Why are Europeans so afraid of small talk?

Why are Europeans so afraid of small talk?

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No one wants to talk to a stranger.

it's not about being afraid. small talk is pointless. and also who talks to random strangers

Yeah who doesn't love shallow conversation and faking friendliness

Inbred introverts

Implying Yanks start conversations in this age of smartphones

this is why you dont have friends

I know

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Why can't Americans handle silence? Do you really need to fill the air with loud music or loud voices or loud gunshots all the time?

Why are you so fucking anti social? Would 2 minutes of banter kill you?

I'm actually not. Friendly chat with the cashier or your bus neighbor wont kill you. The problem is half of the people I talk to think I'm a psycho for talking to them and for some reason only old people or some millenias are always cool with it.

Why do men sit like that? Your balls aren't that big goddammit, close your fucking legs

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I don't understand the purpose of this so-called "small talk". Why do you even do this? Initiating a pointless conversation with strangers you see the first and the last time in your life seems weird to me.

show me your left boob

There is no point of it. I don't want to talk with some random strangers

I don't like small talk, always feels cringy to me.

In the UK we do it when we feel we have to but no party wants to be involved
ie your getting served at checkpoint
>you alright
>yeah you
>yeah good
>good to hear
*silence till payment time*
>that'll be X
>alright there you go

imagine the smell

Why do girls come on here without posting boobs.


Perhaps because we haven't developed any yet perhaps? No bully.

You have to be older than 18 to post here
Besides, I doubt that you are a girl

>your balls aren't that big

Hmm sweaty you don't know that

It's dishonest
You don't care about me and I don't care about you

We do actually. I end up chatting with cashiers about random shit all the time.

because only scammers and nutjobs talk to strangers

I hate americans


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One of the last white men left in NYC shows his dominance against asian women, as it may be his only chance for survival (circa 2016)

You’re not European, pal

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because we don't care about you and what you have to say?

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It's you who's strange that loves to act buddy-buddy to a total stranger as if you were his childhood friend. You should quit buddying up and learn how to treat strangers properly.

Why would I talk to someone I don't know unless I absolutely have to?

>I hate americans


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>small talk

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It's disrespectful to initiate pointless conversation with people who are minding their own business. It's a whole other deal if you have actually something to say apart from some fake niceties.

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>for some reason only old people or some millenias are always cool with it.
The reason is they have nofuckingbody to actually talk to and therefore enjoy even strangers talking to them.

Isn’t Jow Forums the same thing as casual conversation?

Americans can;t do banter

Yes, I always call americans nonwhite goblins irl whenever I meet them or talk with russians about their gay thoughts and tigers

not being obnoxious isn't anit-social

I hate small talk so much

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Because any attempt at friendliness in Europe since a young age has been met with awkwardness and hostility, so they adopt such behavior and impose it on the next generation and newcomers.


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only beggars and scammers try to start small talk with random people here in italy. At least from my experience, so there's that.

I have never met a finnish person I haven't ended up fucking in the ass

Talk to friends, not random strangers.

Small talks with stranger is pointless, literally no one do that.....

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Does he think he's white?

I don't know you, you don't know me. We have nothing to talk about, so unless you approach me with something specific i'll assume you have an interest you don't dare to talk about openly, which classifies you as a weirdo.

This but unironically.

It makes me really uncomfortable when men sit like that. They take lots of space and sometimes their legs touch yours.
Also I dislike overly happy optimistic people who smile all the time, they seem fake and annoying desu

Same. I just don't see the point of it.

I haven't benefited from silence in 4 years

If I want new friends, I go to a pub or a local meet-up.
If I want to discuss politics, I go to a pub or a council meeting.
If I want to hit on someone to get some action, I go to a club.
If I want a morning chat, I might talk to the lass at Greggs who knows me already.

When I'm sitting in the tube, I want my fucking god-given right of not being bothered by my asshole co-citizens, while I'm on my way to a job that I hate.

Sometimes I spread my legs or make myself bigger than usual to have body contact with someone on the ride. Don't judge

If Americans are really so friendly how come your teens go on killing sprees on a regular basis?
>It makes me really uncomfortable when men sit like that. They take lots of space and sometimes their legs touch yours.
It is objectively rude, but some people just don't seem to mind when they touch others. Kind of weird.

Wtf why do you do that? Why do you want to touch the body of strangers?

To try and feel what it's like to be human

I'm not touch touching someone. Just with clothes like pants to pants

Why are seppos so afraid of Easter?

Yah I know, it happened to me, but why? I just taught people didn't give a shit, didn't know they want to touch.

I mean most people don't want it. I don't WANT it either, I'm just more comfortable with it.


That's a weird cultural thing. I never saw Norwegians having small talk but as soon as I opened my mouth, they only wanted to hear about America and what I think about Norway.

Are you hysterical woman and need to talk everywhere?

No one wants to talk to Americans

Wouldnt consider that smalltalk, it's not every day people meet an american

>hey fat fatty fat fat... fat

>hey mutt mutty mutt mutt... mutt

You people talk about "American banter" being bad a lot, but Brits are not a witty people themselves.

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Attention whore, pranker, mentally ill or rogue seller? None of it is useful for you.

I talk with this old man and and this muslim bus driver that gives me free rides all the time. There's always at least two people talking on the bus.

Small towns, yo.

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no one talks with people on the bus or metro out of nowhere
stop bothering people

I had a 30 minute chat with pizzeria owner today on tips to improve his business, though he's iranian

True, but after having lived abroad for a few years, it feels like small talk. Although I enjoyed the silence/quiet chatter of dinners when I was in Norway. English people are fucking loud in comparison. Americans are a lot worse though.

No. Theres simply nothing meaningful in talking to strangers.

He'll be out of business in a month thanks to you

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Americans are unreal fairy tale creatures basically, we normally only hear you on tv so being faced with your accents is like entering the world of fiction.

Norway more like rudeway

Y u say this??? U make me cry

Oh yeah, I'm aware of that. Americans never travel that much, and holidays don't exist here like it does in Europe. I travelled Europe and I would go to small towns to actually experience the culture as best as I could, and the locals would be shocked.

Yuroshit are autist cucks that can't handle the good ol' american extroversion

hmm mericans in japan are as introspective as japs in my experience so that stereotype always makes me feel weird

they really were kinda fatty though

Not him, but considering the tourism and all of the scientific cooperation our governments do I wouldn't have thought that Americans were that uncommon of a sight in Norway. Guess I was wrong.

price of freedom

Small talk ia dying in america too. No one talks with strangers in the big cities subways and buaes.

Maybe he just means HRT hasn't done its job yet.

>Cashiers: God here comes that fat autist who doesn't shut up

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tits of gtfo

just banter

I do small talk from time to time. It's not uncommon to see random people talk with each other.

Men weigh more, have a higher centre of mass and it's less acceptable for men to lean into someone when the train starts/stops moving
Spreading legs gives more balance


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Did you tell him to not take in customers if it would mean breaking the usual routine in any way and having to do something different for once?

>be European
>Can't speak to people
>Come to Jow Forums to get the only form of human contact in their sad life

>Be American
>Constantly speaking about interesting topics with strangers and expanding their worldview
>Come to Jow Forums because it's just another way of being a social butterfly

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Me too, fucked in the ass every finn I met.
It's also true I have never met one.