Reminder that looks are EVERYTHING

Reminder that looks are EVERYTHING
This guy is a literal felon who was immediately awarded a modeling job after he got out of prison because he looked hot in his mugshot. Now he's engaged and impregnated a bongs billionaire daughter and has his entire life set out for him.
A good-looking man (and women in general) has his life handed to him in a silver platter. He can be lazy, he can be an asshole, he can be a criminal yet women will love and worship him anyway.
Normie men go out of their way to get a good prestigious job, an interesting personality, a lot of money, a good physique etc just so they can attract a woman. Jow Forums WILL deny this, but sex and companionship are pretty much the primary drivers of most men, without it society simply collapses.
But at the end of the day Chad still completely outclasses the normies simply because of his superior genetics, a normie's girlfriend never truly loves him, she will always desire Chad.

But Jow Forums refuses to take this pill. Instead we get daily threads about MUH CONFIDENCE, MUH GO TO THE GYM, MUH GO TO COLLEGE. As if women give a shit about any of this.

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Meanwhile in the real world instead of the cuck-incel fantasy world that the OP lives in

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>some used up old roastie who settled for him

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what is your point
give up on life and bea neet? spread your robot shitposting all around Jow Forums on your crusade against women?

I only like qt finnish bois tho

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Take the mongpill.

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>that roastie is not used

nigga I have been with better looking women than that

>just be yourself, BRO and you'll attract girls!!!
fuck women

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This. People on here have either too high standards or no standards at all.


he is an ugly monkey though

She's like a 4-5 desu
>tfw literally no ass

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You have to go back Jow Forums

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Is that what you want from life, being the fucktoy of some spolied millionairs brat?

he's probably with her because of her money though
I would do the same

unironically yes if you're serious

1) She's average
2) Stop putting pussy on a pedestal

you don't realise that your life would suck, do you?

> tfw futurechads will be fucking cybernetic six titted furries while you're rotting in your grave
Birthdatemogged is the worst kind of mogged

>implying he cares that she's hideous

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> earning money is worthless unless you do it by fucking someone
Be consistent, lookism pro


it'd be a vast improvement from my life right now

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>get married
>divorce her ass and file for alimony
>courts are on your side now as you're the poor party in the relationship

I am sure her daddy can afford the best lawyers, and is well connected. You would leave the court with no penny

>an incel's repressed cuckold fantasies thread
Ah yes, my least favorite.

what's your absolute favourite kind of thread?

>Reminder that looks are EVERYTHING

Not in Eastern Europe.

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How so?

he has no say in the relationship. Whenever he wants something, he has to beg his wife to buy it for him. Nobody in their social circle take him seriously.
Sure, he will never have financial problem, but the price for that is a life as a pet

>not just making a deal with the dad where you beat the shit out of her for a few mill

I'm sure he has access to a credit card and I have no social circle outside of my family so not being taken seriously wouldn't make a difference.

He has probably acess to a credit card, but his wife can take away the acess whenever she wants, which means she has huge leverage over him. Also, he won't be able to hang out with his former ganster buddies a lot, since his wife will expect him to acompany her to social event, where her friends are present (who don't take the guy serious).

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please be kidding
that women is dating a felon based on his looks, you really think she has the balls or morals to tell him how to behave? i'm sure he just put on his gangster act, fuck her and go spend her money. modern women are like children, they just have to be distracted

>Not in Eastern Europe.
last hope for white women

Why do american women love mutts with blue eyes so much?

He only gets to spend her money when he has been a good boy

Oбычнoe cлaвянcкoe гoвнo.

Meanwhile the incel will end up marrying some roastie in her 30s and work 40 hours a week while his wife spends everything on dumb shit while pegging him in the bedroom.

You reek of cope.

she's british

wtf are you even talking about? Do you think women get sexual enjoyment out of pegging?

what does an ugly australian male look like?

a good looking brazilian