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1st for fuck

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what's this thread about? a sean? my name is Sean

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why are there so many chinks in malaysia

so they can get AYAM'D

chinker than you, oliver

just wake up gan

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I give you a hint.

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how are you sean

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that looks like the balls of solder that the maori kids would make in electronics class and throw at each other

why are there so many chinks in NZ

I'm pretty sleepy. I think I'll go to bed in a few minutes

because chinks are now rich and our government is a piece of shit that only wants foreign investment money

Just gonna leave this thing here....

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Do not be snobbish to other races, user.
You are nothing less than the chinese.
If you knew more about demographic history in Melborne Australia, you would know you were exacly the same as the chinese.

> European settlement and Gold Rush immigration
The first European settlers in Melbourne were British and Irish. These two groups accounted for nearly all arrivals before the gold rush, and supplied the predominant number of immigrants to the city until the Second World War.

Melbourne was transformed by the 1850s gold rush; within months of the discovery of gold in August 1852, the city's population had increased by nearly three-quarters, from 25,000 to 40,000 inhabitants.[24] Thereafter, growth was exponential and by 1865, Melbourne had overtaken Sydney as Australia's most populous city.[25]

Large numbers of Chinese, German and American nationals were to be found on the goldfields and subsequently in Melbourne. The various nationalities involved in the Eureka Stockade revolt nearby give some indication of the migration flows in the second half of the nineteenth century.[26]

malay-chan looks like this!?

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Same reason why there are many Chinks in Hong Kong.

i look like mr tan but tanner and buffier

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I'm not Australian.

But, there was similar things happening in Otago in New Zealand


but they are a very small percentage. 90% of all Chinese living in New Zealand now came in the 2000's and 90's

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Didn't know mr Tan also browse Jow Forums. Pls gib raise sir.

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There were several waves of Chink emigration. There were those who came during the Melaka Empire. These usually speak the Hokkien/teow chew dialects and have pretty much integrated into the local culture. In Kelantan for instance, they also speak the Kelantanese Malay dialect very fluently. Then there are those brought here by the Brits to mine for tin. These are more recent arrivals and have not integrated. Even the 4th gen kids could not speak proper Malay. They speak Mandarin and Cantonese and are neo-liberals commies.

An underhanded attempt at cultural domination?

t. chindian

Does the government enforce the new gen to speak Malay?

They're not Indonesia.

you must work harder so i can afford yatch next year


>chink that can speak the Kelantanese Malay dialect very fluently.

Can confirm. I used to have a chink teacher who's from kelantan and can speak kelantanese dialect fluently

you want to get bullied?

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already being bullied by crypto
thank allah i didnt put my money into bursa malaysia else i would lose more

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They say we're young and we don't know
We won't find out until we grow
Well I don't know if all that's true
'Cause you got me, and baby I got you

I got you babe (Malaysia)
I got you babe (Singapore)

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why do malaysians and indonesians misspell a lot of tagalog words?

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Just failed another job test.

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KL-Jakarta high speed rail when?

you look like an average malay then

Me too.

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putang ina bobo pangako sayo?


that's because both of you are weeb losers

Where did you fuck up?

Tol laut

I don't know. I passed the interview so maybe at the individual skill test.

been failed 20th times

too late,those are fighting words
meet me at gmail and we'll settle this

Maybe from Melaka to Sumatra undersea tunnel like the Chunnel. And then go down Sumatra, another tunnel and onto Pulau Jawa. A pipe dream though. The Thais are already proposing HSR from KL to Bangkok.

Fuck those piece of shit.

>anak krakatau

t. nasbung

ikaw rin

Malay is a compulsory school subject. BUT due to our history, we allow (and fund) vernacular schools that use Mandarin or Tamil as the medium of learning to operate along side Malay language schools. This has fractured the races somewhat but is a sensitive issue. No other country that I know off ever do this for their migrants.

chink-mutt prabowo vs pakde babu jokowi 2:ELECTION BOOGALOO

Anyone ever had one of those weird relationships where you're not quite friends with benefits but also not quite BF/GF? I still feel like it's too much for me. I wanna go back to being alone.

We eat together sometimes, talk a lot and may Allah forgive me, we have s*x but I can't say they're my GF or that I truly love them. I just don't know, friends. The fact that I'm thinking about this probably means I'm just not that interested/invested. What do my ASEAN friends?

I don't want to use a fucking ship, I have a seasick. What I want is either train or car.

Only if you spoke fluent Japanese, it seems there are plenty jobs available both in Japan and Indonesia.


that sucks bro

>We eat together sometimes, talk a lot and may Allah forgive me, we have s*x but I can't say they're my GF or that I truly love them
>it's called wife indonesia

How do you think you're gonna ride a train to Kuala Lumpur? Using pic related?

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Actually i got my JLPT N3 certificate like 3 years ago.
Unfortunately i learned my japanese from animu/manga/variety shows i watched so formal Japanese is too hard for me.

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I wish I had ほんやくコンニャク so I could work in Japan.

>tfw too lazy to apply

Build bridges, ASEAN friends. Through contact, we overcome hatred. Through trade, we prosper. Through tourism, we love each other's countries. Let the ASEAN century bloom.

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Malay anschluss when? I can't wait too see malaysia annex singapore

Maybe I'll relearn japs when I take a post-grad.

Kia ora. Used to live in Hamilton, Kiwi Bro. Loved going to the beaches. Missing going to Raglan and Waihi and the laconic people. Don't miss the winter though. I'm a tropical creature.

but I still want to get a job
it's complicated

Ghost them :^)

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>selling sweets to foreign tourists
I'm okay with this

my gmail is acting weird since we had almost 200+ email exchange

Chilling with my bro

what a boring day

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Wife Indonesia?

It'll be a little awkward since we work at the same place

What's up with all the Polish people here? Wrong thread, my dudes
>Polish education

ko kat ne
nak gi shisha x
gian ni da lama x pekene

Rude! Poland's education is best education. All poles can speako english

try deleting threads

dubs says you eat him

Poland Pride Worldwide

already did
sent a reply this morning and it stuck in outbox for hours now

might be net related

Shut the fuck up, Monaco. You ain't shit

ko dah kenape, aku kat penang

better luck next time untermensch, go eat your pagpag.

He meant Indonesian wife. In our language, the adjective is after the noun.

Ah fair enough. Maybe say that you find a new hobby, so you only can be with them sometimes?
I had one too, we didn't have sex yet though. We just hung out and ate dinner for a week, then I thought for the moment whether to continue the activity or not. In the end I chose to ghost her though. I just couldn't commit into serious relationship back then.

screw you Poland Stronk

or phone
so howdy rowdy qt
ko x nah sap shisha/ganja/rokok ke?
bapak noob

sup norway

Too far, user. Too far.

Anda bukan seorang noob jika anda menjaga kesihatan anda.

Siapakah noob?

Noob ialah manusia yang tidak boleh berhenti merokok. Mereka ialah manusia yang terikat pada rokok, dan terpaksa menghabiskan wang dalam jumlah yang berganda kerana ketagih.

get rekt bro

hi mikkel

da henti rokok la noob
skrg shisha sbln skali
ganja penah brapa kali je
baru up skit

restart phone?
I'm stuck in the house till holy week is over

already did babe

ok la tu....aku isap menthol kalau x tahan....tapi setakat ni Alhamdulillah, x "haww" sangat

>isap menthol
banci lah isap menthol

baik mentol dr gam
sap gam skali kene otak gila
aq ada kwn sorg masuk tg rambutan lps 2 tahun sap gam

ahahhahhaha, member aku isap gam. Dia kata dia "boleh terbang atas langit". Dia jatuh menjunam atas tanah masa tengah "terbang". Lepas jatuh tu dia menangis sebab takut . Lepas tu insaf, x isap gam dah.

you should try it. It's minty freshness.