Mfw Islamic Europe meme is real

>mfw Islamic Europe meme is real
>mfw Euro flags are mostly muslims

Look at this. A Brazilian made a banter here Instantly lot of European, Canadian and Australian flags defending muslims hehe


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Why is Greece on your map green?
Poles are the Swedes of Slavia

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'Murica fuck yeah

I remember making a thread about Arabs, saying that they're useless disgusting cave creatures. Entire thread got swarmed with angry Western flags and janny deleted the thread after 200 posts mark.

They were mostly: Dutch, British, French, Belgian, Swiss and Swedish flags.

In greece literally everyone hates muslims. You should have only made a small part of the border with turkey green


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That's not funny, it's sad

And yet it's still ten times safer than Brazil


fuck off, nip

>implying Russia isn't the most Muslim country on the map outside of Turkey and its Balkan colonies

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dios mio...

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im an islamic albanian in united states here to spread my seed :)

>Armenians mixing with negroes
Nothing of value was lost.

and why is austria not orange

The point is that it's the most idolized family in America.

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Not as safe as South Brazil

Every American flag is a a Chicano or black or Asian or a mix of all three
Every European flag is a Muslim

American royalty

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I laughed my ass off when the BR said he was scared of Muslims going there "to kill us" when in all likelihood it's the Muslims who should be scared of going to such a dangerous and lawless country.

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>European flag defendeing muslim
>mutt became so sad that he made a thread about it
Just keep doing it guys.

All those countries have large Muslim populations
Further vindicates the American OPs hypothesis

take a look at /nederdraad/
over half the posters are either turkish or morroccan

The state of Holland

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Far Cry 5 looks good.

and all the good posters are
literally every good post in the thread is made by a foreigner