I am here to annoy mittens

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my cat is sleeping though

What a coincidence, so am I.

At least you have a cat mine ran away

Do you remember

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hey guys, did you know i'm 1/128th german? i'm rekindling with my brethren as of right now!

When I shit my pants in november

sup ph󠛡onepisser, explain this
then read down from there

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Careful you dont get caught in the crossfire

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I know my shit. Pants shit.

what are you talking about niggas

>taking any pride in being g*rman

just mittens things

Top of the mornin to ya laddies, any diapers worth sniffin round here?

I rest my case.

haha no i just ate them all

omfg stop

this evening is absolutely marvelous, i have unlimited access to french breads and i can freely anal vore them!

Hmmmm yes quite
we do sure love anal voring European breads don't we?

>me right now

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absolutely, if only mommy would anal vore me, or even better, poop in my diapers and force me to wear them... god...

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Pants shit gang assemble.
We must all put bread in our anus.

OwO Hewwo evewybodee! Dose anywun wanna be mi mommy kangawoo?

Wait a second, which one of you is the real one?

Oh how I love it when mommy inserts my high gluten suppositories
It get's me ready for a night on the bakery

Yeah, I have different personalities, and none of them includes "pants shitting", or even "anal vore/putting bread in anus".

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you're still not explaining this to me

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me of course

me of course

me of course lol

Wait I got confused. All my personalities shit their pants and anal vore whole loaves of bread daily.

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OwO mommy kangawoo I like that
*shiids *fards
oooh clean me mommy

sdob i gan only ged so eregt

oh my god, i want the fluffy goat boy to protect me already

This thread is everything i expected it to be.
Did not disappoint. Muttmark even showed up giving me the penultimate opportunity to assblast him, ignoring his frogposting.

You guys are doing all the work

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You have done good here today.
I will allow you one suck of the mommy kangaroo's tiddies.

why are you not explaining to me what happened over in the archive? why'd you lash out on your discord pal like that?

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>doing work
Ironic when we're being someone completely unemployable.

Now to return to my Extra-Societal Job

I work at a special place, bro!

I'm guessing there's heavy emphasis on "special"

Why would I tell it? One of my people said if I tell them the name they would probably get angery

Explaining anything to a developmentally stunted berk like Muttmark is beyond pointless. Try trolling harder without resorting to flooding/spamming, but we all know you can’t muster anything from that tiny brainlet of yours. The contents of the thread is itself, self explanatory.
The absolute state of this board.

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Go away bong you won't trick me into doxing my tard wranglers


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whoa guys nonononono stop impersonating me!

It’s pretty obvious that mittens works for the US government.

why so hesitant on explaining this to me? you lashing out and berating your discord pal, why not explain it to me? you explained to me the situation of the porn ads, so why not this one as well? ashamed of it?

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wew lad
are you even trying anymore

I am not ashamed of berating someone for jumping the gun on something which took quite a few hours work to put together. Kindly see yourself out. Shame does not work on me, child.

I'll tell you,
I work as a diaper model, it doesn't pay, but the sexual satisfaction is enough to keep me going

Y-yes, I do it f-for free

In all honestly, I’m not even trying. Your fans have done most of the work for me.

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I have quite the following.

i don't think i was talking to ya but okay??? i just don't even think i have the urge to do something as in reply.

That’s ok, just chill, kickback and watch

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then why were you so hesitant to explain it to me earlier? or those other threads i asked you about it in? quite fast over there to jump the gun on that guy for using your picture which you posted on this board, knowing other people could save it and use it as they pleased, don't you think?

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Ignore muttmark. He gets off on replies. Report for spam filter evasion.

hmmmm, why'd you just ignore everything i said? you knew exactly that by posting the images you created on this board, other people could do with them as they pleased, and yet you insisted in that archived thread the elliot guy who used it was a demon for doing so, and you berated him at the same time, yes? and why were you hesitant to explain it to me the many previous times i told you about it?

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Retarded nigger thinks that he's worth aknowledging. Off yourself.

Such is the way of the Anglo

but you just acknowledged me

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based pepe