Where are my fellow Hispanic amigos at???

Where are my fellow Hispanic amigos at???

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los filipinos habln español?

I, for one, welcome our new Mexican overlords


>US state

americans are more hispanic than us, and we have no intention on learning spanish


entonces si no quieren hablar español cual es el sentido de este hilo de mierda? matense filipiANOs

Solo por la Preysler las filipinas deberian ser borradas del mapa

333 years are a part of our native history my fellow Flip, we are part of the Hispanic world, though we are not majority-Spanish speaking, our culture, race, and religion makes us a part, of the Hispanic world and our Filipino identity. :)


Porque no hablas español eh? la concha de tu hermana bien puta.

We're Hispanic?

I have my doubts

I blame the USA

Hablo un poco de español, mi amigo blanco argentino.

My fellow Flip, are you educated that the Spaniards colonized us for over 333 years until the Yanks came and erased our Hispanoc culture??? Our colonization is a part of our native history my fellow countryman, it gave us our Hispanic identity and thus, we are not Asian. Not even some of our Asian neighbors like us. They hate us just like how Americans hate Mexican illegal immigrants.


I fucking hate Chinese people

Do filipinos feel hispanic or related to Spain at all?
That's odd, I tought that you all forgot about Spain

I watch La Liga, does that make me spanish enough

spanish enough to get the citizenship in 3 years if you want

Meh, i am pretty sure you are using a proxy

Is Basque still widely spoken? Its a beautiful country

About 30% of basques speak it, they got cucked by Franco

hows Xabi Alfonso's basque?

Good enough I think, seems fluent, but I wouldn't know

Basques are the most disgusting "people" in Spain

We dont

It just Jow Forums banter or some bored sex tourist

It was spics that erased our actual culture
Sure USA did fucked us up
but when it comes to our cultural destruction spics won by a mile