Love this meme

Love this meme

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It took me a while to fully understand the intellectual depth of this meme, but once it clicked I realized that it's a very nice meme.

It is a big brain meme

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Why does Poland always leak semen?

why Poland is always a meme? ehhhh

Poland is full of sperm

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polish semen stronk
my half-polish uncle took a dna test and he was 51% polish

el diablillo...

Stop spread this, Russian agent!

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>Pro-trump furry porn

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This is a very good edit, thank you my Russian friend.

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t. Russian in peru

where did this orignate

First there was polandball. Then Kremlin paid an advertising agency to make a countermeme with these countryballs where Russia is always stronk and fucks everyone in the ass. Super cringy ones were made. After that people started making parodies of these Kremlin made memes and the ultimate form of this parody is rape-Poland.

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Хyйня вaш тpeд

Go back to Krautchan

Oh wait lul


jesus christ


Poland Fuckbeast always makes me giggle.

Not funny


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Shadilay!!1 :)