Britain CRIES out for National Socialism

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willing a sucker


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ah yes

the mongoloid edition

my favourite

just got mayfair on mcdonalds monopoly
anyone got park lane?

War is the mother of invention as they say

im taller than sophie turner

what's mcdonalds monopoly?

Got British passport for a pyle of shekels. Your NS sucks, lad.
t. a jew

prolly not a bad bet long term tbqh

but here's what i meant earlier


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*stands next to them waiting for the mustard to be reachable*

>the nuclear bomb which was used to create Rockets
you mean inspired the icbm as a payload delivery system?
werner von braun would've been no less brilliant if his rockets were intended to put lads on the moon, instead of bombs on cities full of innocent people

>all those dvds
dumb roastie hasn't heard of yify lmao

grug want grugism because tribe should do as grug say

toiling in the vineyard, drinking wine cause no one's looking
feeling very french right now, thought you lads could use a sunny picture haha

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Someone post the BUF Easter toad


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where in france pierre


North Africa campaign > Eastern Front > Pacific islands campaign > Italian front > Continental Asian campaign > Western front

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>t. a jew
how does it feel being the most hated people on earth

Best and most aesthetic plane of WW2

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That post image suits you brits

procuring some unitoil

nice i bet german tanks moved through that field at some point

Chocolatine territory, otherwise known as the south west and best France

cannot be fucked to read that 2bh
judging by the first line its some shill article

why is france so comfy
why are you letting it be taken over by shitskins

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thank god for paradox

spent two weeks int he dordogne valley last year
wasnt a great fan
sancerre was a blast tho

because we need culture and diversity
pls don't be a bigot

want to do lsd everyday but I can't haha

incel freak

is that okado, m&s or waitrose

didn't say anything yet

It feels good, because I know that the entire goyim part of humanity is just jealous of us. I mean, you hate us because our people act like s family. Also I'm getting tons of profits by being a Jew.

freakish incel

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you don't have to say it twice

haha you know your name though don't you?

Think your fantasizing a bit 2bh, sure we may have lost some great minds but those people still need financial backing. Who on gods earth would have funded a mad mans plan to go to space out of the blue? Competition breeds progress and there is not greater competition than a world war. There had to be demand and a need for superior technology like computers and rockets otherwise money would be spent elsewhere like colonial control in the case of Britain.


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>people who keep pitt bulls as family pets
they deserve it desu

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very tired

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vile insectoids

how did you get this number

the jews were unironically responsible for communism

rabbi detected

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doxxed off your posting history

C.R.A.S.H. took all my paper, man, left me with nothing but small change

dont really know what professor eduberg wants me to do for this assignment


Haven't played with a cock in 6 weeks
Gay btw

how the fuck do you let a dog kill you i would crush the skull of any uppity mutt who tried to attack me


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stupid daft post

This makes sense, actually. We've established communism on Russia. Trotsky, who was a Jew, had created the commintern—the organisation, which was helping commies in other countries to get succeed at doing some revolutionary stuff.
t. A jew

Gays should be Hanged, drawn and quartered in public view

intellectual smart post

these decent?

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capitalism is the cancer
communism is the answer

need a gf but lost the coupon and just can't be arsed paying full price

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he's forgotten to lace them up!

hope you get robbed by a pack of kaffirs

Tell something fun about yourself...

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shoes look so fucking stupid nowadays

You can play with mine if you like
Naked btw x

Literally impossible to be an adult virgin in 2018

never miss an opportunity for bit of a bantz innit


for all you know i could be tucker carlson

have you ever seen a fully grown male pitt bull?
like pure muscle bred for hundreds of years by the Spanish to kill
I'd like to see your frail body trying to fight one off after it has ripped your throat out

Is it safe for you to walk outside?

feed the boy too!

monica emerges from her cocoon a beautiful white girl

oi briefcase wanker what are you doing

benzos don't seem to be working wonders on me anymore


why? being a virgin man is very easy actually

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Fuck off, you glaikit cunt

don't get retards you can't quit smoking. just don't buy any. how can you smoke if you don't have any

how tall is that lad
don't think brosnan is a manlet by any stretch

If you're over a 3/10 women will THROW themselves at you

gen y and z are having less sex than any generation since the 60s

I know, user.

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when I smoke my anxiety goes completely and I actually feel happy

when I don't smoke I feel really anxious and depressed

if you weren't a turbo-normie you'd understand.


Might join them desu

how can a country refuse renunciation of citizenship?

that makes citizenship literal confinement

I'm not a NEET, I'M NOT A NEET

British slags in Mallorca maybe

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pierce is like 6'1 or something
so what I assume is his son is probably 6'5 or so

no women are very picky

>what was that you said, twinkyboy?

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