1) Yo'ure cuntry

1) Yo'ure cuntry
2) What is your national cultural costume looks like?
3) r8/10

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Each region of Mexico has its own traditional attire

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We have none.

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i thought you guys wear ushanka all the time

this was tragic to watch

Each region has kinda it's own thing but still have the same general style.

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Weren't you vikings or something?

Sakha Republic.
Something like this. Haplogroup N-M231, turkic language.

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that's eastern europe

we were, about a millenium ago.

also, who were the two previous to India?

hong kong

miss universe 2013 japan national costume

This is no good.

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varies A LOT from region to region and I don't know jack shit about it but think something like pic related

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This is for men, varies by region

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Same with the one for women

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does men has the cape as well?

There are some small variations, but they basically look like this.

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Then there's this.

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Woah very /fa/

meme clothes

Highly depends on the region, changes can be rather big
For the Canary Islands...

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And male

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Region of Leon (not so different to Portugal)

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Lagarterana, Toledo (South Castile)

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Segovia, female

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segovia male

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canary islands

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All the chads look the same