Shut it Down!

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Hello, Russian

build atom reactor cyk

Crap they found my trump card

Are Rossyan agents here?

why does Jow Forums normify everything
journalists just sit there all day waiting for new material to "leak" to the public

Hello, Australia

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Hello, Hungarian
Hello, Finnian
Hello, Japanian
Hello, USAsian

Is this related to that Zabivaka thread that ended in a scandinavian chimpout?

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>implying you aren't a russian bot with proxy

Oh, snap!
I've been spotted

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Don't know why those uniforms didn't work, they were subtle

Probably should have used dog-suits instead? I dunno

OwO чтo этo?

We've been spotted.

What is that?

retarded news saying retarded shit about Jow Forums again

>W-we're just pretending to be furries!
>It's all a trick!
>Donald Trump!

Alri Sasha

Execute Plan Gamma

That shit is so funny I can't believe it

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I don't think they're pretending.

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mmm, maybe

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why don't you employ me? I'm good at it.

Do you have a fursuit?

>Uses Jow Forums
>Calls others normies
>Uses normies
>Calls others normies
This is a top 50 site in multiple countries.

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When Russia's terrorism of our board end?

We dindu nothing, you don't have proofs

what is fursuit?

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Send your CV here.
[email protected]

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>russian agents have been pretending to be furries on Jow Forums

>inb4 i get banned for pic related

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so this is the autism power of Jow Forums?

explain this russia

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how are you today, russian

They knew what they were doing.

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>tfw we didn't get space Tigerball as a mascot

I'm all right, and You?

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>what is fursuit?
You aren't ready for the duty. Sorry for that, but we have to turn down your application.

Are you Abo?

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>explain this russia
unironically it's rule #34 in action.

>Those are not Russian furries, they are domestic Ukranian furries taking part in a grassroots revolution

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no, are you tartar?

No ;_;

Who knows

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But normalfags just go to the shitty boards (Top 10 boards with the most trafic)

No russian agents here, sir.

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it was actually tumblr though

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Literally no Kremlinbots on Jow Forums

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do tartars get gibs?

this headline wasn't supposed to exist

What timeline is this???

I must have taken a wrong turn.

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I don't think so. Only small North Asians are under some 'protection'. May be in Tatarstan they have regional programs but there Tatars are about 55%

>this headline wasn't supposed to exist
It's totally legit, c'mon

>Literally no Kremlinbots on Jow Forums
No, just a bunch of dogs, cats, tigers and foxes.

I know it exists but,
this had a almost zero percent chance of existing. This is the single most impossible thing I can think of. There are millions and billions and trillions of multi-verses, all a different reality. Its possible for a universe where planets are square, a universe where turkeys can speak, a universe that all surrounds a giant tea pot. and yet we are in this universe with the most normal absurd thing ever created by man. All on this tiny planet that was almost destroyed and by most circumstances should of never existed. the chances for not only man, but civilization, and our very own technology we take for granted had an almost impossible chance of existing. and there was someone who thought of writing this, actually wrote it, posted online, and is now shared, BY CHANCE, to this very post. I should have never seen this, its impossible, yet it happened. Strange how the most absurd things tend to be the most normal

Everything is going to be fine, relax and enjoy

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>Everything is going to be fine

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If in doubt prepare more lube.


You were suposed to save us from degeneracy, not promote it.

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When will their reign of terror end

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There is no such thing as traditional country. The more you try to ban things the more people want to try it. This is why homosexuality is common in Middle East and Russia and alcohol in Saudi Arabia

Of course they are here. You should ask what salary engineer with 3 years experience get in Russia and they answer you 1200 dollars. Here is what big shopping center will pay an engineer, about 100 dollars per month.

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100 dollar for a month? nobody can live in such a low wage...

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>that pic

>flexible work schedule

Why does Jow Forums have to steal all Jow Forums memes?

Lol, guess how much unemployed russian gets from government? 15 dollar per month.

B-but, how gopniks live their life then?
15 dollars a month means they can't afford adidas track suit.

Barbed penis...

They wear fake adidas, called abibas. Cost about 10 dollar suti on bazar.

>Here is what big shopping center will pay an engineer,
They should get more for fire-hazard pay

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This is the russian version of the Trojan Horse