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first for hugging argie

Polish women are demons in angel skin. They will make you feel loved and happy, you will spend your entire time with them, cuddling, joking, fucking and kissing. You will share secrets, you will be there for her when she needs you the most. She will make you think this will last forever, but then she turns on you and stabs you in the back, guts you like you never knew each other, like you're her worst enemy.

And now you're left alone with a rotten hole in which there was once a loving and warm heart. Why do you think so many Polish men kill themselves? Women don't, only men do.

Thinking that Slavs are somewhat special different specie, despite living on the same fucking continent with close proximity to both Nords, Germans, South Euros and Fingols, is just pure and simple retardation.

Polacks are less mixed than for example French or Germans when it comes general phenotypes found among men. Yet it's always cherrypicked ugly fucks that are somehow a representative of how 'average polack' male looks like.

>DUDE MUH SLAVIC QTES XDD, POLACKS ARE UGLY AND I'M A Jow Forums beta fuck that can't get women in his own country, perhaps if I go to Pooland with all those ugly SLAVSHITS, I could steal their WYMYN ugabuga
Patethic amerishit would get his ass raped here by angry and drunk Sebas.

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Would you feel comfortable if your daughter married a black man?

Daily reminder that silesians are subhumans larping as Nazi aryan overlords even though their "language" is really a 4 year old pole gibberish and full of typos ect

>Be uneducated coal digger
>Finish education on: never started education
>Serve germans for 100 years
>Get stockholm syndome
>Speak like a retard cause of coal dust and chronic alcoholism and most likely fetal alcohol syndrome
>Larp as germanic ubermenchs


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I bet you're ugly or compensating for something else

t. Matka Polka

Are you Team Biel or Team Lily?

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first for chubby chaser slavs get insecure around cute 2 D girls

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I want Biel to sit on my face. Her BRAPer is out of this world.

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Austria boi cool

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Anarcho-anarchism combined with radical centrism will dominate the world

I want Biel to breastfeed me after she beat me down

I swear to god, ill start making a list of names and surnames of foreign agents in this country like these faggots


And ill send it right to our president the moment we achieve full nationalism and restart auschwitz

anarcho anything will never dominate anything, as the vast majority of people will always look to leadership, and social structures will eventually reform.
It is in our nature, just like communism can‘t work, neither can anarchism in any of it‘s forms.

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>social structures
>It is in our nature
nice spooks kiddo

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nice kiddo mentality, Spook.

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actually in Exodus when Moses brings the 10 commandments on the two tablets from Mt.Sinai for the first time he breaks the tablets and God has to write them again

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How stupid do you have to be to forget 10 commandments on your way down from a hill

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Let's just say Moses wasn't Ashkenazi


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eating scandinavian herring fillet
it's really good

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r8 these legs bros

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Try eating it with boiled potatoes

Everybody knows that the more back you go in time the stupider people get. Moses probably had IQ like 50

I cant remember the 10 commandments even now lol

Herring in smetana and cebula + boiled potatoes.


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my face is heart shaped rather than oval or round does that mean I'm not slavic?

he is absolutely right you fucking polacuck

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Orcs are here. How are you, lads?


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>heart shaped
Did someone hammer the centre of your forehead in as a baby?

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dumb aussie nigger

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that's not your face being heart shaped that's just balding

you're retarded


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>last hour of wageslavery this week
Feels like eternity

what is this rat thing?

still got 2,5h to go

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>wake up
>doggo is in the bed licking your feet
>have an erection


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>still have whole friday to go

a-at least it's a big meeting with the qt finance grills

next time it won't be only feet I hope

I wake up every day with a boner

me too since its full of piss or when i havent fapped 5 times a day

I wake with the boner, but it goes away after pissing and then I don't feel my dick for entire day. Sometimes it gets cold as hell and almost crawls up into my body.

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>wake up with boner and full of piss
>go to toilet
>can't just piss, because the increased pressure needed because of the stiffy means the piss will bounce from the bowl and spray everything around
>can't sit down because stiffy is too long to comfortably piss
>have to assume a half-crouched crab-like position

anyone else?

umu shes a girl too so see you later virgins

post pics pls

Yep, I can totally identify.
>ass stuck all the way back
>half bowing
>head over bowl

>>have to assume a half-crouched crab-like position
lol that is me all the time

I just do the most chad thing and fire my piss from my erect dong everywhere

No wonder Hungary smells so badly

just keep a bottle next to your bed so when you wake up, stick it inside, relieve yourself, and you're good to go

Really sleepy lads

Excuse me, but we are a bit more cultured here in Europe.
Thank you for the excursion into your barbarian customs though.


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"Choosen" used to mean "special needs".

that sounds uncomfortable


post tunes

at first I wanted to mention how the piss would overflow if you held it to the side, but then I remembered your smallest bottle size is probably 2L.



Just piss into sink retards

but the gf gets mad then

piss on her then

the fuqq is wrong with you retarded am*ricans

Same lad
Always happens around this time of day for some reason

Funny enough: beer bottles in America are much smaller than here.
In America, a typical beer bottle has 35cl - in Europe ours have 50cl.
So remember, if you see an American bragging that he downed a "sixpack", itXs not really that impressive.

I think my brain is permanently rewired to feel alert at night and sleepy at day

ooh, i wish

Anyone who is able to down 2 liters of that swill is impressive.

Do you like Arizona?

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Hey did you try the red one?


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Yep. It's good. Lots of honey taste. But overall I like the blueberry one more

it's... ok, nothing special.
I prefer Sola, a slovenian brand. Goes really well with Jaeger or rum.

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Yeah it's nice
Not a fan of the green one to be honest, didn't taste all that great
I'll try the blueberry one again sometime, last time I was already basically drunk when I remember I bought it, tried a few sips and mixed the rest with booze


Yeah green is probably the blandest
You do that, maybe you'll like it more this time around


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Doing a lie on the couch, lads

Doing a wageslave for shekels so the gf can buy new clothes, lads


whats with the hair

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I had a lobotomy so the top of my head looks like this

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Well, Voice of Silence was a massive waste of my time, that movie is horrible


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is the paprika growing hunanon here? I have a question to ask.

How was Republic in SW 1-3 good guys? They started war with Separatists just because they proclaimed independence.