1. Your cunt

1. Your cunt
2. Should Israel exist?

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1. flag
2. no

yes i support israel and the US military

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No, Jerusalem should be governed by the UN with strictly atheist guards that allow anyone to come visit. No businesses though.

jews should be gassed
no nazi btw

israel and palestine should unify into one single christian state

This, but unironically

1. Polin
2. Yes

2. no
we even gave Jews their own autonomous oblast(which is larger than entire Israel) with sick rainbow flag but they decided to take over Palestine instead

>we even gave Jews their own autonomous oblast(which is larger than entire Israel)
they wanted a state not an puppet area located in siberia


>they WANTED a state so it's ok that they basically stole land from other nation
gj on justifying criminals

it shouldn't have been created in the first place but it's way too late to undo that mistake now, so yes

Yes I support Israel. If all ((())) in the world move to Israel it'll make it easier to nuke them all.

Iran is working on that as we speak

also was it /brit/ again?

Yes but so should Palestine.

Two states.

The entire region needs to not exist

>It's ok to other countries to want stuff but not for Israel
1. Flag
2. Yes

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If Israel is allowed to exist because of judaism, I'm making a viking ethnostate and justifying it with nordic mythology.

Of course they are my masters
t.esclavo de Israel

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no. this place is Palestine

Only if they take the Khazar out and replace them with Beta-Israelis
>inb4 khazars are a myth it's just a coincidence we're all from Eastern Europe

Problem solved, my friend.

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there are already 4 of those
5 if you count the faroe islands

And where exactly would that be?

norway, denmark, sweden, iceland, faroe islands

I wish diaspora Jews would go back to Israel

We're literally 56% muslim and our total fertility rate is at 1,05. If we were an ethnostate, we wouldn't be for much longer.

>We're literally 56% muslim

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Kek Arabic nation next

1. flag
2. Yes but it should not have been created in the first place. I blame the British.

1. Freedom
2. Eh, I sure as hell prefer it to some other sandnigger shithole (read. Palestine) that would want to blow everyone else up because they show too much ankle

1. Only one that matters

2. Fuck yeah. The Jews are the only creature in the Middle East that even remotely resembles humanity at large. I hope the Kikes kill all the Sand Niggers

Fuck off zionist scum

Reminder that the Malvinas don't exist. The islands will always be the Falklands Juan


1. Flag.
2. In it's current borderline-ethnonationalist state, probably not. That said, Jews are probably always gonna want access to the Holy Land, so finding a way to keep either Israelis or Palestinians from ethnically cleansing each other would be ideal. But that's clearly impossible, so amoral bloodbath it is.


The freedom of expression is splendid.
Europeans seem be enviable.

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What's an Israel?

Somewhere a Malay can never go

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2 never. destroy them.

why bother coming to this board when most people dislike you

Yes, good goy, here's your shekels.

Israel is a disgrace for earth

the same goes for arabs nation

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>american posted this

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Alex Jones? Is that you?

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The bantz Americans get isn't as bad as the ones Israel gets

yes. Israelis are based.

you are muslim though


circassians are Muslim


Mossad found you.
you will get killed by car bomb in few dayz.

just because arab nations are bad doesn't justify its existence

Sure it does.


Please nuke us Iran.

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The whole Middle East shouldn't exist

Yes, but we shouldn’t subsidize it. People who ardently support Israel by demanding the US give it money and military support, even though it’s against US grand strategic interest in the region, are treasonous curs.

yeah why not

All Jews should unironically be exterminated I'm not even memeing


1) Flag
2) No


1.) Flag
2.) Unironically yes

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yes for now


If we were currently living at some point from 1950's - 1970's I would say fuck no. Fuck Israel and the evil Zionist fuckers.

Now, however, it's too late. The Jews have too much influence and power to be forced out from the region. So out of practicality this is how to solve the Middle East:

>Israel ceases to exist
>Palestine ceases to exist
>A new republic named the 'Republic of Jerusalem' is proclaimed.
>Official languages are Arabic and Hebrew
>Every citizen must learn both Arabic and Hebrew
>The government is officially secular and is bound by religious-proportional MMP based demoracy
>Arab's get 50% of seats in parliament, Jews get the other 50%
>All religious debates and matters must be decided by the status-quo. I.e. Al-Aqsa remains as a Muslim mosque, and any attempts by radical Jews to rebuild the temple of solomon is constitutionally illegal. If the government is unable to maintain this, the city must default to UN oversight.
>Any laws which are proposed must go through bi-partisan lines (inherent to the MMP system, so not much needed here)
>Foreign aid must be monitored so that each group isn't being funded separately by outside influences. (To stop the Jewish lobby, or influence from wealthy Gulf states)

This is the only way to solve it. The two state solution is bullshit, and at the heart of it, unjust. No peace will ever last with a two-state solution, simply for the fact that the Palestinians know that they are getting royally fucked from any of the current proposed deals.

Israel should be the part of glorious Jordan Empire


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Errrm no.

>So out of practicality this is how to solve the Middle East

Yeah No.


So is Gaza basically a pile of rubble by now ?

Why aren't people running the fuck out of there by now ?

I would surely get my ass our of there knowing that the next day we could be glassed to stone age again and again because of an arab retard.

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they have faith and hope for the restorations. Running away from wars is a cuck and a massive sin in Islam.

More so than other arbitrarily created countries in that area imo. But I don't really give a shit, and Jews whining about being victims is annoying as fuck these days.

No. The place should be fully Jordan and Syria. No Israel or Palestine should exist, or at least they're just another city states within Jordan/Syria.


What about Palestine?

How is it a sin to protect the ones you love ?

I would run away with my children and wife

Is islam that harsh on human life?

>Should Israel exist?
What kind of question is that? It does exist now.

No, but it's realistically to late to do something about it.

Now I hear Jerusalem bells are ringing. Roman calvary choirs are singing. So... would you be my mirror, my sword and shield?

No. Drop an atom bomb over there and make the place a wasteland instead.

It's the same as asking if Israel should cease to exist in order to bring justice and peace back to life. And the answer is up to you.

There is no such thing as justice. What are you even talking about?

>Why aren't people running the fuck out of there by now ?
Gaza is under a siege, they can't get up and 'leave'.

Is that place in a constant war ? Is there no peace time for a couple of hours ?

Can people from Gaza go from Palestine land to Israeli ?

It's not a constant war, but they are under a constant siege. You need some special approval to get into israel from gaza, and not many of them get that.

The biggest redpill is that Jews don't exist

Everything from Hertzel to the Balfour Declaration to 1948 was a shitshow, but I gotta hand it to the Jews, it was a stroke of genius. A great way of displaying how statebuilding works during an age that mostly barred conquests

Isra*l is a western backed occupation force of the Arab Muslim lands.

The idea of "should" and "shouldn't" exist is some liberal cringe bullshit I swear.

It's all about might makes right. If your cringey-ass ideals of not being "allowed" to exist were put into practice we'd have to delete countries left and right for their historic misdeeds.

Don't bother, realism and realpolitik are dead
We live in the asseptic era of morality, international law and rights. We like fooling ourselves this way

1. Flag
2. Yes, but as a federal state encompassing both present israel and the palestinian territories.

Israel should, but without Jews