Rank the Slavic Countries from best to worst:

Rank the Slavic Countries from best to worst:


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slovenia is by far the best
poland is shit



All Slav nations are shit

ur mom is shit

t. lazy fucking shitalian

Truly based

Based Italy getting slavs butthurt.


>white flag
>defeated by fucking birds

>Slavic countries

>am polish canadian
>watch polish news

Poland is a shit country.
Then again at least it isnt being rammed in the ass by russian backed seperatists

1. Czech
2. Slovenia
3. Croatia
the rest are as shite as each other

1) Croatia
2) Czechia
3) Bosnia
4) Slovenia
5) Slovakia
6) Poland
7) Montenegro
8) Serbia
9) Bulgaria
10) Macedonia
11) Ukraine
12) Belarus
13) Russia

1. Croatia
2. Slovenia
3. Serbia
4. Montenegro
5. Bosnia
6. Macedonia
56. Czechia
57. Slovakia
58. Poland
123. Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine and other shitholes

I ranked these countries by HDI:
1) Slovenia (higher than Italy, btw)
2) Czech Republic
3) Poland
4) Slovakia
5) Croatia
6) Montenegro
7) Russia
8) Belarus
9) Bulgaria
10) Serbia
11) Bosnia and Herzegovina
12) Macedonia
13) Ukraine

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you’re referring to as slavs, are in fact, ruthenians/eastern germanic descendants of kievan rus, or as I’ve recently taken to calling it, east nordids.

Slavs are not a race unto itself, but rather another component of the ethnogenesis of the scandinavian norse germanic people from the migration of the peoples and onward, made historically relevant by the kievan rus settlements in Gardariki by the norsemen who traveled down the Volga and founded both Russia and Ukraine before being christianized by the byzantine empire.

Many eastern germanics speak the artifical glagolithic church language invented by the greek monk Cyrill, which is where the term cyrillics stems from. Before that, they spoke old norse and revered pagan germanic gods.

All the so-called "slavs" are really descendants of eastern germanics. There is objectively no argument to be made against this historical fact.

Thanks for reading, and please refer to them as "eastern germanics" next time you make a "slav" thread.

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Go back to cleaning toilets, Mykola Pierdolenko.

>traveled down the Volga and founded both Russia and Ukraine
Kek, gets me every time.


Nobody is rating us very low horay
Think Montenegro is very underrated here at least as a place to travel to for a short while

Why you all hate us

>everybody in the world is a [direction]+germanic
Seems that only Germans aren't :^)

Bella por favor.
No mientas ni digas tonterías.

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1. Croatia
2. Slovenia
3. Poland
4. Czechia
5. Slovakia
6. Serbia
7. Russia
8. Bulgaria
9. Bosnia
10. Belarus
11. Macedonia
12. Ukraine
13. Montenegro

1. Hungary.
2. Romania.
3. The rest Slavic countries.
666. Pidorussia, despite it's not Slavic at all.

1) Czechia
2) Slovenia
3) Slovakia
4) Poland
5) Montenegro
6) Russia
7) Serbia
8) Bulgaria
9) Croatia
10) Belarus
11) Macedonia
12) Bosnia
13) Ukraine

Poland Best one
russia worst one
dont care about the rest

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wtf we are nordic now

t. Nigel Chujewski

You do nothing but whine, complain and steal gas.
For fucks sake you disconnected Crimea from the grid and forced ex-UA citizens to suffer.

> t. Pollack bus-driver or pipe-cleaner

1. All of them
9999999999. Poland

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>implying Russia isn't the worst
t. Putinbot



The rest.

> t. self-hater with no ambitions who has achieved nothing except watched 100000000000 animu titles

There must've been some other reason.


He got it all wrong. Scandinavians called Rus Gardariki land of cities, because it was something they have never seen before.

It was Ruthenians that civilized Germanic norsemen, not the other way around. Also, there is no genetic evidence for what he said.

Interslavic > Esperanto

it really is miraculously fully intelligible to all Slavic speakers as far as I can tell

I still wouldn't learn it cause I find most Slavic languages to be kinda gross.



1) Serbia
2-13) Evrn els
Theyv created my fav song ever.

1 Czech Rep
2 Slovenia
3 Croatia
4 Poland
5 Slovakia
6 Russia
7 Other shitholes
8 Ukraine


Stupid kurwa, your language is almost as ukrainian and very similiral to russian. It mean kurwi are 100% slavs.

I'd just like to interject for a moment. What you're referring to as Slavs, is in fact, Wends and Slavs, or as I've recently taken to calling it, masterrace and slavshits. Slavs are not an ethnic group unto itself, but merely a linguistic group made useful by based Wends, a vital group thanks to which Europe exists.

Many Jow Forums users mistake Wends for Slavs every day, without realizing it. Through a peculiar turn of events, the Wendish group is often called "Slavs", and many of Jow Forumsolerants are not aware that it is basically the Wends, a Central European masterrace.

There really are Slavs, but Wends are no part of it. Wends are different, much more civilized and stuff. This is essential for you to realize. Slavs often include Wends, but basically it's Slavs with Wends added. All the so called "Western Slavs" are really Wends

1. Tie Cunt
1. Bolan
1. Slov****
1. Slov****
1. Chechia
2. Bulgaria
2. Bosnia
3. ?????
4. Profit, hopefully

You can put this pasta into your ass .

nice retort, slav=slave


1. Czechia
2. Slovenia
3. Poland
4. Slovakia
5. Croatia


6. Montenegro
7. Bulgaria
8. Russia


9. Belarus
10. Serbia


11. Bosnia
12. Ukraine


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I dont know this, but you are purest slavs.

*purest W-E-N-D-S

your top5 countries are all Wendish, not slaveic


Bullshit. We maybe have third place after Russia and Poland because we're strong, we make rockets and having big army. No, we're even better than Poland because we dont get billions dollars from Germany

иди нaхyй

it's amazing how I can totally understand it without learning it at all

Poland is Eastern SLAVS, since the term Eastern Europe was invented in Poland because of our sarmatian culture. Also, Russians are Wends (=Venetoi) so your shitty little """central""" Europe shit doesn't work.

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1) Russia
2) Poland
3) Czechia
4) Serbia
5) Bulgaria

1. Slovenia
2. Czechia
3. Slovakia
4. Poland
5. Bulgaria
6.-12 Yugoniggers and R*ssians both big and little
13. Somalia
14. Ukr*ine

As a Pole, I'd rather be born in Slovenia or at least Czechia. Also Belarus is absolutely bro tier because these guys hate nobody and are hated by nobody. The only Slavic country that has no beef with its neighbours.
The rest, yee we are all cool.

All Europeans descend from Eastern Europeans.

it was called the land of "cities" (more like land of fortified farms) because there were so many wooden forts along the volga. it wasn't anything new to them, only that there were so many of them. the anglo-saxons and greeks "civilized" the norsemen by being in contact with them, the rus' were nothing special in comparison to what they had back home

>No, we're even better than Poland


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it's kinda funny how it's seperated by the line of Austria, Hungary, and Romania

Scandinavia had no actual cities worth notice, Kiev Rus on the other hand did. I'm sorry, but Scandinavians are nothing special. Scandinavians didn't build Kiev or Novgorod.

Kiev and Novgorod were far more advanced cities than anything that existed in Scandinavia at the time. If anything, they were the ones who were being civilized by having relations with Kievan Rus.

Slavs were already civillized without the need of the Rus

>The lands of the Slavs stretch from the Syrian Sea to the Ocean in the north... They comprise numerous tribes, each different from the other... At present, there are four kings: the king of the Bulgars; Bojeslav, King of Faraga, Boiema and Karako; Mesko, king of the North; and Nakon on the border of the west...

>As far as the relm of Mesko is concerned, this is the most extensive of their lands. It produces an abundance of food, meat, honey, and fish. The taxes collected by the king from commercial goods are used for the support of his retainers. He keeps three thousand armed men divided into detachments... and provides them with everything they need, clothing, horses, and weapons... The dowry system is very important to the Slavs, and is similar to the customs of the Berbers. When a man possesses several daughters or a couple of sons, the former become a source of wealth, the latter a source of great prestige.

>In general, the Slavs are violent, and inclined to aggression. If not for the disharmony amongst them, caused by the multiplication of factions and by their fragmentation into clans, no people could mach their strength. They inhabit the richest limits of the lands suitable for settlement, and most plentiful in means of support. They are specially energetic in agriculture... Their trade on land and sea reaches to the Ruthenians and to Constantinople...

>Their women, when married, do not commit adultery. But a girl, when she falls in love with some man or other, will go to him and quench her lust.

I wonder why in some western Polish cities you can hear more Ukrainian on the street rather than Polish. I'm not talking Przemyśl and Rzeszów, I'm talking Wrocław and Opole. Holy shit I regret not doing a degree in Ukrainian philology to become a certified translator, I'd earn gorillions, move to the Carribbean and do nothing but drink rum until dying of old age.

1) Slovenia
2) Czech Republic
3) Croatia
4) Poland
5) Slovakia
6) Serbia
7) Montenegro
8) Russia
9) Bulgaria
10) Bosnia
11) Macedonia
12) Belarus
13) Ukraine

Croatia and Serbia are the best.

Great culture, climate, language, everything.

Other Slavs are shit-tier.

Serb-liking Croat. I have to screencap this.

Where are you staying? Do you feel like home? Do you try speaking Croatian to Polacks when drunk?

People who hate Serbia so low are really retarded and completely clueless or brainwashed by American propaganda.

Serbia is literally second best Slavic country after Croatia.

>Serbia not first
>means you hate Serbia

Serb detected

Croats and Serbs are brothers.

What are you talking about, I was born in Poland and Polish is my native language.

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I didn't mean "hate", but "rate", sorry.

a bunch of loud, lazy, slick, borderline shitskins living off former glory and drawing their last breath while the EU collapses?

>Croats and Serbs are brothers
A statement one doesn't commonly see in the internets. I'm not denying it, it's just damn rare.

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It's rare because both Croats and Serbs like pretending that they hate each other, but in yugo threads, where they're honest, you can see it's bullshit.

when did i claim the scandinavians built kiev or novgorod? all i say is that the rus' had nothing special like england or byzantium had.

hedeby and uppsala were considered decently large cities, one being at the center of a wall stretching all across the jutland peninsula and one having a large heathen temple adorned with a golden roof. maybe kiev and novogord had more people but they were nothing more than decently populated cities with wooden palisades

Slept with a Pole, a Czech and a Ukrainian before. Hopefully to get down with someone from the rest of them

i am croatian and i don't dislike serbs
it only gets heated when it comes to politics

I hate ukraine, that's it.


elder god-tier

>god tier

>good tier

>meh tier

>bad tier

>shit tier

t. Billy-Bob Zygmuntowicz

Poor, backward, and what I hate the most about it is their servant attitude towards the west.

1. Bestonia
2. rest

>Poor, backward, and what I hate the most about it is their servant attitude towards the west.
sounds like p*land

there is no good argument against Poles being ranked at the top. Their history is amazing, their behavior towards neighbors has almost almost been peaceful, and they were the first European nation with a codified constitution.

If I were a Pole I would have ranked Czechs higher.

Rate and Hate bois

Good Tier
1) Slovenia
2) Czechia
3) Slovakia
4) Montenegro
5) Ukraine

Okay Tier
6) Croatia
7) Bulgaria
8) Bosnia

Obnoxious Tier
10) Poland

Evil Tier
11) Serbia
12) Belarus
13) Russia

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i would like to know why everyone in this thread is rating slovenia so high
not to imply i dont like my country but just how much do foreigners know about us? or is everyone else so shit we look good in comparison

the norse conquered the slavic speaking people around the volga then became assimilated into slavic culture

hello, my Analbanian friend

high HDI, GDP, salaries, tidy and clean environment, ordnung, nice houses, Austrian architecture and mentality with little Italian laid-back attitude and Slavic soul

>the norse conquered the slavic speaking people
They didn't. They were most likely mercenaries than refused to leave.

1. Czechia
2. Polan

The others aren't Slavic.