Be a 24yo woman in a poor third world country

>be a 24yo woman in a poor third world country
>be fit
>with leggy-model appearance
>with couple higher ed. degrees
>know about half dozen languages

Where should this hypothetically existing person emigrate for a better life?

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In here if you get caught doing prostitution, the prostitute is the one who will get jailed.

>the prostitute is the one who
i think that's standard.
>get jailed
tho here it's just fine of up to 2,000 rubles.
sometimes the police arrange fake calls to get free services (the so-called 'subbotnik' - saturday), since prostitution here is illegal and there is no one to protect workers, cops can do pretty much all they want with girl who took that bait.

Post leg

Miami and work as an escort.

how many burgers can you buy for an hour of work as an escort girl in miami?

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Is that a sextant in the back?

thigh pics, that is not enough for a leg
a high class escort can get 8,000$ for a day with a client, just search escorts miami and check prices

> think that's standard.
Not exactly.
Google something like 'prostitution selling legal buying illegal'. I know, that query is retarded, btw, but it gets the job done.

how do i become a manwhore in miami?

I do not think that an asian gay twink could make as much money as a leggy russian grill in the escort bussiness.


why miami tho? isn't it's full of smelly chicanos?

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go to greenland

you look like a femboy

reasons why?
you sound like chicano on vacation

Come to Italy, work as hostess in various events.

Who took photo???

Long arms like that suicidal frog IMG

someone, a photographer

What languages

My bedroom.

Post pic with visible belly and shoulders. Only way to prove you're not a man.

move somewhere you can buy food

oh that's a good question. if had if I had the opportunity to learn 6 languages i'd choose french, spanish, english, chinese, vietnamise. and a little bit of german (for literature purposes) and portuguese (which shouldn't be too hard if you know spanish and russian).
>not a man
but i am.
gommunism right?? :DDD

Most chicanos live in the west coast. Florida is colombo cuban clay

Post more feet? Imgur with lewds?

Hi OP,

Your legs look good and it is always a pleasure to speak my mother tongue with a beautiful woman. Let's meet for a drink if you're in spb.

what the fuck don't steal my gf you better back off

You can emigrate to my bedroom. If you catch my drift

Qatar, UAE or Saudi Arabia's king palace

Listen here little baby. You're gonna get a lot of hurtful and degrading comments, but that ain't what I'm about. Let me just say, you are perfect the way you are. You hear me sugar? PERFECT. Don't ever change. You deserve anything and everything you want. Stay safe for me, baby girl.

>mfw thinking of you hurting

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honestly arr rook same
but what if you Islamophobic and don't want to feel as someones property? i was thinking mainly about states and eu cunts.
gotta say, you cracked me up a little

btw OP, if your name is Anna and you recently finished your degree in Hungary, I'm sorry to tell you, but you're not as beautiful as you think you are.

But if you're not Anna, and you are beautiful, let me know about the drinks :)

And who cares about what those retards believe? You will make a lot of money


>who cares
Your sense of lack of security?

Ukraine(we are secretly first world nowz but tsss)

Canada is chill and if you hate the city, we have tons of space to just exist in the middle of nowhere.

>lack of security
You'll be fucking rich people, there are secure places in those countries

Czechia. All your comrades are already here and the culture shock wont be that huge. Free healthcare, free uni and only 50% of population hates anything russia while other half of population loves russia like there is no tommorow.

Chicanos and latinos are better than regular white americans, trust me on this.
Plus rich latinos have a tradition of whoring.

Women from muslim shitholes should in general be allowed refugee status.
It's pretty sad and simply wrong to allow muslims to touch them.


>but i am.

i've heard that the reason of this is that your prices are very low and that's a reason why your girls try it abroad as soon as they got a chance.
what's the 'amsterdam' of canada?
they say girls have missing in your saudi area, gone into sex slavery and such... heard that a lot.
btw how does czechs feel about being porn mecca of europe? is that the reason why '50%' of czechs cheering for russia, as you said?
i'm afraid their fathers and brothers won't let it happen.
go to sleep, uncle joe

A ghost, op lives in a haunted house.

ebat moi hui suka, davai sadis pro Zhizn popizdim

>i'm afraid their fathers and brothers won't let it happen.
Those just won't be allowed to come here of course.
Taadaaa. All issues solved.

>porn mecca
We dont care. /int memes rarely transfer to real life application.

We hate/love russia because communism, 1968 (, whole WW2 and USA being evil. And it is 50% because some people unironicaly loved communism and whole ussr thing and hate usa. But that is mostly older generation. The new generation is mostly neutral.

and get a mass jihad coming from all over the middle east
actually i thought that your older generation became a 100% anti-commie exactly after 1968

Your pretending-to-be-a-girl posting has become more subtle over the years, Sergej. Still can't fool me.

Communism brings the worst from some people. There will always be bunch of low achieving people who want "power" and control other lives. Communism gave them exactly that: informer, secret police, ability to snitch on people you dont like, certain type of people with the wrong mentality loves communism. Sadly we have a lot of them.

no one pretending here. at least not me.

wtf I'm scared now

You know the rules

Prostitution is very much illegal in France tho

well, here, as i understand, people like it because of free ('free' y'know) healthcare and other social benefits. i mean they barely survive even when it's free and they afraid that when they have to pay for it they simply won't be able to afford even the most basic healthcare and other things
read the thread.
but if you call it escorte it's legal, right?

looks like a roman salute lmao

>and get a mass jihad
Easily beaten with some professionel soldiers.
If they think they succeed they may try.

Post face


what? no, post yours.

i already did

good. feeling happy about it?

>the absolute state of russian women

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Is she white? If yes, then she should come to south brazil.

Holy shit you are bones and skin.

i'm not going to answer that you don't really care all you women are the same damn this stupid god

it's illegal for the client but not he worker, stupid law

in paris you can make 20.000 / 30.000€per month as escort but it fucked your spirit

> (You)
>what? no, post yours.
Do you have interpals?)))

>i think that's standard.
In Sweden the prostitute walks and the John gets fined.

pretty big feet for a "woman"

>implying you wouldn't lick it anyway

OP, you're kind of an idiot. I already posted in this thread twice asking you out, and you denied it.

Sorry to tell you, but you won't find anyone as young and rich as me, regardless of what country you go to. Ooops.

t. 30 smth millionaire

Really nice legs

Wow denmark. Why?

Donald Trump's son is getting divorced from his wife

Be Melania's sister in law :)

Those aren't your tits.

How did you get rich?