Why can't we be friends?

Why can't we be friends?

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your freinds with immigrants and poland doesnt like those

>gives poland money
>poland takes money
>asks poland for favours
>poland gets angery.jpg and brings up war crimes

Because poland is run by a bunch of religious retards that go under the banner of PiS

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I am Pole


Hello friend, hope you are enjoying your stay in Germany

Because the Bully/victim friendship is an overused trope

Germans are our enemies since the dawn of time.

“The Slavs must also be made subject to the orders of this assembly or must be exterminated.”

Scalvi [Sclavi] etiam ejusdem coadunationis districtioni subjaceant aut exterminentur.

t. Bavarian Duke Henry II 985-990.

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Because Germany likes immigrant dick up the ass and Poland doesn't.

this is but ancient history

pat denbts, Hans

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Meanwhile they still take all the free EU monies though. Also Poland took in refugees, but the country was so shitty they fled to Germany lmao

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Yeah because Germany have free gibs for all the the useless people that flood over the borders and rape their children. Please, take all of them. Why should Poland have their country destroyed because Germany want theirs to be?

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Because Poland is Kingdom of Christ and Jesus teaches to help those in need

They don't "need" anything. They're economical migrants. They only come for the free shit. They don't respect Western values or even the fucking laws.

Is that what your friends on Jow Forums told you?

If Poland forgive Germany, they are friends in a just sec.


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I have polish friends. Jow Forums poles are just dumb.

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Why are Swiss and Dutch flags always the most butthurt ones? I think we all know the answer to it.

I don't, indulge me please

They aren't polish, they aren't your friends or you are not german/they think you aren't.

How about you shut the fuck up Hans?

How about no? I guess the truth really hurts you germans


Ist das dein Ernst du Missgeburt?

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Was los Kevin? Alles okay?

Germans don't understand the concept of friendship to begin with. They can either dominate or be dominated.

No retard, it's common knowledge. Why would you defend inviting hundreds of thousands of people into your country that do not care about you or your country and are only there so that they can get a free ride. They aren't going to go to school and get Into stem feilds. They are going to preach their backwards idoligy that undermine Western values. They not going to contribute to society at all. I don't understand the defense for Mass imigration.

I chose the first

This is a direct quote from William Shirer's book who lived in Germany shortly before and during WW2 and observed the behavior of German people first hand.

They aren't all that bad (mass migration is still a stupid idea). The EU fucked up in general, so each country needs do it's part. Germany should take a larger number of refugees though because they are much more to blame for the situation than Poland.

I dislike the EU in general so I don't really think sharing the burden is right. Why should Poland have to pay for germanys mistakes.

>Why should Poland have to pay for germanys mistakes.
Because nobody likes cherry picking. Poland wanted the benefits of the EU, when they joint, so they gonna live with the disadvantages too.

Ok that makes sense, but I understand why Poland is resisting.

I can relate to their point to a certain degree too. Brining too many refugees to a poorer country with a different society and culture isn't a bright idea to begin with. Also German egoism is hard to tolerate, Merkel just wants to transfer as many refugees as possible to other EU-countries, because she fears the AfD.

>Consolidated versions of the Treaty on European Union and the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union

>Article 3

>2. The Union shall offer its citizens an area of freedom, security and justice without internal frontiers, in which the free movement of persons is ensured in conjunction with appropriate measures with respect to external border controls, asylum, immigration and the prevention and combating of crime.

Religious retard keep Muslim out though, unlike Atheist England and Sweden.

So the EU as a whole fucked up (could have supported Greece/Italy much sooner, shut down borders etc.). Now they need to share consequences. And this includes Poland too (though in lesser extent than Germany, as Poland didn't sabotage the clean-up process for month).

You are finde to point out German egoism and double standards but you can't weasle out of your responsibilities without backlash.

I don't know, it saddens me.

germans are childish and the government works against the other countries

Cuz German genocided them

At least were I grew up, there wasn't much difference between Poles and Germans and many Poles had German friends.

It's just the overly nationalistic Germans and Poles who can't get along well.

Well i was hating germs my entire life. Then ive met some and realized that they are not that bad. Moreover ive liked them. Krauts are diffrent than Poles but we have more in common together than Poles with ruskies for instance. I consider them as pretty cultural and intelligent people.
Btw, when Pole and German meet eachother its 100% that they will speak about ww2 topic xD
Despite the past i like them, but if they would invade my beloved Poland again, i would join the fucking ressistance movement and start cutting their throats.

True 2bh
Yesterday I found out that we even share karp bathing tradition

You can't be friends with all Poles

But you can be my friends. We will differ in opinions about some subjects but we're not politicians. Let's talk about other things

I might have positive and negative stereotypes about Germany. But I'd never refuse a German friend. And I'd invite him here where I like to live

This may be the best answer in the thread. Poles and germans have a really weird hate/neutral relationship, kinda like the brits and the French. One of my costumers at work is an ex soldier from poland. We often tease eachother but it's obvious that he takes it as harmless banter because he would've already ripped me in two if he was serious.

Let's be honest history is not the only thing we can talk about with the Germans

But really let's try not to be obsessed for a change. For a tiny moment at least

What bothers me with the Germans more than any ww2 talk is that West Germans tend to be mega arrogant. They're more French than the French themselves and I failed to find and exception from that. Let me admire you if you're better at some thing instead of witnessing arrogance, that only sparks hostility

Southern Germans are arrogant, Western Germans are like Eastern Germans but a bit richer and less racist.

Bavarians are cool in my book

I found most West Germans to be highly arrogant, but it's true that the further south they went, the worse it got.

By the way Germans have a lot of reasons to make us admire them. Be more diplomatic about those things and the world will fall in love with you. It really can be done.

They don't like you though, they don't even like other Germans.

Deluded fools. They will never see you as equals. Poles for them are subhumans, it was always like this and it will remain so forever.

Ps. Fuck south Germany as well, the worst Nazis and mentally unstable fucks were of South German ancestry. You're all fucking sick bastards.

Bavarians don't like Poles? I don't know, never had a conversation about this with a Bavarian
But I thought they're basically Austrians 2.0 without independence

Yeah they're basically the same as Austrians, as Northern Germans we're closer to the Dutch as to Bavarians.
Nobody in Germany hates Poles I think, the racist people mostly hate brown people.

>"families are fleeing the war in Syria and seeking safe refuge in our lands"

We'll give them safe refuge in our ovens

We're poor. Isn't that reason enough?

I really like Austrians though, because of my family's history with KuK monarchy.

Bavarians like Poles thanks to Lewandowski

Stop sucking their dick you patethic pieces of shit.

Pic related is a Bavarian that liked Poles. Fuck, he just loved them.

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t. Goldberg

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Krauts and Jews are the same people, you dumb fucking polack subhuman. They both fuck you in the ass with collaboration.

Stupid polack slavshit monkeys.

Even though Germany has worked hard to compensate for ww2, the polish sub humam cannot comprehend this and so they laugh at german because of muh refugees in their shitty tracksuits paid by EU money. Poland deserves to be nuked

>that entire post

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Keep sucking the Hun dick, dumb worm. Their diplomacy regarding their subhuman eastern slavshit neighbour hasn't changed since forever. They're still fucking us in the ass without lube.

Posts in this thread only reafirm that Polacks will never learn. You can throatfuck them, spit in their face and tell them they catched a cold because of rain.

>received literally nothing
>who started the polish death camps fiasco
No one invited you here norgay. Fuck off back to your forever irrelevant sidekick shithole.

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>sucking Hun dick, dumb worm
what compels people to spend their free time on posting that kind of content

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What compels people to post shit like that That's literally patethic. That's like forgiving a man that came to your home, raped your wife and child and then you fucking buy him beer.

>Brit supporting poles
Nothing new here

No need to be rude. We just want to live in peace, make business, and relax. Preferably with our country wealthy enough not to have to emigrate.

look at the name, dum dum.

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Daily reminder

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>Poland so shit you need to migrate into wealthy cunts

Poles are eternally butthurt and salty. Israelis have no problems with Germans, but Poles hang on to their grudges like life-savers.

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>Israelis have no problems with Germans

Because most of your population are Mizrahim and Arabs

Took you half an hour to come up with this epic burn? The only relevant person in your country fucked off to France because your country is so shit while he lives like a peasant inna woods, while I'm pretty rich as it was.

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No. In fact Ashkenazim are more likely to like Germany, because we have more in common culturally.

So what, if we have same kinds of retards in power.

Ask the CEO of Deutsche Bank.

>Muh relevancy
Is that all you got? Yeah, congratulations, you're wealthier than a welfare faggot living in the woods, quite the achievement. You might not like my irrelevant country, but oh boy I do know a lot of polish people who do.

Yes, they like your ""country"".

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They do, really. If I was gonna guess, it's because it's a first world country unlike Poland. They speak norwegian and if I ask them to speak some polish words for me, they often refuse as they find it embarrasing. Poles are huge cucks in reality.

Yes, they're embarrassed to speak Polish because Poland is "inferior" just as someone else is embarrassed to hear you ramble about the industrialist output of the Ottoman empire because you're intellectually superior. Let me clue you on, one symptom of autism is bliss.
>Poles are huge cucks in reality
You are who you associate yourself with. You don't see millionares hanging out with poor people, or chads with autists (you)

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I don't hang out with them, hell, I don't like polish people or culture at all. It's more like small talk when you first met them.
Also, nice pic related
>Atleast we're white!
Literally mutt tier post

Yeah, I know Norgays don't like culture, you lack of it speaks volumes.
>at least we're white
Where did I say that, whiteboi?
>at least we're not subhumans!
While your women bow down to lesser races, cuck king.

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based BLACK poster from Anglia.

Baseless claims and name calling
>You lack culture
As if you know anything about us but yeah, sure, you "know" we don't have a culture
>While your women bow down to lesser races
Another baseless claim

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Meanwhile Norway 2018

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whats with this meme? they were already in front of our borders. the options were shoot to kill or help them. we tried shoot to kill before and got hate from the entire world. now we try help and get hate from the entire world.

>m-muh ad homo
>but you're subhumans!
Autismo confirmed. This isn't debate class or reddit.
>Norgay culture : raping and pillaging countries until the same happens to you
My, how admirable.

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The fucking state of Germans.

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Taken in one of the poorest neighbourhoods in Oslo which is where the niggers flock to
>Whiter than you Muhammed
you need to go back
>Raping and pillaging is happening in Norway, they are doomed
Again, baseless and shows you know nothing about us outside of what Jow Forums tells you
>I don't need to know about Norgay, you are irrelevant
In that case, why make stupid claims with no back up then? Fuck off back to there you can claim x cunt is doomed because of muh refugees as much as you want

I don't want to be whiter than Norwegians. I also think your women are much better than ours. It's just sad what Norwegians do with their own country.

Norwegian mixing with a Pole would still create people that could pass easily in there. But fucking Pakis, Negroes and Arabs?

>mentions Jow Forums thrice
>keeps bringing up whiteness out of nowhere
Ah, it all makes sense now. You mad muhammed?

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go back

>here comes new turkmenistani to his ahmed bfs defense
Get a room you two, won't have to see me then.

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nothing better than a loser on the ground grasping for the last straws, realizing he got totally btfo'd

we are, fucking west germ

That's why laughing at you both is so fun.

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