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are there cute girls?

only in sicily

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No, allready have what i need.

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Fuck SHITaly

So many nighers in rome

A restaurant in Italy tried to charge me 24€ for a pizza. Luckily I was drunk enough to not care (as any good tourist should be) and started yelled and throwing around things so the owner told me to give him a tenner and fuck off.

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Done already. Nice cunt.

still not as many as the us (which also had a negher president LOL)

never saw that one
is it good?

How much would it cost me to fuck a Italian girl there? She must be aged under 14 though

id did, in Assassin's Creed 2 and Brotherhood

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I already did. I asked a policeman where a street was and he clearly had no idea so he just pointed me in a random direction the useless cunt

its fucking terrible

I already did.

I was thinking of applying for Erasmus, one of the places I can go is Milan.

I did, everyone's poor and on scooter, looks like fucking New Delhi!

We always warn foreigners to not go to Naples


Visit Genoa

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already have, it shits on all other european countries

Why would I visit Italy when I can just got to New York lmao

I have been to Italy

I wish i live in Milan.

I just visited there a week ago. The garden was kinda meh and it started pouring rain, but the castle interior was beautiful

Fug you guys, you told me Napoli was shit but I liked it a lot

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