Philippine Airlines edition

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Najib will win this election no doubt, 1000%
Not convinced than Indonesian tempesoyboy will vote anyone other than Jokowi tho


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>Told my friends that we shouldn't hate the jews because Prophet Muhammad never hates anyone, but I did told them not to trust the jews
>My friends called me a heretic
>one of 'em said I'm advocating for palestinian genocide

>Just got back from mosque after hearing tazkirah on dangers of wahhabism and islamic liberals
>Told my friends wahhabism is dangerous
>They called me an idiot
>They said " Wahabism is okay. Look at Mecca and medina, wahhabist control them and they're fine"

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People can only see in black and white

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Fuck paying for a Jow Forums pass how in the fuck are you going to ban whole ranges in countries that aren't shit holes? Suck kmy balls with that. I will fucking post anyway because korean man cannot secure raspberry pi. I got root bitches. I got lots more root but I can't fuckin use it here because tshe cock gobblers running this mother fucking cursed pile of teenage sperm and genocidal fantasied wants twenty gfucking dollars. Fuck you all I will post here without paying suck my fucking balls.

>picture of NAJ drinks his enemy tears, colorized

How fucked are we lads?


mashallah brother

If only they can do that here.

Fitnah is bigger dosa than bunuh tau

>yfw its bikini time on IG

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indon goverment have already done that stuff

I am a bisaya living a simple slum life


trips of braaps

less chinitas please

No, pure flip here

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I'll report all my relatives who share hoax on Whatsapp. That's what they're getting for asking me when I'm gonna marry everytime we met.

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Pretty sure that girl is half-Australian though

When are you getting married?

maybe i can arrange a marriage for you with a bisayan

How come Malaysian Chinese are rarely Muslims?

when are you going to marry?

Makan apa gaes?

Because Chinese people in general are rarely Muslims? Why do you ask all these retarded questions?

because their identities are tied to race

man, this question is hurt

Cum bubbles



It's not retarded, it's a legitimate question considering most people know Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim nation.

>Because Chinese people in general are rarely Muslims?
Who is Zheng He? And don't you know that there are many Chinese Muslims in China itself? And not just Xinjiang, but even in the eastern parts of China.

they get mutted with local chad

>And don't you know that there are many Chinese Muslims in China itself?
No there isn't? There are only like 10 million Huis in China and those Uyghur people are not Chinese.

How come Malaysian Malays are rarely Buddhists?


it's hipster religion

dont you wanna be cool, sri dewa dawud?

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wtf I hate being a flip now!

What the fuck do you expect, malay people are the on the same level of arab butthurt.

They don't pray 5 times a day and yet they claims they protecting Islam. Plus they're easily triggered by anything that a non muslim do.

>flips BTFO

trips of truth

how is the kristeng population kat indonesia

>Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim nation

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Centuries of buddhist oppression, you get fed up after dying in buddhist wars and paying gold flower for a long time.

wow I hate being filipino

wtf I hate buddhists now!

the last part is false because of the 60/40 rule

it is.

>Malaysia is a predominantly Muslim nation

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Tes pos

Okay-ish, except the liberal chinks.
My christian friends are all chinks and they're bros.

>Malaysia is a multicultural and multiconfessional country, whose official religion is Islam. As of the 2010 Population and Housing Census, 56.6 percent of the population practices Islam; 21.9 percent Buddhism; 9.03 percent Christianity; 7.22 percent Hinduism; and 3.1 percent traditional Chinese religions.
>56.6 percent of the population practices Islam
As far as I know, 56.6% is a majority, and the next biggest religion (Buddhism) is not even close to being as big.

That has little to do with importing
And more on land ownership

60/40 was ment for us not to be exploited.
It means foreigners can come here and fuck us up but we will still profit more.

And Japan was already way ahead of us even before WW2

Aku beli makan dulu kawan-kawan

>all these muhammad in the singapore lineup
i thought singapore is chinese majority, malay second then indian.
how wrong am i?

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Tolong belikan makanan untuk gue

perut gue lapar si

Well nobody like being slowly impaled by nipah palm through the intestines over days or murdered over a gamble whether the fetus inside the pregnant woman is male or female.

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Chinese usually prefer basketball while Malays football.


InshaALLAH Singapore will be muslim majority in the future.

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>implying that chinese are good at sports

sorry mate leave sports to stronk malay

There's nothing wrong with being the second best. At least it's not the third best.

Use my dialect properly, you fucking twat.

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chinks are weak and hate sports

>Lin Dan: *block your path*

sorry i learn indonesian from sinetron

oh fugg i forgot about lin dan, the ghost that spooked malay

I live in one of the most Christcucked area in Vietnam, where it's like 30-40% of the population is Christians. I don't really like this desu.

I thought that communism outlawed all religion?

You must embrace islam my fellow asean brother, you can marry muslims with big ass

Nama sebenar Lin Dan adalah Nik Muhammad Roslin Daniel, seorang lelaki Melayu Kelantan yang dibesarkan oleh keluarga Cina.

>I don't really like this desu.
Why? Are they loud as fuck?

The Muslims in China are the Hui, who descended from intermarriage between Chinese and Muslim traders following the silk road, as well as the Uighurs in Xinjiang.

The Muslims in Malaysia are predominantly the Malays, who converted to Islam a few hundred years ago because their rulers converted to Islam because of Arab traders.

In Malaysia, the majority of the Chinese are descended from Hokkien, Cantonese, Hakka, etc.-speaking Han Chinese migrants from the South of China who left during the Qing dynasty and the Republic. These Chinese were generally Buddhist or otherwise follow Chinese folk tradition, and not Muslim. These Chinese did not intermingle with the Malays, and most of them are now Buddhist or Christian.

As it is, many Chinese are almost instinctively repulsed by the idea of becoming Muslim because once you're in the laws make it nearly impossible to get out. Additionally, because the Constitution defines being Muslim as a part of the definition of a Malay, Islam is very intertwined into the Malay national identity, so Chinese-Malay racial tensions repulses Chinese from Islam even more. And lastly the idea of creeping syariah law and Arabization just makes them want to stay away harder.

/asean/ meetup when?



you'll end up being the most ugly guy when all of us meet.

Nope, they even recognize bumfuck religion with

trips of truth.

sorry vietconganon, you must live in vietnam your whole life. Please don't come to Malaysia. We don't like vietnamese

Also don't take communism in Vietnam seriously. It's basically quasi-capitalist with meme state propaganda now.

I don't want to get raped, no thanks.

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not again,not unless you want to be stabbed by the recto killer

No worry, I have no intend of leaving Vietnam anyway.

>How come Malaysian Chinese are rarely Muslim?
Oh so he's like my retarded doppelganger

KFC 3pc chicken

ngeri bre launchingnya vivo
niat banget
live di hampir semua stasiun tv udah kayak upacara 17 agustus

gue ingin makan mcdonald

>vivo is the most popular smartphone here
wew lads


not just tv but every youtuber also get vivo v9 sample, literaly more than hundred of vivo v9 review

gue mau mcdonald

is that okay?

maudy ayunda di tv


bruh your friends are long gone

be like me, tak solat, tak kacau orang, tak triggered

Yeah, it's fine.
Mcdonald should be McD though.

raja smartphone di indonesia samsung sama oppo

beli MakiDi malem-malem

remember when vivo salesman having fistfight with oppo salesman

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>gak mekdi
Se'emha tebeha fa-m.

big mac pake acar yang banyak seger kali ya

padahal oppo sama vivo masih satu grup