if you make it in /brit/, you can make it anywhere edition

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today will be a good day, nothing will go wrong, i promise

Do you lads answer UK or Britain when ask where you are from? or even England, Scotland etc too

i know it's terrible

does tim use some sort of face mask sometimes?

Before the dark times, before the Brexit.

I own guns back home
Here you can really do whatever

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Willy poo bum

please don't encourage the name/tripfags

Good lad. Prayers your lassies get raped less.

Absolutely sick of raspy voiced female presenters that sound like they only consume fags and semen

Why is there a floating butt

They seem so alien. unique, and delicate; like crispy flowers on a frosty morning.

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mens rights death squads soon brothers


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They're bulimics, and they likely have more testosterone than the average female. It's gas, I know a woman like that second-hand, she has pitbulls and everything.

someone took the time to do this

vietchad living up to his name

Haven't ate since 8pm last night and have to go to the shops 3 times on a bike not nice

from The Netherlands. You can not unless you are a policeman, soldier or hunter.

how many prisoners did you execute

help me alan, you're my only hope

they seem like they would die instantly from a single karate chop to the back of the neck

Rights don't exist.
The death squads should be to enforce the duties upon all of society which create the illusion of independently existing "rights".

that's no butt...it's a Death BRAPPP

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Get us a pack of monster munch or space raiders please mate

went out once a few days ago with a very fit slightly chubby Asian girl that had nice big tits
haven't seen her since though
been feeling a bit depressed lately since I pseudo broke up with the gf
hopefully I can meet up with this qt Ukrainian girl I've been talking to from another city here

blue lips
blue veins
blue, the colour of our planet from far far away

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Me grandad met pope pius XII in the 1950s

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my dad beat up ian curtis


Is that why he killed himself?

my dad went to high school with nancy sprungen

opinions on world war one?
it will soon be the point where it will be a hundred years since that time, and after we're out of our twenties it will be ancient history for young people after that...

was he the one with the banter?
stalin (getting cheeky about the pope): how many divisions does he have?
stalin: *dies*
pope: now he will see how many divisions we have

think we need to up the fluoride dosage for our irish friend, he knows too much

my dad met the queen in the 70s

World War 2 is already ancient history as far as I'm concerned

Good stuff.
I was blessed (as part of the crowd) by Pope Benedict the 16th (good lad so he is/was).

You lads are welcome to show up in support of Francis this autumn at the world congress of families or whatever it's called.

most catastrophic event for the world since the fall of the roman empire

not interested in the jesuit branch of the illuminati

grim but aesthetic war

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>opinions on world war one?

an honest to god mistake

any Regina Spektor man in
(not gay)

dont care

Has anyone sober ever fancied a kebab

already has been 100 years since wwi mate

Too few

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gf went condom shopping for me in tokyo today

she bought like 90 of the darn things haha

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listened to blueprint for armageddon and it can't be overstated how traumatic and destructive it was for europe
reckon we'd be in the post-scarcity hovercar-robot slaves-space colonies future by now if not for that war


welcome in anons cage


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>Jesus was an arab socialist jew

what is that for

>Jesus was ...

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cant you read

your willy

the virgin Christ
the Chad Lord Buddha

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that comfy hole is for neets only

>dizi dizio ching chong

jesus was a volcel


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Need a weed dealer

Wa gwan cuz

Milton Keynes Spaceport. You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious.

My autism has doubled since we last met ZOG....

True. What about the Iraq and Afghan wars?
I know Vietnam has been forgotten (what an utter shitshow), but the wars that started a mere 17 years ago..?

Akschully if you look at the Illumanti's history, it's a deliberate parody/subversion of the Jesuit practices (particularly regarding confession), but a derivative of St Loyola's practices, not an influence.
And even then, the modern illumaniti are less Jesuit or original Weishauptian than they are Jewish heretical (within the Satanic Talmudic ethno-cult no less) Frankist movement.


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just deep fried some french fries

True that. But it's good to have resources like that series for podcast-listening normies to know how fucked up history is by these kind of events.
I also really like Carlin's series on the Munster revolt in Germany and the Mongols to show how fucked up human history is. Humans are naturally at this point very evil and base creatures, it actually takes a lot of moral stamina to be "evil" in modern pleb terms, let alone at the higher end of evil in general terms.
Fucking normies think ISIS comes out of nowhere, like it isn't the culimation of post-Talmudic Judaism and English liberal philosophy.

Why do people resist the anglo?

I'm not a racist, I'm a race realist.

This Of all the positions to be rejected by Nietzschean post-morality, Buddhism is the most pathetic.
It's pathetic by Christin standards too. Admittedly I'm a Sinaboo, but India is failry "behind the curve" as Hegel might say.

blocking all porn sites voluntarily

wypipo overseas be like "I'm not an immigrant I'm an expat" lmaooooooooo

The difference is having a country that you could return to LMAO RT RT HEART SHAPE FINGER POLISH

whats the patrician drug?





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tell me where the black man hurt you


Why does my flag sometimes show up as France or The United Kingdom instead of Guernsey?

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This. The Jews will pay for this

No, the kebabs drug their victims

what is this attack called in your country?

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>punching a guy with glasses
the runt attack

Yeah, I agree, but he is utterlyt necessary to understand modern society and its wilfull rejection of collective, let alone abstract standards of morality.
In order to deal with modern morality on its own terms, you have to understand Nietzscheanism.
It's a useful philosophy too, because it shows the soyboy modern philosophy how it will ultimately internally conclude, even if ultimately you have to go to Thomism or similar neo-Graecian theories to explain reality consistently in anything other than a faggy nihilistic Franco-Jewish way.

Based Chad BTFOing out genetic defects

Got jumped by the jews controlling society in tesco the other day

what an interesting flag

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i find it frustrating when i hear people talk about the british empire as if it was the worst thing to ever happen to the world, led by and composed of nothing but monsters
in context, it was a relatively benign empire
there were some horrific abuses of power of course, but for that time, and that level of dominance, it was very restrained, even generous in places
when i hear these obsessed, one-sided criticisms i can only put it down to the complete lack of historical education you're talking about

i've listened to all of dan carlin's stuff except the latest one and they're all fantastic, especially the ones you mentioned
as a classical civ fan, his roman and persian podcasts are my faves though

Niggers are irrelevant. This is the white man's burden, shouldered or unshouldered.

Shop at Dunnes you fucking eejit

hugs and friendship :-)