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Why are so many white guys fucking Quechua women?

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>Quechua women?
no one knows what that particular brand of shitskin is and no one cares. Now fuck off you underageb&

Imagine the STINK permeating from her busted cheks

Like a heaven


imagine the smell?

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Imagine making babies with her

why her butt so big tho?

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Inca magic

Why not?

Imagine that liquid braaaaaaaaapf directly in your nose smashing your brains and sending you in a permanent state of nirvana

look at this fat fuck

steady diet of corn flour and pig lard
see how soft and mush her cheeks are?
only pure bred aztec has this kind of ace

>Lived in LA most of my life as a Polish guy.
>Fucked mostly Latinas and Hispanics.
>Just realized I've had more interracial sex than regular sex a few weeks ago.
>mfw that kink wasn't noticeable.

Shame, maybe a Black cutie would be different. Anyways, the thing about Latinas/Hispanics hitting the wall hard is true. The rare Latin MILF is rare, guys.

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I need to mate with that bag of blood.

conceptualize the stench

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>Shame, maybe a Black cutie would be different.
Black girls are too musky in my experience.

not a Quechua woman, she'd be 50 pounds heavier if she was.

fuck lads i just COOOOMED

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Because Latinas are superior
Extreme fertile

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Victoria Matosa

Men like Big asses


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She's Brazilian also


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Taco flavored braps

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What the fuck has she got shoved up there?

egg dildo (you are seeing the handle)

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la brappa

I care as I would most definitely have sex with that woman

Because they quechas their thirst

Latinas are the best for starting families

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"Quechua" is a language group. This mostly refers to Incas, but they're not the only ethnicity that speaks that language.

It's a kegel exerciser. All the thots are using them because they can be inserted deeply, controlled Bluetooth, vibrate, etc.

Not this 245lb ham beast

>Google Quechua
>find out it's some flavor of spic

She looks Brazilian

fucking hot as fuck

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Never heard of it. Is that some subgenre of shitskin?

Mostly it's Eastern Europeans here. However some men have Latina wife's from like Argentina or Colombia. They are physically relatable and I don't care. Their children look normal to me.

Yeah, it's a South American language group

She is. She's in Rio from reverse image search

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look at the deepeness of that brapper imagine the smells after a long day sitting at work.

Like with Asian women, white guys always get the ugliest Latinas and think they've made it.

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German men and Mexican women seem's common too

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This kind of thot is fairly common in this shithole country

You know I know your a chink?

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Is she in a prison or chicken cage?
porra caralho, alemao

Non-whites please leave this thread.

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White men cant resist big Latina booty

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Ever since the herbs slow down
Police and rude boy dem inna showdown
Them a search 'round the compound
Yuh kno, man a no weed clown
Find a little piece of land and a plant me home grown, so
Tell the youth them nah fi take pill
Too much crack and cocaine a make the world a feel ill, yuh kno
Nuff ganja nuff spliff a build
Only thing whe a make man feel chill
When me say

Don't know any here. Personally, I am not interested in big assed sassy Latinas. If I would meet a normal Latina with a normal body and a behavior that is presentation-level regarding relatives I wouldn't mind. Wouldn't go and search for it though.

Everybody knows. Asians of any sort are a poor partner-choice. Might as well choose a computer.

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can you please translate???

>Victoria Matosa
thank you so much for the sauce.
thank you a million times, user.
I don't know how you know who this is, but thank you.

and now it is time for me to break out of my 97 day NoFap

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Muh dik told me to?

Cause they hot :-)

Nice, Anja Dee.
She is Canadian, though -- and not Latina

Brown gfs are irresistable.

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god damn you son of awhore

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Cumming to Latinas is redpilled user

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If you say so.

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I like thicc Asians too.

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Her ass, that body, and just a decent enough face.
Really does it for me.


So, I guess it's true that Ukrainians are not white

She is, at most, 150 pounds.

>she’s not 250lbs
Not yet. Get her pregnant and she what happens. It’s a guaranteed 40-50lbs+ gain that she will never lose.
t. Mistakes were made trust me on this one bro

>thicc Asian
That a nigger

Weight loss is possible though

Because they're better than wh*teoid women.

85% of white women, yes. The other 15% that are good get taken quick. But yeah, if you're a normal white guy, it's probably best to go after a Latina at this point. Better odds.