So what's up with this?

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Americans forgot what a real person looks like

It's directed towards losers from day 1

They are trying not to anger SJWs.

But Bioware is Canadian innit?

omg, SJW in America get angry about beautiful people in video games?

You're American, you pathetic weeb.

I wonder....

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la creatura...

bioware is canadian retard

>japanese games
>used as a positive example for literally anything

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tech and entertainment in america is exclusively left wing.
lefties have no standards

The leaf cries out in pain as he strikes you

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Ignore the underage post

dios mio....

I don´t get it. They all have red and white in their flags so why is only one of them so cucked?

Is it the sissy blue?

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Bioware can make good looking characters, they're just not romanceable anymore, at least for fucking white CIS males

They can't animate for shit tho

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All of these games are shit.

nice cherrypicking

fits IRL aswell

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>japanese game
>the characters are never japanese

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Guerrila games is dutch last time i checked.

KARA BOĞA games > wh*Teoid subhuman games

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Sera is an underrated waifu.

When you release bannerlord

she's an annoying lesbian bitch, with annoying face, annoying voice, annoying personality, FUCK this piece of shit of a character
i'd go for Cassandra or be gay

But you can't go for Cassandra as a girl.

Oh... You don't play as a girl?

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canada is an extension of the usa

only time i played Dragon Age Inquisition as a girl was when i played mage female elf, and then i romanced Solas because it's the most interesting
this was also my most powerful character because mage with knight-enchanter specialization was fucking BROKEN, phantom blade skill was extremely powerful, and getting hit actually loaded my barrier, so i was unkillable
i bet they still did not balance this

>playing as a girl
>to romance guys
Sorry Mateusz, but that's gay as fuck.

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Canada is where America exiles its leftists. True story - Canada used to be extremely anti-socialist until American farm socialists migrated en masse there in the early 20th century.

how else would I romance Garrus and Thane in Mass Effect? no homo

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What game is Japan?

white and red colors on a flag give that nation superpowers. Canada is an exception

Is that the 49 star flag?

Release it already REEEEE

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American and Canadian devs are trying way too hard to appease people like Anita Sarkeesian.

Will there ever be a better button?

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It’s not just that. The feminist stuff also fit in with Western devs’ obsession with “realism.” Horizon: Zero Dawn was originally meant have stylized visuals, but they decided to add “realism” to a game where you hunt robot monsters. Many of them afraid to embrace fantasy.

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