Was it war crime?

Was it war crime?

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>Hun talking about war crimes

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Does it even matter if it was ? We're talking about G*rmans here.

this one was far worse.

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Please ignore my flag, I am not native German

I just wanna know if the bombing should be considered a war crime

Not according to the germans.

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>nearly destroy RAF

>starts bombing cities, allowing us to rearm

>win the Battle of Britain not long after

why are Germans retarded

you are dodging the question

Leaving a single GERManic alive is a crime of negligence.

More like get the bevvs in
amirite lads

user it isnt a question that deserves answers, you honestly deserved worse.

Does it even matter if it was ? We're talking about G*rmans here.

germans talking about war crimes.

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i take it as a yes

Der Peruanus

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It wasn't because germans are not human

>american plane

No because we won and you didnt


If winners can beat losers unconditionally, the only thing Germany and Japan should do is to win in the next war


good luck please bomb us better next time and kill me.

serious question
do you know what your grandfather was doing during WWII?
there is nothing good inside you, a descendant of a nazi.

It was a waste of time is what it was. British strategic bombing effort was a joke, only superior AMERICAN bombs made any difference

>do you know what your grandfather was doing during WWII?
of course.

One was a tank commander on the eastern front
One was a pioneer in Greece

this, they still wanted to play with the big boyz, they stopped being much earlier


>tank commander
What tank did he commandeered?

>One was a tank commander on the eastern front
so there is nazi blood in your veins, are you proud of being a nazi?
why dont your kill yourself, now, that will make the world a better place.

>all germans who fought in the war were Nazis

This is where your wrong.

are you a pinay hooker?, dont defend that white.

Wasn't even the issue, they just chose useless targets like houses when daytime bombing of transport targets made more sense

Panzer IV

>why dont your kill yourself, now, that will make the world a better place.
PeruANO, you are literally the wasteful byproduct of the Spanish trying to extract as much gold as possible. Genetic trash sitting between all chairs

lmaoing @ your life

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>fights back with an insult.

he just want so save them

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>One was a pioneer in Greece
Pay reparations

no war crimes here lad

Dresden never happened, but it should have.


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The bombing of Tokyo was commanded by him and then he was awarded the order of Japan after the war, the highest Japanese order or something like that

dresden and tokyo are two similar cases so that's hilarious but both Japs and gaijins didn't really care about that just because it's totally overshadowed by the nukes in Japan's case

I mean you don't need to care about these, it's stupid

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It's because we lost the war and were at the victors mercy, we couldn't afford to alienate them.
Still kinda triggers me that they got away with their war crimes

*the third highest

Talk shit get hit.

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If you ever asked yourself how Turks can deny Armenian genocide, here is your answere

It had no military targets and was full of refugees but wars that aren't total drag on forever (see Afghanistan). I'd say it's a grey area. I heard somewhere he was a little nuts in real life.


Of course it was, but A*glos will always see it as a heroic act, always keep that in mind when mugging Br*tshit tourists.

>dresden and tokyo
One was a capital with military targets and the other was a a city full of refugees and museums though it was strategic as far as rail was concerned. So it's not really comparable.


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There were plenty of military, industrial, and transport targets in Dresden

>Not according to the germans
Do commies want everyone to hate them? It seems like one of their end goals.

Those are just edgy teenager, same as Jow Forums nazis

>american plane
We did supply over 500 bombers and later went back to hit the rail uards again.

Legally yes morally no

I didn't say the same and yes tokyo was a capital and then Japan got two nukes other than that

at least it's one of the biggest carpet bombings in history so it could be more controversial if there were no Hiroshima and Nagasaki

my point is that it's not so hard to justify many things, and people's impression is depending on the time and situation
so I wouldn't take it seriously