Please post pic of muttmark

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You mean this one?

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Thank you.


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Saved, kek.

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stop posting greekgodx you fucking idiot

Might be too white in that one.

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Agreed. Then again, maybe I’m making his dreams come true

He is no god. You should know that by now

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well, whatever. that's still not fagmark's face anyway


My God, he looks like a potato! Lmao.

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He just doesn't fucking look like that.

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He looks like that though ?

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i wish you were joking

So he looks like that?


He is 100% IBERIAN just like I am and I will not allow for you an*Mefags to insult my brother any further.

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It’s not even him though

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So what if it isn’t. It’s for the imagination.

This, and it's fun.

it’s dumb

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Be an imp

You really be doing me like this

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looks like jontron