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blah blah blah my thread blah blah blah

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shit thread adolf

nobody even talked to you wtf

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I just realized that in the filename, her name is not "Yuri"... whoops.
What's worse is that I have not started watching anime... yet.

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But on the bright side, at least I got them dubs!!

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stop taking my reaction images

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but i want a collection for my folder ;(

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Imagine spreading lies. Sad!

>Ralsei found smooth brain's image folder
I am not sure how to feel about this.

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why do you even care anyway? it's just a reaction image

i'm not a smooth brain and he didn't find my folder he just idolizes me

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based edit

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why she deformed

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Why is your reliable news source bad? For fuck's sake, the Jackson name is bait. It's fucking fake.

Okey smoothbrain

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*smiles in funtism*

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mfw i pants shit

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nob id


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these are great thank you based dutchanon

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had to be done

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I don't even know about or like this character and I can still say; Based goddamn Toothpasta. Also, checked.

I’m still learning how to do stuff, I’ve no idea about the character either except the name and the fact it probably explains ralsei’s inner autism. Also checked.

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LOOK OUT SERVEL-CHA- *gets whacked*

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