Day 179

day 179

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what's with all the political activism here lately

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I don't know, its Jow Forums as usual.

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seething insult

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I think it is because of a surge in gayposting, it left some people bitter. It's best to ignore such things.

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hang yourself discord shill

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ooh is that his leg

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I'm worried

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Don't be. Simply ignore them. Its been like this at least when the Romanians join in.

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Hide the threads, ignore anything political. If it weren't for all the attention they're getting, we wouldn't be here. No worries Ade. Only Koishi.

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>no worries only koishi
are words to fucking live by

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Jow Forums leakage

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no wait actually this describes my emotions better when Jow Forumsshits

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/leftypol/ too
Jow Forums is radical centrist

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I am eternally indebted you wonderful poster

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I'm going to murder all of the congressmen in the name of radical centrism

well that would be more like anarchism but you should still do it

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there's not a worthwhile individual in the bunch
I'd say "man in the bunch" but the women are worse

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just filter them, best thing you could do

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>day 179
That must be nice

Man...yesterday someone posted "you will get three visitors tonight" I feel like butthole today. I have a headache like I'm getting over the flu and my back hurts like I did three sets of heavy deadlifts a few days ago after not lifting for two years.

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wew that's a lot of pages
are they just traditional fantasy novels or is there something special about them?

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