How did your parents meet? Are they still together?

How did your parents meet? Are they still together?

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They worked at a bar together and got together and had sex. Then had me by mistake and my dad wanted to have an abortion but my mom refused. They never married and my dad has been upper middle class/affluent and my mom has been poor her whole life.

i am ashamed of my origin

My mom fucked a married guy

Some party where my dad asked her for a cigarette and promised to buy her some later on.


>knowing who your parents are

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uncle set his sister up with a mutual friend

they met at a party

That's gotta be a tumour surely? No way does anyones natural fat distribute like that

At a club

they worked together but in different departments, still together.

at the abortion clinic
>dad was teh doctor
>mom was the pacient

They say I'm very lucky cuz the car ran out of fuel when I was schedule to be aborted.

My mom is actually addicted to abortion

Me parents have been happily married for 20 years

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Mom came here during her holidays and met my father, they're no longer together.

My father is dead but my mom was the love of his life, the feels man.

Both were at the same workplace. They are still together

is your mom anglais?

I don't believe you


My gay uncle knew my father from work. He had a party at my parents house. My mom was there. She told him she was going to Australia. He told her he was also going because of her. My mom didnt really like him but went alone because she didnt want to hurt his feelings. 5 kids, a marriage a divorce and my mom having cancer later. They are both doing fine.

in a London share house
no but it was pretty drama free

Oh one of the reasons they split up was because my father called my brother a cancer fuk. They get alone well now though.

I was raised by my mom's husband

Not exactly sure. My dad was born in Gloucestershire, England. Moved to Northern Territory, Australia as a kid (with his family, I loved my grandmother and her comforting accent). My mum was born in Melbourne, Australia and travelled around with her parents for her whole life up until ~16. When she stayed in NT to settle and start a career. They met there when my mum was 19 or so, my mum was/is really introverted and nerdy (probably because she never got to stay in one place and make friends) so I don't think she'd had a relationship prior to that with my dad. Not sure how it went down but they used to spend a lot of time riding motorbikes and shooting guns, before having children. My dad was sad when he had to turn in his AR15.

They're no longer together because my dad is schizophrenic and was prone to violence. He's mellowed out now.

No both french

Kinda this.

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>my dad graduated from an american university
>started working as an engineer
>now 25 years old, wanted to get married
>his mum found a girl, a 21 years old school teacher
>my dad met the girl
>agreed immediately because she's hot
>got engaged and start sending letters to each other (my dad worked in another state)
>they got married

as you should

At school, they are both teachers

my dad was a chad and my mom a qt shy, cheerful waifu.

she was too good for him desu

My dad was doing an article on the Rodney King riots for a newspaper, met a second-generation Vietnamese girl who spoke a little French because her mother taught her, her family’s store had been sacked, he interviewed her, then asked her out, to go for a coffee together. Real smooth. She said no. He came back a few days later to say sorry, offered to help with clean-up, then she said yes. Got married two years later. They’re not together anymore because my mom was killed by a drunk driver when I was 14.

My dad hitted on my mom at a party of a mutual friend. My dad was 25 and my mum was 18. They've been together for about 26ish years now and had me before they were married and got married when I was 11 months old.

Your dad sounds like a scumbag desu family

high school
dad died when I was 8

My mom was interested in my dad's friend who was a "bad boy" but eventually settled for my dad and he went along because that's what people are supposed to do, get married. They had a very unhappy marriage.


Dad’s with Freya now

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why so many deaths, wtf

Beer & taco

>dad studied abroad
>meet girl
>have 3 children
>dad goes working abroad
>meet halfwit girl with child
>marry for some reason
>move back home with new wifey and kid
>cucked man with wifes kid and ex-wife kids
>no problem have one more kid
>i am born
>everything is a pain dad just want to work
>fuck everything divorce, work work work
>meet immigrant lady
>"sudden" work opportunity in immigrant lady country
>move to country and work for a year
>marry again
>come back home and breed one more kid
>decide to move far up north innawoods
>car crash and die
>tfw siblings moved to different cities and countries
>tfw im useless hikki mental basket that hates his mom

Dad cucked his best friend which is my mum, now they have me

they were both theater people, my mom a costume designer, my dad an actor, they worked together on the same play and fell for each other

no, my father died in 2004, when I was 13

>parents staying together
subhuman trait desu

>dying of old age alone
wew lad

>relevant captcha.
On a bus

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While travelling the world, they met in Australia. Then later on, they met in New Zealand again and decided to get together.

Herre gud. Har du kontakt med syskonen?

Nja, ungefär vartannat år tittar någon in ett par timmar till jul, mellandagarna, nyår eller midsommar innan de drar till bekanta eller hem istället.

in middle school. they had me soon after.

My father was working in a restaurant and my mother was a waitress, they meet there got engaged mom was 19 my father 31.

My dad was playing with my mom's cousin when they were kids, they knew each other that way. They met again years later in the train and started dating after that. They are still together.

does that mean childhood friends can win

Nah my mom and my dad weren't really childhood friends. My mom lived in Lyon and my dad in the countryside. They knew each other but that's it.

>How did your parents meet?
Both met in the army during desert storm
>Are they still together?
Fuck no, but at least they're trying act as nuclear family...once every month.


chances are shes related to Juninho

0%, all of my family comes from the massif central.

They met on last year of high school and began a relationship then. They both went to college and my mom had me when she was 30 and both had stable carrers. We've been a high middle-class family (for americna standards), and my parents are still happily together.

They met through the Greek communist party's youth group.
Why is communism the source of all bad things?

My mom's boyfriend died so she decided to marry his brother

very russian post

Met through highschool, mom turned to drugs and lost all her kids. Dad never really showed and came over and died in my backyard when I was 13

My dad is from France, more specifically Paris
My mum was working there and they met randomly on the street when my mum asked my dad about directions and it turned into small talk
They've been together for 30 something years now

Vilka länder?

In highschool. They were both virgins ,got married and they're still together.

Dad negged mom at the gym, they dated for a decade then split.

working in a factory, now they're separated and my mum is a lesbian