you enjoy my akari blog :)

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tfw 6 more chapters to read

If you'd like a concentration boost, there is a simple 12-minute thing you can do. It really will make a difference. youtu.be/g-4jWYSaz0s Good luck with the essay.

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how long are the chapters?

thanks! I will check it out

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good luck on essay anonymouse

good luck akari user

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come back

thank you!

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how did it go

pretty good probably need to revise it in some places

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>he doesn't revise as he writes
you will never be a true procrastinator
back to studying normie

i'm glad i don't do essays

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fuck off teen

fuck on

God I wish I could hug her

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it was just the draft that was due I was sleep deprived and just wanted to get it done desuu

this is the first essay I've had to write in years
it sucks I HATE IT

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me toooo

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get your shit together

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Blease forgive me

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not until you're a happy healthy boy every day

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I'll try

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good luck anone
this is a different akari poster just so u know

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you fuck off too

>3 pages

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100 essay minutes due in 5 words

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yeah lole

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3 word essay due in 1 second what do

500 research paper due in 1 ms havent even started NOOO BROOS IM FUCKED

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are you my clone

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I can't answer that

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what's my favorite food?

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uh it's actually pickles but you were close i'll take it
welcome to Jow Forums my clone

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would you like some pics of akari wearing overalls?

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sure i'd like some

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sorry anone I fell asleep

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cool, thank you anone

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I think the overalls are cute af but I also like this outfit what are your thots

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i like both of them but i don't think i have any pictures of that outfit

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actually me neither I should take some some time

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where do you find your akari pictures?
i just get most of mine from Jow Forums and sometimes google or yandex images

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wait there's this I guess

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for art I look at boorus like danbooru or gelbooru, for screencaps Ill get them from Jow Forums, image searches, or I screenshot them myself

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there's also a thread on /c/

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oh ok, i should check out the boorus too

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bleed out and die

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don't you ever reply to me again degenerates

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why is this thread so empty

It's got 76 posts about akari!

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dressy akari

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akarin! akarin!

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doggy doggy
akari loves doggies

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comfy comfy!

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akari in a suit

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idk why I said akari in a suit
I'm drunk desu

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If you hand your essay to me I'll wipe my butte with it and you can hand it in to your teacher. Claim the dog pooped on it and there's nothing you can do about it. The teacher will then stop giving you essays and I also get to LARP as a dog desu.

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I need to revise my essay now

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I think it's shit desu

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where my akari bros at

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They are busy sniffing diapers

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gross desu
who's diapers?

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