/éire/ agus /anime/

Eagrán Mícheál Mac Dáibheaid

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Well, that title certainly won't cause any controversy.

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Oh, sorry, I should have called it /animéire/

Tír gan waifu, tír gan anime

How many books would you lot own?
Categorise them if you wish.

About 50. Almost all non-fiction, mostly about military history and geopolitics.

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Good stuff. I probably have about 150 non-fiction adult books, 25 non-fiction children's books, 40 children's fiction (Darren Shan, Lemony Snickett and so on), and about 40 or so YA/pulp sci-fi novels.

Yeah, I have some children's fiction at my parent's house but I got a lot of my books from the library as a child so I didn't tend to have a lot lying around. Even now I tend to read most things online if I can. Granted I don't read anywhere near as much as a I used to though.

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I really enjoyed Horrible Histories and the handful of other books by Terry Deary. They should really make a statue to him if they haven't already in his home town, he was a good apple.

About 250, predominantly fantasy followed by science-fantasy, general fiction and then a spattering of history and science books.

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top shaggers

Something tells me that they won't be dong much shagging after that trial though.



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But they weren't convicted of anything.

Some people are just eternally offended.

I was trying to make the point that women will still be attracted to them.

We've got a dreadful flag. We would be a superpower in no time if we used the Connacht flag internationally.

I don't think the Connacht flag is very aesthetic.

>t.West brit leinster

It's about as aesthetic as a (historic) German province.
Unfortunately the "national" flag is African tier (entirely because it's copping out to fucking prots).
On the other hand, I think Connaught should be given Clare.

I accidentally stole something and left something of mine in its place and it's too far away to go back

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Liking anime is un-irish

TG4 Irish dub of Evangelion when?

What would Shinji say after the masturbation scene in EoE as Gaeilge? "Is mise suas fucked"?

Is there any Irish dubs of any anime/hentai etc.?


disgusting thread

one famine wasn't enough

Good thing there wasn't just one then.

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>Protests in Dublin over the jury's verdict on the rape trial
these people must have some insider knowledge that the judge and jury failed to hear

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Christ, they're going again on Saturday.

Well, at least I found out about a possible nice new place to eat from this whole I believe her farce.

there are two possible take-aways from this for the bold thinking person:
>sexual immorality is wrong and what harmed the girl (and by extension the men accused, who are legally innocent)
>the court systems are fucked, class war now, GAA only, no foreign sports
But somehow maximum butthurt will ensue, while resulting in no new increase of "wokeness" or what the classical Marxists would call "consciousness". Ah, women...

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Some woman claim to have been raped by an Taoiseach or the Pope, it'd be great craic to see how people would react.

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>Some woman claim
I meant to say "Some woman should claim"

It's only a matter of time.

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Confirmation from the horse's mouth that consent can be revoked if the woman did not enjoy herself.

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yer ma was asking for it xDDDD

The taoiseach is gay though

He jumped me the other week and me hole still feels it.

What better cover?

What was all that crap about (((Macaleese))) saying the RCC was "an empire of misogyny"? How was that received by normies in your opinion?
Neither of my parents acknowledged it or passed comment on it, but I remember them being in favour of McAleese, but not Robinson, as "the female president", back in the day. Maybe it was the scandal of the pedo (mostly faggot) priests back in the day.
But nowadays they seem in my narrow western boomer "normie" circle to be as relevant to the current of thought as Sinead O'Connor, and among the "yoof" it's about as relevant as whatever JP2 had to say about anything. Sure most teenagers don't know the north is even occupied, as far I can tell.

(((O'Neill))) is a West Brit who became an agent of yankoid cultural pollution. Literally just a random thot who can read and write who got blown up (so to speak) because she went to America and got a "gross feminist" publishing gig to pollute the minds of the slags here.

Anyone remember that now-deleted article about how she "dated" (ie: fucked) a twenty year old student who was an absolute lad, typical "salt of the earth" here, and she was mortified at his material poverty (as a mere student) and lack of yankoid "sophistication" (as a "mere Irishman")?
That whole article was meant to be a discursion on how Ireland is "misogynistic", but it was a display of how she was out of touch with the Irish sense of humour and a massive slag cradle-robber.

How so?

A bunch of lefties are slamming a cafe on twitter that said social media wasn't the place to condemn four men acquitted of various crimes of rape.

I thought the whole point of consent was to avoid rape? That's what feminists have been ranting on about for decades now. Why can't they make up their minds?

Sounds horrific, any chance it was archived?

Why do Irelanders(GDP per capita) earn more than Brits?

Why are lefties so irrational? I'm not saying this as some throwaway insult, but they genuinely seem to only ever act on the basis of their emotions.

Weird how the left/thotocracy have to engage in "trutherism" about the rape case because they can't say that the conduct was immoral in absolute sense independent of the law.

No, but there was a massive dump in the late 2016 period on Jow Forums of a good chunk of the article. Good threads back then, lots of fresh blood.

Tax haven run by gay Indian bilderbergers.

Multinationals. Also, the cost of living is marginally lower in the UK I believe.

More developed nation
t. britpoor

>Anyone remember that now-deleted article about how she "dated" (ie: fucked) a twenty year old student who was an absolute lad, typical "salt of the earth" here, and she was mortified at his material poverty (as a mere student) and lack of yankoid "sophistication" (as a "mere Irishman")?
Yes actually. I remember a lot of people mocking it online. No idea why it has stuck in my head though.

Wasn't she the one who went on Tommy Tiernan's chat show and got insulted because he had no idea who he was? Or am I thinking of some other "personality"?

Itt: angry neckbeards who've never touched a girl

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How much damage do the repeal side want to do to their campaign before they get to the polls?

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>but there was a massive dump in the late 2016 period on Jow Forums of a good chunk of the article
Was that post-revival /éire/? If so, that's probably why I remember the article.

>Good threads back then, lots of fresh blood.
Yeah, it was very different to any version that came before or afterwards. Good fun.

>>Jow Forumsireland

Face facts, she was a slut whether or not she was raped.
At least because of her anonymity she might hook a belfastian beta, while the scumbag males will be branded rapists for life regardless of this verdict.

Quote from the Irish Times' article on the trial.
>And what did Jackson and Olding mean when they boasted about “spit-roasting” the next day?

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>Jow Forumsireland
To be fair, even they don't appear to be retarded enough to condemn the four after the jury found them not guilty. It's the harpies on twitter screeching loudest at the moment.

Had a quick look on Jow Forumsireland, seems like they're being pretty rational about it

Truly a question for the ages.

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They present themselves as a news outlet but won't inform the public what spitroasts and rimjobs are?
Fucking MI6 outlet smdh

Do these fucking gimps not realise that for the four lads to have been found guilty, the jury must have no reasonable doubt. I think it's pretty likely they did it, but to prove that? G'luck to ya.

That's unexpected.

There was never any doubt they used her like a piece of meat.
The only thing we're meant to judge on in "liberal morality" is "consent" which is her internal mental state, not any objectively verifiable evidence.
The only evidence for that could be that she put up a fight, but against four rugby players, while drunk, after having willingly gone back to their house? Lol, good luck.

*clap emjoi* teach *clap emjoi* girls *clap emjoi* to *clap emjoi* be *clap emjoi* sensible

Benthamite autism isn't even an actually categorical imperative, let alone enforceable case to case in a material sense. It only permeates society as an excuse for absolute sexual degeneracy in the name of non-productive homosexual parasitism and similarly nonproductive capitalist/usurer parasitism. Pure ideology, something WHICH WILL NOT STOP YOU BEING RAPED, OR TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF, YOU STUPID SLUTS!

>500 people saying YES
>About 170 saying NO
Quick, hide the results! This trial is the gift that keeps giving.

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>Florence said Jackson asked her if she wanted to join in and she said no and closed the door. She told the trial she walked in on a threesome, not a rape, and there was nothing about what she saw to indicate a lack of consent on the part of the complainant. She added there was also nothing to indicate “positive consent” either.
>She told the trial she walked in on a threesome, not a rape
Neutral witness, case closed

Don't forget sober.

>She added there was also nothing to indicate “positive consent” either.
I think I know what this means, but I'd love to read a court definition of "positive consent".

That's in line with what I was saying.
After a certain point, there isn't anything in nature to distinguish male animal behaviour and female animal behaviour by way of "consent" or other "civilisational" concepts.
The problem is that the idea that civilisation can fundamentally and concretely legislate against rape in a meaningful sense is undermined by social constructivism and the bizzare and subjective concepts of liberal ideology. If this girl was taken advantage of, she was allowed to be taken advantage of in the name of gleeful sluts and homosexual freaks. You won't get that opinion from the newspapers, tv, or radio mind-pollutants!

people saying YES
>>About 170 saying NO
This is goingto be the case in the repeal the 8th vote and I can't wait to see the reaction here from the resident right wing women bashers laughing at the trial

Wrong, it'll be the other way round, or else a very narrow repeal victory, if we are to believe that ugly harridans and bureaucratic/media soyboys are actually on the pulse of the country and not a cancer.

>This is goingto be the case in the repeal the 8th vote
I'd like to think that more than 670 people will vote in the abortion referendum.

>the resident right wing women bashers laughing at the trial
What does the Belfast trial have to do with the abortion referendum?

A lot, mostly from my childhood. I got some more at Christmas and you've reminded me that I should really get back to reading.

>Horrible Histories
Good lad. Looking back I really liked history as a child, especially ancient and medieval history. It's a shame I fell out as a teenager, I've only recently rediscovered my fondness for it.

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>the resident right wing women bashers laughing at the trial
Rude generalisation desu.

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>What does the Belfast trial have to do with the abortion referendum?
Some slag might have to prove to a court that she was actually raped rather than murdering a kid because she regretted whoring herself out.

>if we are to believe that ugly harridans and bureaucratic/media soyboys are actually on the pulse of the country
Made God have mercy on us all if they are.

Yeah, history education in this country is absolutely dire. Junior Cert is awful but somehow manages to be the best part of the whole setup, unless you get a really stand-out lecturer, which didn't seem to be common among the native Anglophones in the university I ended up in.
The thing with history is that there's two types of "historians": there's the "data-crunching" consensus-climber, then there's the polemical firebrand. People at the 75% of each spectrum are good, but most occupy the "middle ground" which is "how many angels on the head of a pin" tier.



>I think Connaught should be given Clare
Another superb post. Clare was actually part of Connacht when county Clare was first created around the early 18th century. I guess the Connacht border would make more sense with the Shannon as a natural border, but to be honest I don't think it makes Connacht's borders more aesthetic and Munster looks very ugly without Clare. Connacht's borders would look better with Longford, as well as improving the issue of Leinster being 2big. There's also a map I saw of late 18th century Ireland where Clare wasn't under Munster or Connacht weirdly enough.

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>Leinster being 2big
But Leinster only has 2 counties, Dublin and Not!Dublin.


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Míde is rightful Dublin clay now.

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Join the Republican Action Against Luxembourgeois Anime
It is Our Last Hope Dominic Behan spoke of

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And even then, lower-class communist alcoholic dengerates from Dublin are not the type of people an Irish nationalist movement must be built on. The only worse type are Anglos/Protestants who think their turned coat is the definition of Irishness.

Lux will return one day. He's probably just gallivanting around Europe as we speak.

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Those who are not Irish are more Irish than those who are.

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Read Ted Kaczynski

Human dairy farm when, lads? Human milk is clearly for humans not cow milk...

It never ends well for the cows in the doujins though.

>playing a game, going through my day as normal
>suddenly start having an existential crisis out of nowhere
I thought I got over this, lads. I thought I had stopped fretting over existence and nonexistence and entropy and shit but it all just hit me like a brick for no apparent reason.

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And? They're not important; the milk is.

I have similar thoughts when I wake up at night, or lie in bed rather than getting up in the morning.

My parish > your parish

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Delete this pic of me.