Why are we the most redpilled white country, Jow Forums?

Why are we the most redpilled white country, Jow Forums?

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Higher intelligence

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Religion, probably.

>invite millions of Muslims to live in their countries

>invade Muslim countries and kill millions

Damn I love being Americans

>le redpill xdddd

*mutt country

american ips should be banned on Jow Forums

He who has to scream I AM REDPILLED is not true redpilled
-Tywin Lanister

This. Feels good

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You don't mean that...

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Shut the fuck up you dirty Spic

simply ban Jow Forums posters from other boards for 48h after their last post, there no more americans


haha epic! praise kek! xD

suck my cock you stupid fucking nigger

Strange way to start a Jow Forums humor treat.

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dios mio..

Я нe гoвopю o poccиaнo.

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