Why are all asians so obsessed with rice? Despite all their differences this is the one thing they all agree on

Why are all asians so obsessed with rice? Despite all their differences this is the one thing they all agree on.

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They aren't obsessed with it. It's simply their most basic and relevant food supply. This goes for most of Asia because if its climate.

>Why are all westerners so obsessed with bread?

something something burger

Bread is tasty, unlike rice.

Why is bant so obsessed with shit quality? Despite all their differences this the one thing they all post.

because it is the basis of civilization in the east
it is super labor intensive and it required a massive bureaucracy to support it unlike cereals due to extensive aggregation throughout the year
the white rice is a bit more sacred compared to bread because it is pure and wasting it is not only wasteful but unjust

Fuck off with that gay shit you homo. Rice is lovely.


We like rice because it's healthy and easy to cook.

best plant ever

Maybe this can help you understand.

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no it doesn't

Bread is for peasants who can't afford meat


What's difficult to understand?
You eat what you grow.
You grow what you can grow.
Your body accepts food that your forefathers ate and grew.
Asians eat rice because the ones who couldn't digest it died and the ones who assimilated it strove.

Breddy sure the rise of cancers and eating disorders are because globalism and eating things you aren't supposed to.

It seem to make rice in Krasnodar.

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Japs eat rices with RAW eggs.

They have longer intestines just so they can digest rice better
Rice is their defining crop that turned from hunter gatherers to farmers

dude, this graphic doesn't show what you tried (and failed) to explain at all.

it shows the crops that are native to that region.

>140 000 hectares
pretty huge
we love rice


that's not what your picture says idiot

and rice is not native to china nor japan

but americans are so fucking stupid

Yes, exactly what I'm saying.
You grow what you can grow and what has been grown for ages in this land.

Yeah and tomatoes are from South America.
So? Shit can be exported over the centuries.

true but that doesn't answer the question

rice and be grown anywhere and anyone can eat it

the only people who would have problems are the people who have problems with modern foods all together like the abos because they can't metabolize so much sugar
it has nothing to do with "assimilation" or "dying"

they did not have an agricultural society to begin with

>"i'm a wh*Te subhuman and I only eat shitty breada"

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>rice and be grown anywhere

wtf…are you ok?

can* be, well modern ones at least with green house

We don't care about bread, HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is our life and blood


very american post

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pretty much

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We eat a lot of rice too. I personally can't live without it.

>everyone knows and eats rice
>only Russia and China eat buckwheat
Feels sad

no obsessed but historically it's stable staple food
it originated from southern china and fits well to our humid and warm climate while wheat doesn't grow well
rice cultivation today is extended to even colder northern region thanks to breed improvement

I like rice more than potatoes.
I like Asian pussy more than white.

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really? sounds good

Ai~, she's become more beautiful

Eat better rijst.

>HFCS (high fructose corn syrup) is our life and blood

t. canadian

I don't desu, I eat any food when I am hungry, and bread is cheaper sometime, and you can eat it faster than rice.

The similar question also goes to westerners. Why are all Westerners obsessed with bread? They have a good number of differences but still they all eat bread as their staple food. It's because most part of Asia is not an ideal place to cultivate wheat on while Europe is. So in the early days, they had no choice but to start harvesting and eating rice as their staple food because it had far higher productivity then struggling to grow wheat.

fug I just looked it up and it looks absolutely based
thank you my whiter brother

But still most of the Thailanders eat rice rather than bread so the point still stands firm

>bread is cheaper
How? Isn't Thailand basically a semi-aquatic jungle? How could wheat prices possibly compete?

Carbs shit

In South Asia only Sri Lanka and Southern India eats rice.

The street shitters (North Indians and Pakistanis) eat roti and bread.

Buckwheat is the staple food of the thinking and working man. Goes with everything, tasty, healthy and easy to cook. All hail buckwheat, the patrician's choice.

Until the modern wheat in northern China and dhurra in Korea was staple food.

No they eat rice

Why are all whites so obsessed with wheat and potatoes? Despite all their differences this is the one thing they all agree on.

Use your brain for once nigga

Actually rice is perfect since they can harvest it multiple times a year. The yearly caloric production per m2 is highest with rice. Grain etc only has maybe 1/4th.

In spite of high latitude, it's rich land.


you can't make pizza with rice though

It is also very bad for you
Diabetes and cataracts

They say the exact same about bread

rimworld taught me that rice grows easily and quickly and in large amounts

It does. But potato is more sturdy

nope, rice pizza exists


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wheat > potato > rice >>>> corn

the only good thing made with corn is polenta

Rice has no fiber, and more Asians need glasses because of rice

The soba is loved in Japan too.
Is it a position such as the European brown bread?

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looks like cake. There is also pasta made with rice but I bet it's shit. Wheat is much more versatile

I agree with Gian

>wheat > potato > rice >>>> corn
>the only good thing made with corn is polenta

I agree. Corn is garbage.

Interesting. Ironically I eat brown rice because it has fiber and allows me to shit

>still confused whether "gluten free" is supposed to be a good or a bad thing
God, I hope this fad doesn't reach us. Glutamate flavoring hysteria here is more than enough.

>all asians
not true,there's rice-asians and noodle-asians and the divide is in the middle of china. central asians eat noodles east asians eat rice.

In the Netherlands we have a multi billion industry dedicated to selling gluten free. For every person with an actual gluten intolerance we have about 10.000 people that eat gluten free

yeah here too, apparently it's harmful not to eat gluten for non-celiac people

Disagree. Pandan Wangi rijst is the best.

Some noodles are made of rice.

I worked delivery for a while. We had maybe 3 gluten free requests. All 3 of them were the most stereotypical SJW pink haired leftist women imaginable.
Makes you wonder how it comes only these people are gluten intolerant

The best we can afford to settle on here is the exclusion of sodium glutamate. We have products like these that say "no sodium glutamate additives" on the pack like some retarded badge of honor.
But I still begrudgingly buy some of these, as they are actually tasty for the small amount of trouble it takes to prepare them.

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>Some noodles are made of rice.
not the ones the noodle-asians eat. only rice-asians eat rice-noodles

What are these noodles Asians of yours?
I mean SEA, China, Korea and Japan eat rice. What else is there?

Buckwheat here is well known and served everywhere, but I've heard that some people regard it as poor people's food. At the same time some westerners hail it as some super food. It's the same thing that westerners did with brown rice. They take a staple food for poor people, have Dr OZ or some nutjob say it gives you superpowers or some shit and now the price of brown rice is fucking double the price of "white" rice. These things make me mad. What if the price of crude oil was higher than that of gasoline? Would that fucking make sense?

a whole‐rice bun
Wheat flour, egg, dairy products-free

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it's their wheat I guess

Brown rice is cheaper than 80% of the types of rice. Only white rice is cheaper, basmati and pandan and all the others are more expensive

Wheat is the traditional staple food of Northern China. They eat mantou instead of rice.

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china as a whole doesnt eat rice. eastern and southern china does. northern and western inland china eat noodles. mongolians pretty much eat exclusively noodles. siberian turks and tungus and other natives all eat noodles. the stans are all noodle countries. as i said the ricenoodle equator is in central china.

That’s what? 5% of Asian population? Hardly worthy of a divide.

hows that not worthy of a divide when there is a clear geographical and historical/cultural divide? it doesnt matter what the percentage is. there is an obvious divide period.

There are 5 rankings and 400 brands of rice in Japan.
Top brand of rice is very good, but expensive.

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Zimbabwe Cooking - Peanut Butter Rice.
Probably,This would also accept Americans.

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Gave me acne just by looking at it.

>not eating based risotto daily

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>tfw your mom made you risotto with peas as a child

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The soba was famine food the land where rice did not grow in Japan. There are a junk and the high-quality article in one of the menus in the present age, too.
It's good you are able to enjoy it.
likely a brown-bread and hormone in Europe.
The unpolished rice is slightly cheaper than rice polishing.
A shop and the individual to eat up a lot buy it with unpolished rice.
Because fresh polished rice is delicious.
Width of the choice spread.


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Modern rice != Asia’s historical mainstay brown rice

they didn't wear glasses in the historic past

raw egg is godlike on hot rice you faggot. also apparently the jap eggs are safer to consume raw or something

Dont you guys radiate eggs and wash chicken corpses in chlorine?

no that would cause radioactive eggs...