Why do Americans always smile? What's their problem?

Why do Americans always smile? What's their problem?

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I dont know but its fucking annoying

I know, i hate it, americans are always so fucking optimistic.
Fucking accept that life fundamentally sucks already

there's an imbalance of the cocks to vag ratio here

>It's the "Russians never smile" episode

For literally the first 100 years of our existence, things got better pretty much every year. Even in the middle of the Civil War, we were growing every year, getting richer every year, and consolidating more and more land under our control.

In fact, even with some high-profile blowups like the Great Depression, there hasn't been a decade where the American population wasn't richer at the end than it was at the beginning. Our standard of living has never stopped improving. We've never had a major war that destroyed our prosperity or undermined our absolute power.

We're safe, we're rich, and we're powerful. What is there to be sad about?

Me on the extreme right.

This is the anglo cutlure of false friendlyness
Anglo might smile at you, while he hates you and thinks about ways to rip you off

>7 people in picture
>4 are white
>4/7 = 0.571...
I see even stock photos of americans are about 56% white.

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perfectly sums up the nature of the anglo

t. sour kraut

t. smiling anglo

What a wonderful, wholesome, inclusive picture.
>cue reddit screeching about a female to represent asians, not male

>standard of living

you don't know wtf you are talking about

good post

stoic cynical but trustful continental euro >>>>>>>> happy go lucky liar and backstabbing anglo

I think they do that on purpose?

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I hear a Russian proverb that people who smile too much are hiding something or are just stupid
I agree because it annoys me when I see Americans here and think they can be my friend because we are both """white"""

Are introverts really like this

Lmao, you've seen the butthurt asian virgin reddits too, huh? '

Of course they do. Diverst

smiling like an idiot =! being extrovert


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brits never smile
maybe because of bad teeth

I mean "picture of Americans", fair to make it appropriately representative.

It literally has. Income inequality has certainly increased, but the average American of 2018 lives a significantly better life than his counterparts in 1988, 1958, or 1928 did.

>"We are both white"

Now it seems you need to get your eyes checked and ascertain if you have colourblindness m8

this applies to most countries in the world

Yes, but this has continued pretty much unbroken for 200 years. We haven't had major wars or famines disrupting shit.

civil war, slavery


The US actually grew economically during the Civil War as it gave the government an excuse to increase leverage to spur the development of things like railroads.

Slavery was pretty shit, but the vast majority of Americans weren't slaves. It should also be noted that the descendants of slaves have a higher median income than many European countries nowadays.

Me on the left

too bad about those 600.000 casualties

Still less destructive than pretty much any European war. Everything in context, my man.

Because its per capita GDP has significantly risen over the past few decades and its overall economy has also grown pretty much, now accounting for 22% of the whole world's GDP. It's obviously natural that people living in the current US relish a more affluent life than their counterparts in past years. Apart from some failed states in Africa or Middle east such as Sudan, the Central African Republic, Iraq, Somalia etc etc, every country on the planet has enjoyed economic development.

europe isn't a country

no it's tipycally american, other people do it too like magrebi or chinese. they smile to you to fuck you harder

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The white subhuman and his ethnic pets hide behind a dishonest smile

It's not =! It's !=

I would kill every smiling american. especially children. hate their fake ugly smiling faces, they disgust me.

Anything to keep from having to acknowledge the mortifying collapse of their society.

Good post

You'll die of alcoholism first

>The vivacity of the average American, which shows itself not only at baseball games but quite particularly in his extraordinary love of talking – the ceaseless gabble of American papers is an eloquent example of this – is scarcely to be derived from his Germanic forefathers, but is far more like the chattering of a Negro village
the original goblinoposter

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To avoid from the fact that new chinese dynasty is rising and they'll eat their fat, radiated and disgusting flesh alive before 2030

>4 are white
More like 2.

thank you, i'm giving my best

They looking at Ivan who works for 200 dollar per month and laugh. I laugh too.

>paбoтaeт зa 10к

>4 white
2 niggas, 1 chink, 2 white, 1 latino, 1 churka (like chechen or georgian on this picture)

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Based americans

I smile when I am around someone who are dumb. So everyone

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So you smile even when you're by yourself?

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why do americans breathe? like for fucks sake lol

wow, i wonder if they do that on purpose so it looks like a plausible sample of americans

b-but muh white pride! muh soros! muh white genocide!!

they're literally caucasian

I always smile as well, I don't know why there are so many gloomy people in Russia.
Why would I walk pretending to be super upset over nothing?!
Life is good.

are white

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Japanese are famous for smiling all the time. It's a disease and has treatment.

They were smiling to show other american "I'm friendly, don't shoot me" in old times. Now they smile for no reason.

Americans are an inherently optimistic people after centuries of seeing the country as a land of opportunity. Not to mention they haven't been truly scarred by a war in a very long time, so there's no real devastation that tempers their feelings about life.

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