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ebin flags edidion x-DD

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why the flags so pixelated?

because they are very small

get extraflags and see for yourself :^)


happy march 29th, my present to you all is a

woah flags

I don't see them

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yes because your nigger

>why so smoll fren
it's fucking 16x11 pixels

real iceberg hours

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minor outlying in both common and (((rare))) level pls fix

Might just fuck around and add names to all those little cocksuckers

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yeah sure...

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no PTSD hours

get extraflags


when will they learn

I am so discouraged I missed Bouvet Island. Filling it in with pink was a complete lie, it wasn't unobtainable after all. When will it post again???

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a Jow Forums "nazi" has crashed it. He posts with it daily.

plus this one from src :^)

tysm. I guess the real challenge will be finding the Macdonald Islands. Did anyone here even notice when it was posted or did it slip under the radar?

Holy cow where have you been all these days? O.O

Sounds like you got somthing to do with that

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Stann Creek District, Dangriga, Belize


Nice, he posted here about a week ago.
At least he still has the plugin lol

actually nvm that iceberg is a mess!

Not here. I stopped browsing for the most part after flag ratio went down. I find it sad nobody calls out these incredible rares anymore. That flag should have a sea of replies.

I suppose you should remember that Bouvet and Heard/Mcdonald are stealth flags and that maybe no one has realized they are rare. but otherwise I agree, it is dissapointing.

page nine

Am I common ?

yeah france is pretty common

yeah but still Réunion island , since its in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar.

well, I have you so probably not


you are harder to find only because you look like a france flag, you would be easier to get if you had your own flag.

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please get extraflags


well the new iceberg is right here but sadly Bedford made them a huge mess, so i have to look at the numbers and you arent mate sorie

fuck outta here 2009 smiley ass emo nigger

how about

Install extra flags mon ami, so we can get some cool new stuff.

what’s the flag above Tonga?




Nice, thanks
How’s the life there?

thats a rare fucking regional wew

time stamp for proof of no proxy? YES????

Fac , Salle de sport , maison.
Pour les jeux en ligne c'est un peu chiant du au fait que on ne peut pas descendre en dessous de 196 ms.
Et toi ?


what is life like there


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i need a step by step timeline of a life in reunion

Je vois, c’est vrai qu’il y a pas mal de monde sur l’île mine de rien. Pareil, sauf que je suis dans un appartement de grande ville. Mais Bordeaux c’est sympa ça va.
Je ne joue plus trop en ligne, mais c’est vrai que la distance doit faire chier, d’autant que tu n’es proche d’aucun fuseau EU, US ou Asiatique.


hi DS, what are you testing

Here you go bro

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>tfw this is my 2nd Reunion regional


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Je me suis fait baisé sur H1Z1 quand ils ont passé la mise à jour pour ban les Chinois de plus de 200ms mais bon. Du moment que le ping est stable on s'y habitue.

Hello I'm from reunion as well would you like proof

checked desu

Your first one being ?

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Haha, les salauds.

bless you DS

Quelle commune ?


Logan County, Kentucky, USA

U dont wana gib me dickcord invito u asss viv :rage:

Welp see ya all next time , I need to go to sleep.

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good night mr. reunion user

bonne nuit

now if we can just get french guiana we will have all the france stealth rares in one thread


am i missing something?

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yes, yemen

wait a second, you have TAJIKISTAN and CHAD

have a link for that?

sorry, i would give it, but i found it on my first day, before i knew,
1. To be nice to other people
2. how to link threads
3. that others cared about the flags you find

so sorry i dont have it (it would have been expired anyway) do you have links to chad and tajikistan

the same as you

here's my collection

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thats an interesting concept of a map

i know, also, here's saint martin

no way, are you real?

ask the other french, they had a chat


did you get the saint martin

Newton County, Texas, USA

yes, thnks
i kiss u

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also, you have the old netherlands antilles flag, not the current one, which is a stealth netherlands flag. The antilles flag goes in the AN arectangle

i kiss u again

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a retired flag hunter gave me these links and im curious to see if the work

Burkina Faso
R.O. Congo
Solomon Islands
Marshall Islands
New Caledonia
East Timor

ouch thats sad

you understand the concept of threads getting deleted over time right?