Someone drew fat fetish art of taokaka again

>someone drew fat fetish art of taokaka again

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How did you find it?

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mmmmmmm fat fetish art of taokaka

browing the front pages of art sites
this isnt the first time this happened, most people only want fugg

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>being angry over a little thing
yeah this is why i don't like this planet

>being angry over a little thing

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>using my old posts

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The abomination known as desu has no power here

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thats because youd like it

but i am a god.
what do you mean bro

you would like the fat fetish art and that why youre opposed to my opposition
youre into that stuff right

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i like to hear that im notorious

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theres worse really

>perro caca

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i waited for someone to say that

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Hey I want to cum inside that cat.
Thanks for reading my blog

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get killed discord

its a fine compliment but dont be so crude

It's not crude though

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i dont think shes good to lewd
i expect posts like that though so its fair enough with a girl who doesnt wear pants

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yo hol up lemme agree wit this nigga real quick