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ching chong ding dong

I think it has a point
White people have unrealitic expetations, and when those expectations aren't met, some of them react with violence

Young white men today either become very angry or apathetic, and are blamed for both

Except Asians also shoot up schools.

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trans, gays and women kill themselves instead

yeah but chong is salty af

They are right.

But it's still logistically impossible to disarm millions of angry proto-fascist white men.

American liberals and non-white minorities should buy AR-15s and learn how to use them.

>it's a non-White gives his shitty opinion episode

>Be born white
>Be school age
>No matter what you do you get told you're wrong by fat middle aged female teachers
>X is wrong, do Y
>Start doing Y
>Y is wrong, you fucking man!

Now add that with random young kids with anger issues and no real male influence in their life to help with any sort of outlet for it and you end up with random angry kids doing dumb shit.

ah yes, hello adopted kid

Liberals and PoC being anti-gun is purely a coastie thing. If you live in the southeastern US, you're probably pro-gun regardless of your political affiliation or ethnicity.

Oooh so it’s the women’s fault again
FUCK You! Sexist

Americans are simply mentally ill.

This. School as an institution has become something unrecognisable of what it started out as

yeh there are tons of entitled second or third generation asians too,its not just white bois

they are wrong
faggots act out by hurting themselves, because they are faggots

Warum bist du so ein cuck, meine Freund?

I always had a desire to shoot everyone in my school and university and the only reason I didn't do it is that I cannot find any weapons in Russia. Otherwise I really would.

This ching chong is saying some bullshit.

Yes he is right, it is women's fault.
End yourself, feminazi. (I know you are ironic but still have to roleplay here)

White people are fucking scum.

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You wanted do it because you were and still are entitled, as easily seen by your racist attitude. Eden Cheung is correct.

Honestly I'm inclined to agree.

Ahmed pls

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>my wh*te ass is on FIIIIRREEEEEEEE

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Get out of Ireland, Paki

I'm not sure what it means, we never think about shit like this here.

What is meant by entitlement here?

Who the fuck is Eden Cheung?

Yeah, but most of the time they fail horrible.

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White males are more ambitious than fags and women who kill themselves.

whypipo expext blk ppl to be slaves again

feeling that you "deserve" certain things, like a good job, a girlfriend, etc

in that case who isn't entitled?
i thought most strive for those things

According to Duwe's book, per capita, Asian Americans and African Americans are actually punching above their weight for mass shootings. Doesn't neccessarily discount her theory that male entitlement and the mass media aren't factors though.

entitled doesn't mean to strive. It means that you "deserve" those things, and if you don't get them, somebody has stolen them from you

It's the new talking point of the American left. Instead of striving in life and having ambitions, you have to let society cuck you like an oversocialized soyboy.

Pay it no mind.

So you have no friends? It's no wonder you yearn for a fascist ideology to make up for your lack of friends.

I have an appropriate number of close friends. I don't need to sell myself out to please crowds of bitchy teenagers on twitter or instagram.


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what a buzzword it has become

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>I have an appropriate number of close friends
this is just what lonely losers always say lmao

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Wtf I hate wh*Toids now.

yeah...talking about losers

It's not about killing many people, it's about giving it a go

this post reeks of lonely virgin

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How do you think they know he's a lonely virgin lel. It's exactly what I say when people ask how many friends I have

>small brain
School Shootings are an epidemic! we need to stop them right now and ban guns
>Big Brain
school shootings are eugenic and a form of natural predation weeding out the weak and unfit in the American population which has grown fat and weary leading to the rise of these "predators"
at least we should do nothing but as most they should be encouraged

>small brain
The Vietnam war was horrific! we need to stop conflicts right now and ban napalm
>Big Brain
global wars are eugenic and a form of natural predation weeding out the weak and unfit in the civilized populations which has grown fat and weary leading to the rise of these "predators"
at least we should do nothing but at most they should be encouraged

>White countries have an unrealistic expectation of having their own countries
yeah right

just let the yanks kill each other, it works out better for everyone else

you're correct
that's why we won and the piggies ran off home one by one

>ever being white
Yours was the land of the mutts since day one

america was always la terra de la creatura

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umm sweetie, you lost. The commies won.

I guess reductionism truly is the most effective form of satire.

The USA was 90% white in 1940 my friend. In 1965 we passed the "Immigration Act of 1965" which prevented us from discriminating national origin of immigrants.

You want to know what happened? Your fucking shitskin colonies, that's what happened. We could no longer heuristically assume Mexicans and other human trash were legal or illegal immigrants, and now our country has fallen part. There are 11-15 million illegal sudacas here and we can't do shit without being called racist.

So you know what? Fuck you Spain. You are the worst European country of them all.

>f-fuck you Spain
>it's your fault we're not white!
The world's first and foremost superpower everyone

Dios mio...

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mexicans are just taking back what you stole from them
the future is latino, might want to start brushing up that spanish

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Should not have stolen cuba and puerto rico you fucking yank.
While you cry in your basement I defile your women with my latino brothers.
While you masturbate thinking about blonde women we are the ones boning them.

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Yea, they kill themselves instead, lol

I didn't say it was your fault we're not white. I said it's your fault you didn't genocide the subhumans in South America. There's a reason why the Anglosphere was more successful than your colonies, and it has entirely to do with your method of colonization.

Aztecs never populated that territory. If you would bother to research the Mex-American War, you would discover that we only took the territory that had the fewest Mexicans on it, because our Congress was racist. They literally said "the brown savages to our south cannot handle democracy," so we took the empty desert.

Funny how that proved to be true, huh?

>you lost. The commies won.
[spoiler] I am a commie [/spoiler]

Everyone is. In a communist country.

In the Netherlands all political parties get free airtime on television. This is from the Dutch socialist party.

You, I, We, SP.

this sure has nothing to do with the fact that any mentally ill edgelord kid can buy an assault rifle
jesus chirst not even criminals would sell an AK to any kid

You need to be at school to cause a school shooting. Just saying.

Honest to god I love the Netherlands so much

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