I am german

i am german

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i am german

i am japanese

I'd like to see more replies to this, im sure many people called him out on his "muh heritage" logic

germans and japanese are not human

i am

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i am russian

Why in all these screenshots do they ask if the other person is British?

are you british

that is most likely truth

t. british

Delet that fucking shit right now

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t. nigel

what the fuck

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I am saudi

I am Irish

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>200+ years of trying to build an ethnic identity
>24/7 of greatest nation, pledge of allegiance and freedom shoved down their throat
>they still do shit like that

he has a point though
They are both Irish, who developed differently

I am Canadian

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Die amerikanische Missgestalt...

De galle himself was a French, Irish, Scottish, Flemish, and German mutt. So this guy can just listen to his French side.

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i am greek

I'm chinese

You see these type of Americans on Swiss yodel videos often. Sort of cute.

Good God that's some low level of self-awareness.

top fuckin l m a o

I am Greek you subhuman

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