Have you ever met black Africans?

Have you ever met black Africans?
How were they?

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Two I guess personally. Both DR Congo.

They literally can't live without fucking someone mentally or physically, regardless of gender
This is due to the extremely low iq compared to east asian here
All employees are pretty shocked that black Africans can be this retarded and useless compared to japanese or other east asians

>Have you ever met black Africans?

Fortunately no.

Good friend of mine is from The Gambia.
Sweet dude, not a bad bone in his body.
He's also 6'4 and has a thick accent. He goes on VR chat and fucks with people.

Quite a few live in my hometown. They're studying seamanship-related courses at a local university. Some of them never went back to Africa and decided to stay.

Once. He knew da wey

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Nope, never. I swear.

I seriously doubt you have ever worked with any, or even work at all.

>Have you ever met black Africans?

Fortunately no.

Manlet and black. He was speaking Russian with French accent.

too loud and smelly, smile too much

A Zimbabwan. Cool guy, moved to Glasgow as a kid though


yeah, some frican the other day started talking to me ( in english) literally asked for gibsmedat i told him ive no money on me, cheeky fucker actually says there a ATM right there. smiled put my headphones back on and kept walking

cheeky niggers eh

Chemistry TA from Nigeria
HS classmate from Ivory Coast
Doctor from Ghana
Summer camper from Nigeria

Also had an HS teacher who was an Ethiopian/Italian mutt

London so fucktons
Some are shit some are ok

yes, I had one in my university group. He was okay, but couldn't handle the language, so he didn't stay for long.

It turned me racist. Would recommend for building character.

Yes theres lot of haitians in Brazil right now, they are pretty chill, and by some reason they are all ripped.

Never met one desu

Minneapolis is full of them, especially Somalis. The Somalis stay in their ghetto and don’t interact with others much. The other Africans (that I’ve met) are all pretty bro-tier, especially Liberians.

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turn off the proxy pooland

Fucking idiotic, why do French educated people want to come to Russia to study in Russian, just because it's a "European" college? My classmates were also Fench educated, having to study in English.

my housemate in Uni is Zimbabwean, he's very chill, I admire his confidence with girls, he's like 5'7" and keeps getting rejected but he works out all the time and never stops trying

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Many times. Too many for my liking.
First time was in Greece long time ago, one from Senegal that was selling cds and Chinese shitware on the beach and two of his friends. The cd seller was rude, annoying and has mistaken me for a westerner at first.
Trying to sell me a cd with some shitty mp3 pop pleb music for 5 euros. I explained to him that I can burn a cd with much better music for 30 cents, which was the price of blank cds back then.
His eyes fired up and said that the Chinese guy sold him disks for 2 euros a piece, and he wouldn't leave me alone
Told him that he is disturbing my afternoon and that I will beat him up if he persists.
He started laughing in my face and tried to push me with his left hand. As soon as his left pointing finger touched my chest my right fist was in his left eye and my knee was in his belly.
He collapsed and curled into fetal position while gasping for air and trying to call for help, than the other two niggers arrived.
Older Greek woman was panicking and screaming something so the hole nearby beach cafe gathered around and niggers had no other option than to pick up their friend and carry him and his goods away.

Nah, I only ever met black Europeans. Some of them were pretty qt.


I love the smell when I'm on a bus filled with them.

I shared an apartment with one for two years(university student from Cameroon).
My general impression was bad, especially when he brought his gf to live with him for a while, an absolute chimp.

20% of the people I see in the streets are black Africans, they're usually fat and slow as hell, women dress in traditional garb and talk loudly at the phone in weird languages.

I knew three blacks from Nigeria and they were well educated, but that's probably cause I met them in university. I'm pretty sure euro posters will think negatively of them, cause most blacks there are asylum seekers.

There's no such things as "black europeans"


why are negroids such manlets? :/

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Some French-speaking nigga kept mooching my cigs when I lived in a boarding house

He also always prayed before eating

>born in slovenia
>only knows slovene (well and english obviously)
>only slovenian citizenship

??? ???

I've meet only a few fob africans. They all spoke with thick accents but seemed friendly. On the contrary though our native africans are loud and annoying.

>It turned me racist. Would recommend for building character.

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One was from Ethiopia, he was a taxi driver. Hated Sudanis and Somalis for some reason

Somalis are the niggers of all niggers. Not even other Africans or Arabs like them

Met a few people from Cape Verde and Angola in uni. The 2 girls from Cape Verde were qt, very well educated and shy, and the dude from Angola was kind of weird but fun, he dressed way too well though

Is webm supposed to be black newman?

>Born in a fish tank
>Only knows how to swim
>Has a residency to fish tank?

Must be a fish definitely not a penguin

friend's dad works on nigerian oil company. told me, there was one time he has to jump his leg into acetylene bottle that falling into hazardous materials because some sloppy nigger didn't stand it up properly.

glad seeing him still able to walk.

>Have you ever met black Africans?
>How were they?
Yes, met them in California, Shanghai and Honk-Kong.
They were black, loud and obnoxious.

I always see black medical students here.

yes, they try to rob me

no es bueno

A rwandan. He was a kid soldier during the genocide. Now a born again Christian.

yeah, there's a few at my school
quiet and agreeable

niggers beeing niggers

european != ethnic european

A few nigerians and somalians
The nigerians were cool

Most our black people are from the Caribbeans

I worked with a guy from DR Congo in a kitchen. Raised in Belgium and the Netherlands. Chill guy and one of the few real life christians I've ever talked to. Extremely uncomfortable on the topic of sex, so it was a lot of banter triggering him on the topic of masturbation and homosexuality.

>Have you ever met black Africans?
>How were they?
nice and friendly

>french flag

Based Italian mutt!

Most are students. My bestfriend during my university years is a Sudanese. Sudanese in general are very chill and friendly. Somalis are quiet. Know a Botswanan guy too. He's nice and helpful. Usually only have problems with west Africans. Note that my perspective is based on the one who studied here so don't compare this with your average immigrant in your country.

>be swede
>never talked with a nigger


Was he named Benito?

>there was one time he has to jump his leg into acetylene bottle that falling into hazardous materials
What? English please.

Yes, many. Worked with a very intelligent investment banker from Nigeria back in 2012 - was a great lad

All of the black Africans I have met (admittedly only three) were very polite and friendly. They were all just really grateful to be studying in this country.

The vast majority of black Canadians I have met are awful thugs

when i started my semester there was this african dude from new guinnea. he dropped out the first half year

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Инoгдa вижy, кoгдa пpoхoжy pядoм c мeдицинcким инcтитyтoм.

A lot

Either shit or very friendly but that doesn't mean the friendly ones have their place in Western Europe.

Blame your politicians.

Yes. During highschool, my class had 2 nigerians, a zambian and a gambian. Also, my math teacher was a ghanian.

The gambian guy was a massive dick. The nigerians were chill, I used to talk to one of them about anime, and the zambian guy was part of the "nerd group", which I was also part of.

There were also several sudanese guys. However, the sudanese looked more arab than sub-saharan african desu.

Unrelated, but I just want you to know that I believe your country is the only one in the world that deserves to be nuked. I don’t even hate North Korea as much as I hate you savages.

I am not from Saudi Arabia

Where are you from and why are you in that degenerate cesspit?

>Where are you from
>why are you in that degenerate cesspit?
My parents immigrated to here because my dad is a retarded Salafi.

was his gf white
what are blacks doing in slovenia?

Oh, well Egypt is a much more civilized country. One of the closest to actually being civilized in the Middle-East. What do you think of President Sisi? I like how he persecuted the Muslim Brotherhood scum and seems to be trying to secularize Egypt

Sorry about your dad being retarded, btw

>What do you think of President Sisi?
He isn't good. Neither the muslim brotherhood nor Sisi were good at all.

>Egypt is a much more civilized country
Egypt may have more culture but it doesn't have as much wealth as Saudi Arabia.

>Sorry about your dad being retarded, btw
Eh it is alright.

Fits time in my life i see the black skin people in 21 years old. When i come in Moscow.
Shit, it's was cool. Black, like in shity american moves! But not in TV-screen.

But then i back into Siberia, and don't met blacks anymore. Exept black churkas.

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One of the reasons Saudi Arabia is so fucking awful is because of how rich they are. It’s literally a country ruled by medieval retards who are insanely rich, so they can harm the civilized world with their medieval retardation

>Stu Mead

A Rwandan dude at uni.
He was a pretty funny guy, spoke like 5 languages and had a flawless English

Either hardworking wage slave types or very very lazy fucks
Much more civilized than black Americans. Good people overall. Our blacks need to be taking notes.

The Nigerian man on Jow Forums who lost $50k USD on crypto is the funniest guy online.

Get away normie newfag

only the ones selling things on the beach, they're from angola i think, they're fine

Never talked to them. Looks like they are good people, most are happy to live in this chicken.

Are they forming Africa or a BBC? Fucking memes I can't tell anymore.

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why is everyone saying they had nice experiences with black people yet this board is so racist against them

It isn't. It's just a few individuals who are


>yet this board is so racist against them
Jow Forums likes to act contrarian from time to time

>Have you ever met black Africans?
>How were they?
Yes Nigerians and a girl from Ghana. They were nice but they were all educated and probably upper class.

>They're studying seamanship-related courses at a local university

>Training Somali pirates
You should be ashamed.

>the people who can't have children to save their dying society are calling us retards
Fix your own country faggot

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Bantunigs are generally friendly people. It's the Somali and Afro-Americans I can't stand. Still, I'd prefer to never see a black person again though.

Everyday I pray to God that he brings a plague to Earth that wipes out everyone that is darker than me. No joke.

Embarrassingly unfunny

I've only met Haitians, does that count?

A lot, from different parts of Africa. I have two quite close friends, one from Zimbabwe and one from Uganda. The Zimbabwean would be a goddess for Jow Forums as she praises Rhodesia like it was the lost paradise. Generally cool, relaxed people I enjoy to hang out with. Nothing like the British or, god forbids, American ones.

I'm one

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better than afro-americans


they are white and based though