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What manga is it from?

こんにちは わたしは ヤニです motherfucking よろしく おねがいします。 I get hyped that I now know this, makes it feel somewhat worth it


It's an ok-manga, first 8 volumes are the best ones. Lots of unwarranted drama though (obviously).




Is there any way to tell what sound an u-verb is supposed to end with, or do you just have to look up and memorise every single one?

What do you mean?

all verbs end in -u
there are 3 groups

i recommend you check out a short video about it, something like "japanese verb conjugation" or "godan vs ichidan"

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待つ ends with つ, 聞く ends with く, 泳ぐ ends with ぐ. As opposed to all ru-verbs ending with る. So is there any way to tell which "u" an u-verb ends with without looking it up? Some rule that tells me that this word will end with つ, or this word will end with む?

Not really what I was asking.

You learn them.

Don't suppose anyone knows where to find a PDF/scan of something like pic related?

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Nevermind, managed to find something similar:

Is core 6k a meme? I just finished core 2k, and I'm starting to notice some words in the core 6k that are likely rarely used. I just as 天の川, which means "Milky Way". How is this a core word?

>How is this a core word?
It's related to space which is always a hot topic in the news. Since the core frequencies were taken from newspapers (I believe) it only makes sense that 天の川 would come up a lot.

You'd have to mine it eventually anyway
There are many important words that don't show up frequently, but which you have to know, because they are fundamental for specific topics

I drank 1,5 L of sprite and I think I'm going to faint before doing my reps!
(For reference, I weigh 50kg)

What is that in Freedom units?

232 BigMacs.

Holy shit you poor thing, which favela do you live in? I'll send you some of my leftovers.


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I found subs for my weeb show, but subs are out of synch.

I can never get that F1/F2 delay thing to work, it just says it's not compatible. What do? (MPC-HC)

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Do you have "use the build-in subtitle renderer" checked in playback?
What's your directshow video renderer in output?

hi frens are we ready to learn?

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Can I skip today?

I'm a couple weeks in and already feel like I'm drowning. My retention gets worse by the day. I had to hit again 61 times today. I always get down to 20 or so cards that I just don't know and have to keep hitting again until I eventually get some right and slowly wittle them down. Then I get to do the same thing with mostly the same set of cards the next day. I'm seriously struggling not to cry by the end of my reps. I feel like absolute shit that I can't remember a card 15 seconds and hitting again. How do I get not retarded?

Are you ?

Yes, I don't know what to do. My numbers keep getting worse. I'm so stressed out.

You're going very fast. I mean, normally that would good, but not when you have shit retention. Slow down and think.

>I'll just skip anki a couple days
I'm going to get ass raped when I boot it up again, I just know it...

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Am I retarded? I'm only doing 20 new cards per day, should I drop it lower?

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You started two weeks ago. Give it time, come back in 3 months.

I'll keep at it and hopefully it gets better, I just want to make it so bad

Now I don't know if anki stores work on decks that have since then been deleted, if so the first few months were RTK and not core2k.
If memory serves it's 2k but I can't promise either way.
Shit is tough, no need to cry holy shit.

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Nothing abnormal there for a beginner. If you don't like hitting again on the same card multiple times, look at it and make a mnemonic. I never hit again on the same card twice in one session thanks to mnemonics.

Relying on mnemonics is what fucked up my first attempt at learning Japanese. I lost 3 months of progress because I got to the point where I knew the mnemonics but had no idea what they were supposed to help me remember. It was bad.

Do lite ones, and dont do one for every single word, otherwise you would depend on them.


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have you tried not being a brainlet?

did 40new a day for 6weeks straight

finally imploding

you're doing fine lad, not remembering shit is part of the process. cards that dont stick will eventually stick by virtue of you remembering that they don't stick

Of course, go ahead, what harm could it possibly do.

Try 10 per day instead for the next two weeks, then increase to 15 for another two weeks, then try 20 again.

It is that I heard from the teacher, “There is no class today.”

what's this だけど even doing (this is from tae kim)

Try Memrise instead of Anki. Instead of just asking you to click whether you remember or not Memrise does everything in a question / answer format and has several different formats to use. I find it far more intuitive and far better for helping me remember than Anki. You just have to bear with them pushing their useless monetised plans all the time.


As far as I can tell (without context) it sounds like the following situation:

A: Hey, wanna go to a karaoke bar? Or are you busy?
B: Well, the teacher said we don't have class, but...

The implication being that B isn't entirely up for going to karaoke, even though he does have time.


I'm a little over a month in on AJATT and wouldn't mind if somebody could rate/improve my study plan.

>listen to a podcast or music in japanese on bus to and from college, everyday
>come home, RTK for 30 minutes (25 new a day, I'm at about 1000 now)
>review sentence deck
>sentence mine
>watch anime without subtitles pretty often
>read sections of tae kim when I bump into something unfamiliar
I understand at best 25% of the input I hear.



I love you. All fixed.

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You sound like a very unstable female, maybe the pressure for learning Japanese that emanates from DJT is too much for you.
Try a more positive, motivational space like leddit.

Don't listen to this shill. Memrise is designed to make sure you get cards right regardless of whether or not you know them. This keeps you coming back for more and is how they make their money.

Oh wow, no mosaic on bad cooking, I feel relieved.

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A good thread is a happy thread.

If you're not already taking testosterone injections with your adderall, fish oil and flouride you should just give up anyway.

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learn Arabian

くやる is functionally the same as くする, right?
If so, do Japanese sometimes ignore the rule that such conjugations are applied to い-adjectives? I encountered it being used in 上手くやれば.


上手く is modifying やる as the adverb (or 連用形) form of 上手い. There is no rule being ignored here.

Yikes I was thinking 上手 was じょうず instead of うまい, so I thought it was odd. Thanks.

Watching is his nose pointed is his jaw sinking are the soles of his feet yellow.


How could I be a shill when I called the monetised plans useless?


>subs not working
learn jp



>eat shit, but only the free part!

>not watching everything with subs all the time, even in your native language
That is, if you have one.

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Alright, somebody needs to fix this anki deck. It is so fucked. 2000 in and just came across this:
And what does it mean?
>appreciation of the Yen
Unless you're a fucking currency speculator, you will only be saying this once, maybe twice a year. Meanwhile, I haven't yet learned the word for computer keyboard, which I'm probably saying once a day.

I promise you guys, if I ever become fluent I am going to fix this deck



I've had the same thought a while back. Ideally it should match the Frequency Dictionary of Japanese, as well as have some old words removed (テープレコーダー, 大蔵省, etc.) that have no reasonable purpose anymore.

Every time I see this, I just instantly click Easy to give it the maximum number of days. My jaw almost dropped when I saw this in the deck in the core 2k section


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you could probably generate a decent deck by:

taking 100 books from the archive
concat to one text file
generate frequency list
use yomi to generate deck from list

one of the benefits of core is that there's a balance between logical ordering and frequency though

>manager is KANRININ, not KANRINRIN like shitty Love Hina PT fansubbers taught me a decade ago
Fuck this shit, I'm dropping Japanese.

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Guy: 後ろの髪 はねてんぞ。
Girl A: うるさい!余計なお世話!
Girl B: 大丈夫です。私なんて ほっぺに 畳の後がついてるんですから。(Consoling Girl A.)
Girl A: それ フォローになってないから。
Girl B: すみません!

What is "follow" here? "I don't follow", just like in English?


No, it's like "That doesn't comfort me."/"You're not helping."

Rankings on a frequency list made from VNs vs rankings on a frequency list made from amateur fantasy writing.

Any deck you make is gonna have its problems. If you mine or use custom frequency lists, you're going to miss common words that happen to be uncommon in what you're reading. If you use frequency lists based on normal Japanese, you're going to be missing pretty much all jargon no matter how common it is in what you're reading. Both approaches to deliberate vocabulary study have their problems.

It's really hard to get something worse than core 2k/6k though.

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The future of this general is at stake!

>auto-generated flashcards

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my friends in Anonymous are hacking this poll right now

I think I've read about this, are they Russian?

friendly reminder to not focus so much on anki that you forget to actually read anything

>Poll is up for 46 minutes
>90 votes
>/jp/ thread is up for 3 days
>115 posters
>Jow Forums thread is up for 4 hours
>31 posters, probably half overlapping with /jp/

Yup, this poll is completely legit.

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it was at ~44-33 for OJT-DJT before it got posted here

keep in mind that the overwhelming majority of people that use Jow Forums never post, even if they compulsively lurk generals

Other Japanese Thread?

Thanks for the reminder. T,b,h I'm afraid to read anything yet. I'm at around 1.5k, and still think it will be very difficult to read anything without having to constantly look up words. I want to save reading for when I hit the 6k mark

Friendly reminder to not start.

> it's really hard to get something worse than core2k/6k

Ehh, really? What are you using?

Even when you hit 6k you'll still have to constantly look stuff up while you are reading. 1.5k is a great place to start reading, I actually stopped core at that point because I was so much more interested in the words I was mining (and the words I mined would preempt them showing up in core so it was redundant).

I had to struggle to be able to do 20 new words a day in core, often having to drop down to 5 new words a day just to stay above water, but I can easily add 30-60 words a day from actual reading and be fine.

p.s. I actually spend less time in anki now (doing more cards) because it is so much easier for me to remember things after reading them in COMPELLING CONTENT. A lot of times I can remember the panel or passage the word came from even though I don't do sentence cards. So anki is like replaying scenes from manga and novels instead of crunching cards.

Furthermore, you can simply reread whatever manga/ln/novel and it will be like a refresher course on all the words you've mined in the actual order you added them without having to "study".



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I know I would pick up words much quicker reading, and the context would make them much easier to remember. I actually tried some reading when I hit 1k, but the thing I have trouble with the most is the grammar and hiragana. With no spaces, when I see a large cluster of hiragana, i have difficulty determining what it is. Sometimes it's conjugation, sometimes an adverb. If Japanese had spaces, I would have a much easier time reading, and would have started it by now. Instead, my plan was to hit 6k, study the grammar guide, and then start off reading with a good foundation in place.

I'm just trying to avoid getting overwhelmed.

getting to 6k isn't going to help with any of those points

Hmm, you may be right user. I just tried reading a news article in Japanese, and I actually could understand around half the words. Now might be the time to start. Should I read the articles in English first before reading them in Japanese?

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