I have a sexual relationship with my mother

Okay hear me out Jow Forums, most girls my age are disgusting thots who don't want to date only sleep around like whores. They're also really vapid and boring to talk to like they don't care about anything unless it's Love Island or some other dumb shit. It was really frustrating because I don't want to have casual sex but it was the only way to have intimacy which I really need. I talked to my mum about this and she asked if I wanted to be intimate with her instead, I was shocked at first I always thought my mum is attractive but I never thought about her sexually but after she mentioned it my mind wondered and I came around to the idea.

I know it's degenerate and all but in my opinion it's better than screwing duckfaced hos and it brings me and my mum closer together. We have really nice pillow chats and I'd be lying if I said the feeling of being inside my mother isn't a huge turn on. Eventually I'm going to leave this country to start a new life abroad and hopefully find a good woman but until then I have my mum who takes care of my needs.

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>most girls my age
Dropped. Was really hoping for some m/s

You couldn't find a MILF your mums age? I never had sex with my mother but she jerked me off a few times.

Post feet

reading comprehension, nigger

I could've but I wasn't thinking about that until my mum brought it up. How did it happen for you?

Tits or gtfo

>Okay hear me out Jow Forums

What the fuck guys

give us green text, OP

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Based, any more pics of mom=?

You're not looking hard inuf. There is literally over a billion older women in this world that will pair with a young man. Never nail your mum, even if she wants it.

congrats on being too politically incorrect for Jow Forums

>I have a sexual relationship with my mother
>UK/Pakistani flag
I believe you.

incest is bad npc right here
when homosexualy is okay and incest is not

>no greentext

not suprised if its real. on the old freedom of speech internet there used to be a forum for this and other serious degenerates. the forum was packed with stories such as this, Of course the kikes shut it down along with the rest of free speech on the internet.

Go back there

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Fuck you, leaf.

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do what you want. but if banging your mum was a good idea then it would be seen in nature as 1st resort amongst high tier mammals rather than a last. primitive mammals such as mice will bang their mums.

Jow Forums is Jow Forums's dumping grounds, nobody cares you dumb tranny leaf

says the goat fucker

I know but the feeling I get when I'm with my mum is amazing and it's made us both much happier in life. It won't last forever it's just until I move abroad.

Post more pics plz

Come on op we are waiting.

Based, pics of your mom?



i require mum pics