Target spotted

target spotted

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enlarge the image

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delete this thread

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no it is a very good thread

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this thread is a 3/10 at most

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shut up shut up shut up

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the truth hurts ;))

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not true not ttrue not truee
dumb mean australian

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deep down in your cute little heart you know it to be true

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ǝƃɐɯi ǝɥʇ ǝɔuɐɥuǝ

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i want to pop her head

i want to pat her head

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True i like it

How do I get Karen as my wife?

Why is karen so dumb?
Why all the karen posters are homos?

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Good thread

Get new reaction images

thank you thank you i worked very hard on it
make anime real
why are spanish like this?
why can't you be more like portugal?

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Dump some

No, fug off
And how is portugal?

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But it's true, Karen is stupid and the Karen posters are all gay, you being the mega gay since you have a boyfriend

Based weird tulip

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You're also the mega gay, you have Ritsu, or, dare I say, Ritsu has you

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Wrong wrong wrong wrong
totally not based

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actually all the portuguese posters are weirde and lewd don't be like them
karen posters are 500 iq big brains

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Don't worry, I'm sure Ritsu holds your heart very close, as close as the Frenchman holds his proxy Bong
Cute couples~

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Thanks Doc

See, you are a big dumb...

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