Are you scared of dying?

Are you scared of dying?

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i'm scared of living. also of dying.

I think I'll be content with living as long as I have physical vigor.
One of my greatest fears concerning death is to puss out before actually having to die.


I am Death

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Death is natural and has always existed, life would be meaningless without it

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not that much

Is it true that (you) are the only thing that is real and this whole universe is just a dream.

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Yes, it is my only fear in life, i could be poor all my life but i want to live

Well, that would be me then

Watch the hit. The enlightened guy is you.

I welcome it, everything has to end sometime.
I will end my life this July, it happens to everyone at some point, so why stress over it?

Why July, Swebro?

It's just nature following it course. There is a tiny chance immortality may be perfected on the next 50 years though, but poorfags wont be allowed it.

RDR2 releases on october, can't you wait until then?

Because it is warm, and i can do it in the forest all by myself.
So i can really enjoy the final moments

Exactly, he should do it right now.

I'm scared almost every waking moment.

I've been having anxiety for 7 years.

When my fear gets too bad I have to use my anxiety meds or just get very drunk

Not at all

No, it's too cold. I want to do it when it is summer

Are you afraid of living?

Turn on captions

dying yes, don't want it to be painful
death in itself not really

No, but life has run its course. I tried and i failed, nothing more to it.
I payed off all my debts in the beginning of this year and will transfer all my money to my sister the day before.
So i can go, guilt free

You'll come up with another excuse in the summer. Fantasy scenarios played out in your head are very different from reality.

Don't wanna go all preachy on you, but you obviously haven't tried enough or hard enough. If you're not like 50 years old and not terminally ill you have no excuse.

This is coming from someone who's suffering from memepression and anxiety.


I should kill myself too in that case. You're a fucking idiot, and we all know you're not even going to kill yourself really.

Perhaps, but i decided this is the way it's going to turn out

Not much anymore.

stream it

No, i am going to do it in a secluded area by a lake near where i live

Have you been to a therapist?

No, having someone tell me "just b urself", "it's not so bad" for 100€/hour is not something i'm keen on doing

When I think of having to sustain this pathetic and miserable life, I just become suicidal but when I think of throwing myself out of the window, I just get cold feet. Either way, I'm trapped in a dilemma... which makes it worse... now I've become suicidal again while writing this post...

Didn't work, you're still alive. Try again.

Umm sweetie, I highly doubt anyone would ever tell you so during therapy.

Don't be a retarded loser pussy ass faggot and go see a therapist before you an hero.

I am a free man, i don't believe in your communist jewish bullshit trying to milk every last fucking bit of money i have before i go.
Fuck your system

i'd be scared if someone does not die.

Death is justice that makes people irrelevant after the same tragic ending.

I'm not so much scared of dying as much as I am scared of not achieving my goals. I don't care if my death is painful, but I would be really worried if I'm going to die soon because I still have lots of things to do.

finally a good post that makes sense

Gandalf taught us all that death isn't the end! Everything becomes silver and glass.. and then you see it! White shores... and beyond..

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I won’t ever die

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Don't kill yourselves. You can find some great experiences atleast instead of going. Think about the grief your selfishness will cause to your loved ones.

Of dying, depends. Of death, not in the least. I don't see why I should be scared of nothing?

Now it remains to be seen if my generation won't be the first to not have to worry about that either way, but that's another topic entirely.

Also based user.

can't wait

Lot of beta soyboys here who want to die.

Yes. One day I had a dream about suicide and it was dreadful. Now I'm afraid of killing myself.

death itself is pretty damn scary though because you will never alive or feel again after that EVER

>Think about the grief your selfishness will cause to your loved ones
It will not matter then you are dead.

I used to be before when I didn't know better and arbitrarily compartmentalized everything.

>life would be meaningless without it

no anu is the amaranth and we're all in its dream

why not martyr yourself