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Continuing from Welcome to Culture Pals! Message QTs from around the world! Here autistic sperg losers can meet equally autistic thots from developing nations like Russia(ew) , China(yawn) and India (loos) for relationships so autistic even wouldn't bother with them.
Seriously this shit is more of a bitch than debugging pointers in C using vim with no scripts. Want to discuss argentina? Want to discuss philosophy with an overweight Brazilian who got 0 on Want to get dropped by turks with English so atrocious they make toddlers seem fluent? Want to be given the basic gestalt on boobs and soy by the resident mammary expert titman? Want to talk with/share qts with the Taliban?
Want to banter koreaboos?

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First for randy is qt

Suggestions for a veteran who just found this board?


Time to go!

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Where to? Good luck user. This part is super stressful but in a good way.

Good luck macchi

inb4 hospital visit message when you land

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Are you going to France? Good luck burger bro! keep your cool

HAVE FUN user, I’ll be waiting for you here :D

>flying United
Good luck though and enjoy

Think of us when you're fugging her ;)

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How are you fren?

Shhhhh, I am too busy appreciating moot's endless beauty. Also trying to fix my laptop's wireless signal reception...

Am I a chad?

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Second reminder today I met my French wife this way after years of being a lonely hermit

Either a chad or a cheater using a bot or a sperg messaging 14151 girls in one day

Did you message them, view them, or were they the ones checking you out?

Those are three important distinctions.

I haven't messaged anyone. I don't like making the first move. To be fair, only 5 qts have messaged me.


Going pub

‘ave fun lad, have some good English ale for me alri?

Update. After 4hours, no match on Stockholm Tinder.

Do you usually have an easier time in other regions?

I've only ever gotten 3 matches on Tinder before.

>graduated from college Christmas 2013
>living with parents, working lousy job but have money from working all through college
>plan on going to Europe late summer 2014 because bored and no friends or gf
>find interpals on here, join not expecting anything
>start talking to some people, basically none of them (including guys) talk to me after a few days/weeks except one Mexican girl and a French girl
>Mexican girl is definitely insane but sends me some cool stuff in the mail
>ask French girl if she wants to meet me when I go to France, she agrees
>quit job, go to UK then France and meet qt
>qt and I get along super well and are officially "dating"
>go back to live in France for 3 months x2 in 2015
>she comes here in 2016 on fiance visa and we get married

All I can remember about interpals is that I used a bot to spam view people's profiles and that my wife messaged me first. I can give plenty of insight into the rest though relating to travel and the green card process.

I got a looot in Finland when I tried to learn Finnish. Otherwise in SA it's piss easy cause I'm wh*te

>married within a year on a LDR after having actually been together for 3 months total

That's pretty ballsy. I'm still not married to my qt and its been 5+ years now, because neither of us wanted to get married until we've lived with each other for a longer period of time.

The paperwork in a pain in the ass though isn't it? Did she need a certificate to prove you're engaged?

ThisI've been with my gf in person now for a little over a year and half and I'm not ready to marry her any time soon.

Did you only marry her so she can stay in the US legally?

I got 2 from Bergen, but then... I was using fake gps

Why are so many French girls koreaboos? Wouldn't mind brushing up my French for Macron, but seems hard finding a decent one.

French girls I think are the ones I like the least on interpals. Half of them are koreaboos and the other half look overall uninteresting to speak to for me.

Germans are a close second.

France has always been the biggest importer of Manga when Japan was huge, I think they still are. Now that the focus is on Korea it's only logical that France would be the biggest Koreaboo too.

Have you listened to any kpop?
It's catchy but being obsessed with it is.. Really something.

How do you get so few? What do your profiles look like?

Fr*nches are ruining kpop

I actually have a few KPOP Cds.. But yeah being obsessed with anything musical is retarded imo. Being a One Direction addict isn't much better imo.

By not having any pictures of myself out in public doing social things, and having no good "first" pictures to capture someone's attention.

I don't document my life and I don't do much in general, so finding good photos in general is a struggle.

Plus whenever I HAVE gotten a match, 2/3 times I've been ghosted or ignored, and the third time was a fat chick I didn't plan on actually doing anything with.

I don't have good photos of myself so I just put a buncha pics of me in various countries, but they're kinda from afar cause well, I wanted to show the view and the place.

>"Le chemin que la jungle mène"

That doesn't mean shit. I can't believe they couldn't find a single French Kpop slut to proofread their shit.

>I don't do much in general
Then it's no wonder people don't match with you if you're a boring bastard

People on Tinder don't match you based on your activities, they match you based on your photos and general profile presentation, which is what I'm lacking in.

I could still live the exact same life of playing video games most days and go out for a single weekend taking photos of myself hiking or at a party and get infinitely more success.

Wow. Most i would do is illegaly download. Buying a Cd is dedication. But i have to admit, they have amazing cd art. Idk what they put in there. Posters or something. But it's usually fancy.

Asian countries like Korea and Japan put HUGE emphasis on presentation over content in their media, which makes for some amazing music videos, but some horrible cultural exports.

Well some of them are old, way before Kpop was "cool"

Otherwise I have this.

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I like kesha's version :') more.
But my cousin likes the video very much
For science of course.

I haven't seen a jap cd with insane packaging.
My cousin had a samurai x sound track and you'd think there'd be stickers and stuff but nah. Just ordinary album sleeve. Nice content though.

But you never will do that, cause you're a boring bastard

Nah, I'll never do it because there are better looking girls at my gym than on Tinder.

Whom you will never talk to


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I tried tinder once, then found out they require you to sign up for their premium service to keep liking people.

Maybe not their CDs, but I know their games and movies usually have insane amounts of effort put into presentation at the harm of the content.

>I can't get matches on tinder and spend my life playing video games but I have the confidence to approach random women in the gym
>this is what you're trying to convince us of

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There wasn't much to ruin desu.

My interpals won't stop recommending me sexy guys

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I got recommended Randy recently as well, we had a good chat.

It won't let me message this stud though. Too bad.

The problem is that I end up not opening of some lads

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*some messages from some lads

Jesus Christ, you guys weren't kidding about the k-pop obsession among Euro girls.

Update : 1 Match in Stockholm

A vietnamese tourist that I promptly unmached cause I'm here to learn Swedish.

It'll happen unfortunately

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randy bullied moot, so i'm not gonna fuck him.

Yep, it's especially bad amongst slavs it seems.

Boi why'd you swipe right if you weren't interested.


This guy is the same tier as muh dick niggers

No, I complimented him. I am kinda like Gustavo1993. but instead of saying "You're beautiful", I do it in a more manly way

Fair enough, though the fact that you'd swipe right on an asian makes me question your taste.

Well I wouldn't cause obviously she wouldn't speak Swedish, but I have infinite likes so I don't even care. I'll unmatch what doesn't fit, it's faster to do that than filter every profile by hand.

Speaking about swiping right on Asians... I just added a Taiwanese qt from interpals to my whatsapp who can handle bantz and moderate doses of autism. weeeee.

That's awesome. Of that type, I would get them from this thread.

But here's the thing: she is not into k-pop either! game changer.

She got a burger boyfriend before


>speaks some Urdu and Hindi
L A S A G N A' D

>tfw cute shut in socially awkward burger with huge tits

Send her to me

No fuck off she's my mutt (Armenian Czech).

So what're everyone's favorite countries to scout?

I don't pay attention anymore to countries. I just use the 18-26 age and done.

>tfw cutie can lie to bus drivers and they let her pay the child fare because she looks 12

Can't wait to be looked at angrily by people when I'll hang out with her.

Any lads here wanna play aot tribute game?
Server is foodforpals and pwd interpals
I'm so bored

>Black guy from Brazil messaged me

Oh god no

>Past 4 people who've viewed my profile were men


I have 9 views, 8 from men and 1 black American girl

They're mostly fucking retarded, but they have qt accents

How retarded?

I've had good luck with russian qts desu, they're the least retarded I've spoken to, but I usually ignore 95% of them which are the ones that only say "hi" as starter message.

their english is incredibly shit, so a lot of the time it's pretty difficult to have an actual conversation with one
Same, but I think it's because about half of the girls I message are Russian so I'm bound to get a few qts
yeah i always ignore the 'hi' shit

At least they're friendly :)

I'm probably bad at explaining because I'm a stupid phone poster right now

We lived together for a total of 11 months before we did the fiance visa and another 5 before we got married

Honestly, I have come to realize Western girls are actually the best in the world.

If you avoid the trashy ones (which every country has) a qt western is going to be 100x better than any foreigner. Maybe its a culture thing, the the small things that seem cute at first become annoying really fast.

Western as in Europe west of Poland and North America?

morning update
-5 wievs
-1 message

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Exactly. What Interpals told me is that the "women only care about money" is very very true and 10x worse when it comes to non-white girls. Most white girls I talk to don't give a single fuck about my money.

No, we basically just had to combine evidence to prove our relationship was real including a letter of intent to get married willingly...which is funny when I think about it.

Sort of, as I think we would have gotten married later otherwise but I neither of us have ever expressed that it felt rushed. Legally it was the only way to do it also unless we wanted to pursue stupid temporary fixes like an au pair visa or student visa.

13 views(11men + 2 girls(flip girl included)
0 messages

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I wouldn't say its money, but the concept that "Westerns are selfish and only care about image" is complete bullshit compared to other cultures.

Yeah well I kinda meant that as well. I never ever see a girl saying "shopping and fashion" on her interets unless she's asian or arab.

Yeah man. You see it in the messages as well. Westerns are just generally more opinionated and more expressive.