Try and make a sentence using 'nor'

Try and make a sentence using 'nor'.

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norway is gay lol

I am strong nor smart.

no pennis, and neither dicke nor balls

this post is neither smart nor funny

On second thought, can you use it in this way? In Dutch, we have "noch" which is roughly equal to "nor" and it can be used in this way but I don't know if nor can.

You should've used ''I'm neither strong nor smart''

you say not for the first item and nor for the second, it's like or but for negation

Neither here nor there.

thanks man

You cannot form a sentence using this word in it, nor should you try.

Americans cannot engage in civil political discourse, nor can they be expected to understand the issues facing their country.

I don't tolerate slavs nor swedes

He's wrong though. "Neither" is much appropriate there

Though desu "nor" is not used that much, and is hardly used at all in spoken English

Neither you nor your thread are worth responding to, wherefore I shall both sage and hide it.

>Try and make a sentence using 'nor'.
Neither Germany nor Russia care about US-enforced sanctions.

The king nor the parliament could make the decision.

Americans are not white, nor would I call America first world seeing how commonplace poverty is.

I don't want nor care to

omitting "neither" is just foul

I do not speak English nor do I understand it.
I neither speak nor understand English

You can be neither korean nor japanese as you act like a typical chinese

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I was taught that using nor alone is just fine to do.

you think non-elegantly
the point of language is to exchange information and such constrained grammar works against that very purpose
i personally find it constrained

From what I've learnt in high school, that depends on the grammatical structure of a sentence. Sometimes it's just fine to use "nor" alone but other times, nor must be coupled with neither. For example, "I speak neither English nor Japanese" is grammatically acceptable but it's grammatically incorrect to say "I don't speak English nor Japanese or I speak English nor Japanese.".

I have no idea what I'm doing nor do you.

I don't know how to properly use this word, nor does anyone else.

White manles aren't neither masculine nor have a big dick

Nor you, nor me.

Scots, irish and waleish people are n-no-nor-wegian.

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>The only city invaded and founded by vikings are less viking than the rest of this country

Neither X nor Y

They were actually danish, I think.

OP is neither gay nor is he a fag.

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The americans are not aryans nor white

America is neither white nor cultured

I nor you have had sex.


America is neither white nor 1st world

I am neither white nor black


>american english

In what situation can you ever use "nor" alone? I think you always have to use "neither".

Neither a one state Israeli nor a one state Palestine solution is realistic, we must envision a one state solution in which Israelis and Palestinians share power on an even footing

Europeans are not muhammad nor shitskin

Extremely good thread.

Nor is logic gate than give 1 on output only if both A and B inputs are 0

This is neither interesting nor amusing.

The Holy Roman Empire was neither holy, nor Roman, nor an empire.

It is interesting to see how many people don't know how to use "neither."