What counrty have the most beautiful girls

what counrty have the most beautiful girls
ironically or unironically

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girls are ironically ironically ugly without make-up in all countries

She is pretty but there is something unnerving about that picture.

It probably the realization that you've become the neckbeard you've been laughing at all this time setting in.

Every time I look at one of these qt I keep thinking how my gf is ugly af
And so am I

At least you have a gf

kys you faggot fuck

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Probably Eastern European countries.

one of her eyes is not centered, she needs to get her vision corrected

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Dark hair and light eyes is God tier

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I'll refrain from posting today, as I'm not drunk enough and don't have any new qts. Sorry for reposting so much.

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But I hate her

we talked about that on /x/
its post mortem

Qu├ębec is full of qts

Cuba or Colombia

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definitely not mine

that's a province

>its post mortem

But why?

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She's distant and cold to me except when I get angry and try to dump her ass, I don't really want to be alone, since I probably won't get a gf again in a long time.
Also our dates are boring as fuck, only fun times are when we meet to have sex

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photo of a dead person in a way that they look alive

>he doesn't live with his gf

She just turned 18 and she doesn't work
Im not ready or capable of providing for someone

Do you two got any interest in common?

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Then break up with her and stop being a spineless sack of shit????

Would like to do that user
Not really

But baltic countries are famous for their models

How did you even get together?

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It's common sense that it is Russia

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The country with the most girls that are beautiful?
The country with the most beautiful girls?
Czech Republic.

shhh, don't give these people tools to reproduce, let them be faggy and die

I knew her from when I was in high school and she was in junior high (Im 4 years older than her)
And one day I found her at a mall, she said
>Hello remember me and shit...
She looked cute to me with glasses and she's very thin with boobs, and like a month after that she confessed and me being the autist gfless said yeah sure why not.

Well I'd like to tell fuck you for being such a normalfag, but I kinda know what's being with someone who you don't really like. But from what you've said, you should do like said.

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I am tempted to say the UK, specifically England.

Ill try, I don't want to be alone 2bh even being with her is practically the same

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You and /x/ are some dumb mother fuckers

This is the true redpill.

Wh*te girl without makeup are ugliest

>tfw half the light eye/dark haired qts in your cunt get shitty half-assed blonde dyejobs

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Ashkenazi Jewesses

For now.

>double eyelid
Is she mixed?

Girls look shit without makeup, on the other hand boys looks perfect and cute even without makeup.
Sorry but that's a fact.

Also boys have a penis which makes everything better

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I can tell it isn't Shitalia. Memes aside, I'd say it's Ukraine or other Slav cunts.

Any non-asian country.

Italian girls>>>>>Slavs and Nords you are surely retarded

while Anglo girls are definitely underrated on Jow Forums, they can't really contend with Russian qts

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but in terms of real countries, Israel. Israel has the highest average attractiveness.

If instead of average attractiveness across the whole country you instead ordered the country's young women by attractiveness and removed the bottom 95% then took the average of the top 5% , maybe pakistan.

t. someone who bought tinder plus and set my location to different cities to see how attractive people are.

Brazil have beautiful women imo

cali is not a country yet Bong