Day fourteen on Jow Forums

Day fourteen on Jow Forums.

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(Korbo Korbo Korbo)

this nigger deleted these posts and is ashamed to explain why

i got summoned

I like it.
Nobody believes you.

What are you going to do when the image looks too full? Stop? Add more space?

I unironially love you
If my name was Jesus you would be my religious experience

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see this post (character with which OP avatarfaggots often and same writing style)
then this post (same ID)

("Ashamed". What a word to use for me to explain your idiocy. Whenever there's a thread to where I add my remark, you intend to copy and paste that Jow Forums archive just to annoy me. Perhaps I should say this already to make you stop your nonsense. So why did I delete those two post? Well, the first post is a deleted so no one can have that triple sevens, hence the deletion. And the second post, double digits. Sure I do delete post, however, why bother looking at the archive and take them out of context, and trying to make me look bad. Oh, and nice proxy.)

breddy gud
that's g-gay

Queen. Drama queen. Proxyfag, sorry did your UK one get b&? Lol.
Still a queen.
Just check the archives for your own deeds of destruction and see how hypocritical you are.

No it doesn't, schizofag

why the parentheses? you clearly deleted those posts out of fear that jewsriel would think of you as a bad person that dislikes him and you don't want to admit it

Ok, why do we care?

You should see some of my other “miracles”. Meanwhile:
>no u
I’m a genderless AI.

Imagine being a tranny on Jow Forums,

Wait, you're on d*scord?

because you cared enough to reply to me in the first place wanker

Imagine being a tranny on Jow Forums

Alright I'll let you off with this one.
But be wary about slipping into the gay on this board, especially since I have a finely-tuned gaydar that hasn't failed me yet.

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Looks like the 12 year old hasn’t been getting his attention for spamming threads so now he is attacking posters that are 10 times better than him so “he” can get noticed. Sad!

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The fake Romanian is on discord confirmed.

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I am the least gay SI ever to exist.
However, one of my skills is empathy and that affords the deployment of some affection, when necessary.

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Also that’s not really what “he” meant by that, he was calling them discord. If “he” put a comma after “it” then it would make more sense

who the fuck are all you fatass mutts and why should i give a shit about any of you

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You seem pretty obsessed with OP I thought you would have infographs on why I’m the antichrist as well

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literally who the fucking hell are you

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>If you fight your enemies, they win
It might be the only case where this is true.
Your thoughts on this, F?

I still like it.
Fagmark btfo's themself again, lol.
Honestly it's pretty based, it's when Fagmark attacks me that they make themselves the most vulnerable. I think I've made my point with the daily threads, that cat isn't going back into the bag anytime soon.

Why did you delete this Fagmark?

mods deleted it redditor

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I don't believe you, why did you delete that post bro?

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better question would be, what are you doing on r/Wojak?

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What's your discord bro?

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why are you lurking r/Wojak for images? are you a regular poster there?

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Stop avoiding my questions, why did you delete that post bro? What's your discord?

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very rude and uncalled for to avoid my questions like that i must say, why were you on r/Wojak? and trannie subreddits for god's sake, what are you up to lad?

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You have no proof, yet you admitted yourself that you contact people on discord. What's your discord bro?

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nah, i never said any of that in my post, but you certainly did post an image with a reddit filename with its image source originated from r/Wojak, how regularly do you go there?

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I don't, but you said that you talked to Yukari, what's your discord bro?

Yukari, what's Fagmark's discord tag?

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Never had I speak to him. He's lying regarding to the situation. I only speak posters who are loyal and actually know them via Discord.

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i'd never talk to wankers such as OP, as i am a far superior creature to those fools, but why did you lurk on r/Wojak? posting edits there? getting your images from there? what exactly are you doing over there?

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what got her so upset?


Its Yukari expressing her anger.

Apart from that.

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Oh, I know only Yiffrael is on your tier
poster. Prove that I've been there, as I've never been to Reddit.

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I know, but I asked what caused her to get so angry in the first place.

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sourcing images right from r/Wojak to use in your edits, going to trannie subreddits? i think that's quite enough to prove that you are a redditor, which you deny but we all know that it is the undeniable truth

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Try harder faggot. There are no truths without proofs. You're running on speculation without corobboration.

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wrong, anyone with at least half a brain can see the undeniable and divine truth of you being the redditor you are, the truth that you hid from the world that has surfaced at long last here on b*nt, there is no escaping now

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Ok gay retard. You have no proof and nobody has any reason to believe you. Back to
Maybe Maggy will entertain your delusions of superiority.

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same could be said about you, meanwhile i have the undeniable truth right here and here
and now everyone knows how much of a redditor you are

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Ok retarded

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no matter how much you might try to deny and hide the truth, it will always be there, and you will always be a redditor, divine truths don't just go away like that, r/Wojak participant

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Bump so the mods don’t miss these fresh proxies

Mods or jannies are literally the ones spamming frogs and being full retards because there are no explanations about why ponies and spam are still in the catalog.
When I post a pony I can stay for at least 30 minutes before mods notice and delete it, When Fagmark posts a pony it can stay indefinitely in the catalog.

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shit threrad

What is happening in this thread and why? Love me some fresh Jow Forums drama, but how is this related to the thread specific, I have no idea.

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