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The reason why south america is number 1 on my no-go countries, China takes the second place.

China is better than Morocco.

What's your fucking point?

No....no it isn't. Morocco is awesome. Tangier is probably one of the best places to live as an adult hands down if you're not some kind of yokel. Show bobs.

if you think the entirety of SA is like Brazil, you're retarded

>trusting statistics from a source called BlueShit

Nice try schlomo but I'm not falling for your tricks

who the fuck named their kid schlomo, ah?

Are there Anal Homicides?

China is underrated.

Maybe, since most rekt webm come from that region

Are they humans?

I have been to china, bretty good

Chosen ones

I have grown a phobia from the chinese rekt videos.

Update that for 2016 numbers =^]


China is safer than the USA

What about la creatura?

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>believing the official numbers
In the early 2000's, state governments made a deal with powerful cartels/militias and asked them to disappear with the bodies and not kill ostensibly. That's why the number of missing persons and drownings is so high.
And let's nor forget the standard shit accounting of the high echelon. The state of Rio de Janeiro alone hides 3000 murders per year, they call it "unknown cause" even if you have 5 bullets in the back of the head.

Retard, your entire argument is based on videos on the internet. How ignorant can one be?

Because I'm sure you're an expert on his country too. Give people a break.

> the country of South America

A big portion violence and gore videos come from south america. And there videos about little kid thieves mugging tourists outside the olympic campus in Brazil

Countries of SA I mean

That does not mean shit

Africa is far worse than Europe and China, yet you’d think it is heaven on Earth because they own so few video recording devices.

Meanwhile half of China, USA, and Europe has CCTV or video cameras. No wonder you see more rekt videos come from there.

desu china isn't that bad
in the 7 months I've been here I've seen 5 car accidents but with no deaths
it's always been slow speed shit where someone's been on their phone at a junction


>murder rate
>only includes total murders

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Lil soyboys can't handle the land of darwin huh?

I really like China, but everyone agrees that Chinese do not follow traffic rules.

Only recently with Xi did the traffic police stop taking blatant bribes because he ordered all public servants to be paid a living wage. Now they aren’t bribed to look the other way as easily.

Many people still ignore seat belts and traffic lights though. So now the government is using car registration recognition software to text people if they break traffic laws. In Shenzen that decreased the crashes by about 50% in 2016-2017.

But most of China is still dirt poor.

Any place is better than a muslim shithole

Not brazil or mexico

Besides brazil

But not Brazil or USA or any mutt country

Your mother is underrated.

Co mu eh fácil pescar br. Vcs aindperdem tempo a prendeig norar

9 African countries on the top 20 vs 3 for South America?
I guess Africa is worse that I thought.

morocco hdi:0.647
sad, not even our shithole states are that bad;

there are tons of videos of mena too
just search for isis.

>mfw even fucking alagoas has better hdi than morocco

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Chile has less homicides than usa, dumbo

>they call it "unknown cause" even if you have 5 bullets in the back of the head.

Could be suicide :^)

Nowhere in the south and central America

no nafri country has better hdi than brazil, even with northeastern subhumans dragging our avareges down.
thats why you, muhammad, had to flee your disgusting shithole to live on welfare in the uk. where everyone hates you and thinks you are a terrorist.

hdi is bullshit. I hate hdi. Finland tops every ranking of what are best countries but Finland has low hdi for no reason. Even Israel beats Finland but it doesnot make sense. Finland is best country, happiest country 2018 and yet Finland is not even in the top 20 of hdi.

why does
make a sound in my head?

Because you are autistic lol hahahaah #rekt

>Doesn't like south America
>Must be a Muslim

Don't delude yourself, everyone in Europe would rather go to morrocan and Egypt than Brazil.

speak for your fucking self
I'm pretty such most of the Dutch (so not the "Dutch") would rather go to Brazil than Morocco or Egypt lmao

though I'm not saying I wouldn't go to Morocco, and I have already been to Egypt and liked it

Dutch aren't European


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>Chile has less homicides than usa, dumbo
That's not saying much

t. muhammad