1. cunt

1. cunt
2. hate boomer

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boomers are fucking trash put them in camps i say

Jesus christ, they’re delusional.

>boomers buy a Shelby
>sperg out when someone says it isn't a muscle car

>sell it on gumtree with their phone number


>don't give your kid an unfair advantage and treat yourself with a car
I don't see the problem here, Ford has the right idea.

ITT: Bernouts who want the American taxpayer to pay for their degree in transsexual studies

lol Gen Z BTFO.

This was one of the top results when doing a Google search for that image.
>Annie Holmquist
>Annie Holmquist is Research Associate at Intellectual Takeout. She earned her B.A. in Biblical Studies from the University of Northwestern St. Paul and specializes in the historical aspects of America's educational structure.
>B.A. in Biblical Studies

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You got a problem with that?

>tfw paid less than 20USD fot my whole bachelors degree
>tfw paid about 30 for my masters

What if you just funded the courses that are useful?

> people who don't see their children like an extension of themselves
What the fuck is wrong with them

You're not even American, you dumb faggot.

Feel you. I've been grooming my kid into being a copy of me that's more succesful. It can be tough cause I have to quash his dreams sometimes but it's for the best. Besides; I pay for all his shit, so this is how he can repay me.

Shhhhh...us Americans don’t like reason!

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>implying this ad is meant to appeal to boomers
>implying it's not targeted at everyone that isn't boomers
>implying it's not a negative ad meant to piss everyone off
>implying you are not inadvertently falling for the 4D chess play by spreading the picture online

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That would only make sense if anyone but Ford were paying for the ad.

>"sports car" with automatic transmition

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There is a downside to that, when parents can't accept that their children are individuals with their own lives. It feels pretty awful to become aware that your parents don't see you as a person but instead clay to shape, even worse when you fail to take the shape they want to mould you into.
That said, the other extreme is just as cancerous. This op lead me down a path of reading through various articles online and a strong theme of commentary is that universities are nothing more than singular pathways to a job position and the idea of your child going to university is an investment that either pays dividends back to yourself later in life or is a bad investment. As if the life of the child is little more than fodder for your own security, no different to those people in poorer areas who shit out a dozen children purely for the chance that one of them will make it into the rat race and financially support the parents.

Most people have no business breeding, in my opinion.

It's American. Even their hunting rifles are automatic.

It's a, "there's no such thing as negative press" thing. The picture will spread more if people are raging at it, it's inflammatory on purpose. All an ad needs to do is show you a picture and a name of the thing they're selling, and it works. Everything else is secondary.


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>implying you are not inadvertently falling for the 4D chess play by spreading the picture online
What good does that do if the target audience doesn't see it?

Shhhh, you can't say that gender studies is less useful than STEM field subjects

This. Any parent should be trying to give their kid help and a leg up wherever possible.

Wow that's pretty racist and intolerant, their degree in women's studies or art history is just as useful and important for society as a degree in applied robotics

>American cars

Holmquist is Swedish, not Jewish.

Fuck millennials.

Why do wh*Tes hate their children so much?

I mean you don't have to force them to like your favorite anime or whatever, you still have to account for them being their own person, but you should help them to become successful, pretty sure seeing them like that in 20 years is more important than a slightly better motorized rollingham. And being envious of your children when they outperform you is just dude what, you helped them become way so their achievments are partly yours.

>Hunting rifle
This is your brain on Australia.

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t. millennial, just like most users of this website.

>degree in applied robotics
That degree has already been outsource to the chinks. Barely more useful than women's studies.

>this is what (((humanities))) students believe

1. Usa
2. Yes
I was.manioulated into paying my.sisters.college by my boomer mom

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Wrong pic

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Automatic weapons are federally banned, moron

Is there any reason why an AR couldn't be used for hunting?

No they're not. Machine guns that were registered as such prior to 1986, when they effectively closed the registry, can be owned by anyone. As the supply is limited, though, you'd need a lot of money to get your hands on a full auto receiver. I hear M16 lowers go for about 16k, and FNCs are around 6k. Some dealers can buy modern full-auto.

Living through kids is a terrible idea, I plan to raise mine with a Laissez-Faire approach

Wow, that's a disgusting ad. Americans really are selfish and evil if that's what turns them on.

suck my dick swedish faggot, i bet muhammud turns u on

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She turns on my Muhammud.

Urrr........ Muhammad....... *horrible gurgling noises*

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I'd hate you if you were my dad.

>Me so important me "live through" my kids they no deserve to make their own choices they just small me!
Actually, unironically kill yourselves

This. 100% of the entertainment from raising kids is seeing how they turn out.


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I doubt Swedish parents do that.

Otherwise they wouldn't have agreed with the ethnic demographic changes that are going to make their children's life hell on Earth.

GT350 is manual only

what are boomers??


I never said to force them to live out your failed aspirations like a beauty pageant mother, but their failures should be your failures and their victories your victories. The fuck is the point in making a kid if you're just gonna treat them like some hotel guest? Economically having children is a disaster.

>Otherwise they wouldn't have agreed with the ethnic demographic changes that are going to make their children's life hell on Earth.

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I don't know about anyone else, but when i didn't turn out the academic prodigy my parents wanted they stopped caring completely

I remember you, take care of yourself.

I'm considering selling one of my houses to buy a sport car.