The jealous girl!

The jealous girl!
What are you most jealous of, Jow Forums?

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FOUR threads

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Cute Parsee.

I love parsee.

people with cute boyfriends

And Parsee loves (You)!
I'm sure you'll get one someday

I'm jealous of the drawfags

learn how to properly speak English you dumb little bitch

i rarely ever feel jealousy towards peoples positions
i only feel jealous from things i can never get like good genetics and a personality

Black people

thanks UK I really hope I do



But she DOES speak english. Heck, it's on your screen!


Just imagine how great faps would be.
They are already great but not perfect.

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The parsee

She Is very jealous

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girls getting to wear pretty dresses >:(

cease posting heresy pictures

this pic is hot as fuck post more like it